Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 647

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Chapter 647: Queen of Tragedy

"Is this a prophecy?" It was the first time Yun Xi had heard such a wonderful prediction from the bloody birds flying above Robin's shoulders.

"Prince, I suggest you go to the library to find clues."

"The Forgotten Ruins isn't something of our time." Robin changed the topic and gave Yun Xi a hint.

"All right." Eventually, Yun Xi had some clues about the ruins, he decided to follow Robin's direction, being a good student this time.

Walking on the primitive corridor, Yun Xi looked at the detailed and vivid reliefs on the wall, and felt that he had come to a different world.

Speaking of this, the background of this world was incredibly detailed. Whether the magnificent palace or the wilderness, they looked 100% like the real world.

Compared with the previous two trial worlds, this world was more vibrant, and the number of human beings living here was far more than those two trial worlds'.

According to the rules of the Star Trial, it seemed that the entire Starwing Knights had been summoned to this world, as well as other disciples of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

As for the side quest "the whispers of the witches", Yun Xi had a vague guess. It should be the twin witches. After all, they were the strongest witches in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Among the other three side quests, "girls fighting against the evil dragon" should refer to the Starwing Knights, there is no clue about the side quest "the whisper of the ancient gods", and "Dragon's Secret Treasure" should be related to the evil dragon.

Now, his only clue was that there seemed to be a hidden truth about the Forgotten Ruins in the big library, and that truth pointed to some ancient curse.

"What on earth is that inexplicable attack?" Yun Xi sat in the big library with a lot of ancient books piled up in front of him.

They were all the books related to the Forgotten Ruins he could find in this big library, which almost recorded everything that people knew about the ruins.

These books were all banned books. If Yun Xi had not the highest level of authority in the kingdom, he would probably not have been allowed to read these books, which represented bad luck.

"The Origin of the Forgotten Ruins"

"The Murdered Queen"

"The Curse of the Bride"

"Invisible Land"

Reading these books, Yun Xi's eyebrows became more and more furrowed.

"The Origin of the Forgotten Ruins"

The origin of everything can be traced back to thousands of years ago, startling from a noble Queen who longed for perfect love.

The kingdom she ruled was the predecessor of Yun Xi's kingdom, named Assyria. She was born with super-high spiritual talent, and her family had inherited the perfect blood of magic from generation to generation.

"This... Isn't the Queen's bloodline the predecessor of the Witch's Bloodline?"

Apparently, the Assyrian Queen's family was clearly the predecessor of the witch race.

If she was born in the Witch God's Domain, she would certainly become a great witch.

The Queen was loved by the people of the kingdom, and her rule was unshakable. The only wish the perfect Queen had was to have a fantastic lover.

But she didn't find one.

There was no person in the Assyria kingdom who was qualified to be the Queen's husband.

Not only was she perfect in appearance, but she also possessed overwhelming magic power and even close combat strength.

As the strongest person in the history of the kingdom, her fighting ability could rival everyone in the whole kingdom, and even the arrogant dragon race was no match for her.

She had become a legend, and she had broken the limits of human beings. No matter how time had passed, she didn't become old.

The great Queen ruled the Assyria kingdom for three hundred years.

During the three hundred years, the Queen had done her best to lead the kingdom to create miracles, one after another.

Everyone thought that the great Queen would continue to rule the great Assyria kingdom for thousands of years.

But as time went by, the Queen became stronger and more lonely.

Her relatives and friends all passed away in 300 years, even their descendants, and descendants' descendants had all died.

The Queen had become the strongest and loneliest human in the world.

She couldn't find a partner, and no one in the kingdom could accompany her.

Everyone respected such a Queen, they regarded her as the incarnation of gods, and built numerous altars for her.

God is sacred and inviolable. Just because the Queen was in a low mood, some people would commit suicide and use their blood to prove their loyalty.

The Queen became increasingly unhappy, but couldn't find a solution to her problem.

The perfect Queen, the goddess in other people's eyes, felt so lonely and began to seek dangerous strength.

She found a dangerous and horrible force, which appeared on this land of Assyria from nowhere.

That was the power of the abyss.

The Queen's strange behavior was discovered, and people realized that their Queen was seeking an evil power.

This is not possible. The Queen must be perfect!

How can she touch the devil's power?

They didn't want to admit that the perfect Queen had degenerated.

At the call of the high priest at that time, the people of the kingdom launched a rebellion against the Queen, and finally killed the Queen in the palace, which was the forerunner of the Forgotten Ruins.

"Is there no star bridge in this world?" After reading the book, Yun Xi could easily see the defects of this world.

The perfect queen, from beginning to end, had not found a husband that match her, which seemed to be the beginning of all tragedies.

If there were star bridges in this world, such tragedies would be impossible, because the star bridges connected endless god's domains. If the Queen of Assyria couldn't find a lover in her kingdom, she could simply leave her world and witness the infinite splendid scenery of the endless god's domains.

In that case, the tragedy wouldn't happen.

Yun Xi continued to read, and started the second banned book.

“The Murdered Queen”

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