Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 648

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Chapter 648: Bride Rules

The tragedy didn't end with the death of the Queen.

Rather, the real tragedy began at the time when the Queen died.

The soldiers, priests, and knights who killed the Queen thought they had saved the kingdom. They buried the Queen's body in the church, trying to let the Queen rest in peace with the power of God.

However, the Queen couldn't rest in peace.

From that day on, there would always be people in the palace to see the Queen wearing a white wedding dress and wandering in the ancient palace.

She didn't say anything, just wept softly, looking at the palace she once loved and the kingdom she had sworn to protect.

Her tears turned into blood and stained the ground of the palace, little by little.

The horrified knights attacked the ghost Queen, but all the attacks were ineffective.

The guilt of killing the Queen drove the knights who were loyal to the Queen crazy one after another. Half of them committed suicide in the palace, and the other escaped.

This kingdom was the territory of one of the knights who left the Assyrian palace.

As a sinner for killing the Queen, he eventually chose to commit suicide, leaving behind only the order of "guarding the ruins".

The rudiment of this kingdom was born out of this order.

Knights, priests, and any people who remained in the palace died one after another, and people were afraid to flee the palace, avoiding the weeping ghost of the Queen.

It lasted for one month after the Queen's death.

That night, the blood moon was hanging high above the palace. The lonely Queen appeared on the high observatory and threw her own corolla at the blood moon.

No one knew what happened afterward. All the records people found that remained in the ruins, ended that night forever.

The kingdom of Assyria was completely destroyed.

All the people in the city died; nor did any other living creatures survive. The history of Assyria ended overnight.

The survivors eventually gathered in this remote land and struggled to rebuild the country.

"Is this the monster in the ruins..." Yun Xi finally had a clear understanding of the ruins.

The Curse of the Bride:

After the Assyria kingdom was turned into ruins, adventurers entered the ruins from time to time to search for the lost treasures of the ancient Assyrian kingdom.

Most of them lost their lives forever after entering.

But there were also a few lucky people who survived the Forgotten Ruins.

They had the same characteristics: all of them were unmarried women.

"Why?" Yun Xi wiped his eyes.

They encountered an incredible curse in the ruins. What they saw, with their eyes, was not ruins but a beautiful kingdom that was still prosperous.

In this kingdom, the kingdom was still under the perfect Queen's rule and had gone through thousands of years.

Just as the world turned into two different parts on the day of the Queen's death, only unmarried girls could enter the dreamlike Assyria kingdom in the ruins and could bring out treasures.

A girl only had such an opportunity once in her life. This was the curse of the Forgotten Ruins, but also a blessing.

The dead Queen still seemed to survive in some way in the Forgotten Ruins and still dominated her Assyrian kingdom.

If a man entered the Forgotten Ruins, he would only encounter countless horrible black axe monsters. If you are a man, please don't try.

"Not only are there black axe monsters, but there are also ten thousand swords in the square!" Yun Xi gave a bitter laugh. At last, he knew where the black axe monsters were from.

If he wanted to go to the Dragon's Nest, he must break through the Assyria Queen's ruins!

According to the records, she was dead, but still existed in some strange way.

Only unmarried girls could enter the ruins safely.

That's really puzzling. Why can't men enter there?

"Invisible Lands" - Yun Xi began to read the last banned book.

This was about a strange sacrifice in the ruins.

The Assyrian kingdom that existed only in the eyes of young girls had a special sacrifice, which was held by the Queen.

It was called "the Queen's Sacrifice".

The perfect Queen created her people, the ghosts who dressed in bloodstained bridal gowns, always wandering around in the streets of the city.

The ghosts seemed to have been waiting for something. If the girl who entered the Assyrian kingdom could catch one of the ghosts, then the girl could make a wish to the great Assyria Queen.

The Rules of the Wish:

1. The girl ghosts had their names written in the front of their chest.

2. The first syllable of the name of the ghost you catch must be the same as yours.

3. The more ghosts you catch, the more flowers will appear on the bride's corolla on your head.

4. The sacrifice will begin on the night of the bloody moon. These ghosts will not attack you, but will take the initiative to escape. You can use any method to catch these girl ghosts.

5. The more ghosts you catch, the happier the Queen will feel, and the more possibilities she will use to respond to your wishes.

6. The wish can only be related to "love".

7. A girl who is in love will win the favor of the Queen. Please seize the opportunity and make this once in a lifetime wish.

"What's the matter?" Looking at the rules, Yun Xi wondered if he had read a fake banned book.

Why are the rules so romantic?

Isn't that a horrible ruin?

Can the horrible Queen, the master of the black axe monsters have such a girl's heart?

Can it be real?

What went wrong? Yun Xi turned the last book over and over again, wondering who was kidding him.

Compared with the previous bloody banned books, this book was so sweet that it was almost as pure as a fairy tale.

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