Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 649

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Chapter 649: Desert Dragon Zaka

Not only so, but there were also notes about this incredible bridal sacrifice in the books, which were from the girls who experienced the sacrifice.

"Ah ah ah ah ah! Why? Why does the ghost bride whose initial is T run so fast? I almost caught it, but it suddenly teleported away?"

"No, I’ll never give up hope until the last moment!"

"To make my love come true, I have to rely on the ghost brides!"

- from an unmarried village girl.

"The ghost bride whose initial is ‘L’ doesn't run fast, but as long as it is illuminated, it will disappear into foam."

"If you want to catch these kind of ghost brides, you'd better go to the cemetery, the underground river or any other places without light."

"Very well, my guess was correct, I didn't waste 16 years of hard work, and I finally caught one!"

"My wish has come true. All girls with the same name as me, if you want to realize your wish, please exercise the skill 'Mind's Eye'."

- from an unknown girl with a bow.

"There are many kinds of ghost brides, and ghost brides whose initial is 'W', is absolutely the most terrible one."

"They will pretend to be ordinary girls, crying alone in dark corners. Once they are found, they will make terrible screams, shock your soul and destroy your spirit."

"If you want to capture ghost bride 'W', you must have an iron will to resist the scream before you have the chance to take the next step."

"Don't be deceived by their weak appearance. They are very powerful unknowns. You have to bet all your beliefs in order to get the chance to be favored by the Queen."

"The queen only smiles at the winner."

- from an unknown knight girl.

Well, there were even living experiencers who had written strategy guides. If this wasn't anyone kidding around in the banned book, it would mean that the Queen of Assyria was really continuing this sacrifice.

"She’s got waaaay too much free time!" Yun Xi began to think about the truths recorded in the banned book.

He still had many doubts, especially about the record of the blood-month period.

How could it be so simple for such a strong queen to be killed by knights and priests?

After 300 years of life, the queen obviously surpassed the boundaries of human beings. Even if she was facing an army of millions, she would probably be the one who had the last laugh.

How did such a powerful queen get killed by her subordinates?

What happened on the night of the blood moon?

Why are only black axe monsters hovering around in the ruins now?

There are too many mysteries that the banned books could answer.

The authors of the banned books seemed to have compiled the outline of the tragedy from a few records left over from the ruins and some dictations of the original Royal family.

What on earth did the Queen do? There was no way that the authors could know.

"There must be unspeakable secrets..." Yun Xi could smell an ominous atmosphere from the records in these banned books.

"Boom!" A tremendous vibration burst out and shattered the bookshelf in front of Yun Xi.

"Here comes the dragon!"

"It's a dragon attack!"

"Damn the dragon!"


Yun Xi could clearly hear the cry from the city.

The ground shook violently, accompanied by some huge roar, as if the end of the world was coming.

"The evil dragon comes out?" Yun Xi ran out of the library in surprise and looked at the huge yellow figure in the sky from the balcony of the palace.

Yes, it was a real dragon with an inverted triangular skull, rough sand-like scales, and spikes on its back.

"Listen to me, you people of this kingdom. I am Desert Dragon Zaka, one of the four heavenly kings! Foolish human beings, haven't you given up hope yet?!"

"From the moment my emperor came to this land, this kingdom became my emperor's possession!"

"Little human beings, surrender to my emperor!" The Desert Dragon, whose body was over 50-meters long with bright runes on its scales roared, stepping on a transparent eggshell-like thing.

Countless ripples appeared on the eggshell-like magic shield, reducing the attack from the Desert Dragon, but there were still a lot of impacts spread to the entire city.

The continuous earthquakes were the result of this Dragon's attack.

"What a powerful force!" Even across the magic shield, Yun Xi could feel the dragon's terrible power.

Whether in shape or strength, Desert Dragon Zaka was far stronger than the Male Fiery Dragon Yun Xi encountered before. Its rank should be at the fifth or even sixth rank.

Its huge body over fifty meters could easily break up an army even without any magic.

Its body was already stronger than many attack magics.




There were three more head-butts from the Desert Dragon, and continuous ripples appeared on the magic shield and the magic shield flashed, as if it was going to break, which caused the people of the city to fall into a great panic.

"Come and try..." Yun Xi was curious about the Dragon’s power.

Would it be more powerful than the mysterious Queen of Assyria?

Stepping on the Crane Wings Twin Swords, Yun Xi flew into the sky.

"Oh, there's a little fly coming out?" Zaka cocked its head and glanced at Yun Xi, raising its huge claws.


"Shuffle!" That was the scream of a sonic boom in the air when the speed of Yun Xi's body exceeded the speed of sound.

Today, it was destined to be recorded in the history of the kingdom.

This kingdom was built with the desire to "guard the ruins", and today, another strong man who dares to challenge the dragon appeared.

When people saw the young challenger, they could hardly believe their eyes.


"It's our prince!"

"Why is it the prince? Where are the knights?!"

When the Desert Dragon raised its claws and swung toward Yun Xi, it triggered a tornado-like anomaly, and dust storms rolled up all over the ground.

As with the name of this dragon, it was the master of the desert, it was the king of sand and dust.

Among the four heavenly kings, it had the greatest attack range, as well as the indestructible defense: dragon scales.

It was not unusual for it to attack the kingdom from time to time. It would like to take a walk after dinner to show off its strength to the people in the city.

However, during this walk after dinner, there appeared a little insect that didn't know how to read the mood. .

It could pat such a small insect into meat sauce with one claw!

Facing the dragon's claw directly, Yun Xi stepped on the twin swords and rotated around 720 degrees and flew directly from below the dragon's claw to the side of the claw.

This skill was practiced in the Forgotten Ruins. In order to avoid the ubiquitous and invisible attacks, he had racked his brains and tried all means.

Although he was still killed over a hundred times, it was not meaningless to practice this skill.

Compared with the invisible attacks, Desert Dragon Zaka's claw attack was too easy to dodge.

"Hum?" Seeing Yun Xi avoid its claw, Zaka was slightly surprised.

How long has it been since I saw people who could fly freely in the sky and avoid my attack?

Aren't human beings just some weak insects who only know to hide inside the magic shield that covers the entire city?

Without the magic shield, he would have destroyed the city and levelled everything.

"Els!" Desert Dragon Zaka roared.





A total of four gravel-colored, giant dragon eyes appeared in the east, south, west and north regions. Each dragon eye was about four meters high, suspended in the air and was surrounded by thick dust.

It was a Dragon Language Magic: Sand Dragon's Eye.

The four dragon's eyes could let it observe the environment without any dead corners, while automatically expanding the area of yellow sand to cover 10 kilometers diameter.

In this area of yellow sand, dust storms never stop and would automatically call out a large number of desert monsters.

"Boom!" Giant sandworms over 100 meters in length billowed out of the earth and opened their round mouths.

In the huge mouths, there were countless creepy jagged mouthparts and poisonous, corrosive salivas.

Undoubtedly, these sandworms were at the hero rank.

They were Desert Dragon Zaka's minions. As long as Zaka summoned them, they would appear.

For ten kilometers around Desert Dragon Zaka, the ground had all turned into a desert. It was a phenomenon triggered by the dragon language magic, which was far beyond human imaginations.

"Strong..." Yun Xi had a profound experience of the dragon's power.

The dragon was apparently not at the hero rank, but hero ranked human beings could never be a match for it, because hero ranked human beings could never cause such a phenomenon with their powers!

"Sandstorm Star!" After summoning its minions, Desert Dragon Zaka immediately used another magic.

In the endless sandstorms, a huge sand ball more than one kilometer in diameter appeared in the sky, in the center of the four dragon's eyes.

Every second, countless sand grains were sucked into the sand ball, increasing the strength of the giant sand ball.

Its attack power may not be as fatal as the invisible attacks in the ruins, but it was easier to give people an intuitive impression.

Such attacks were natural disasters, unavoidable and unstoppable!

"Stupid human, who gave you the courage to challenge the great Desert Dragon Zaka?" Zaka looked down at Yun Xi, and the giant sand ball locked on the city.

It's time for humans to realize the fear of being dominated by dragons.

When the Assyria kingdom still existed, mankind once had a covenant of peace with the dragon race.

The dragon race acknowledged the supremacy of Assyria. As long as the Queen of Assyria still ruled the kingdom, the Dragon would not enter the mainland.

But it was already a thing of the past. The Queen, who was supposed to rule mankind, had hidden in the Forgotten Ruins. Human beings had destroyed their most glorious era personally.

Now, it is the era of the dragon race!

Humans, feel the power of the Sandstorm Star, feel the power of the dragon race!

Long live my emperor!

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