Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 646

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Chapter 646: Forgotten Ruins

The next morning, with the first ray of sunlight shone at the end of the horizon, Yun Xi found that the fierce black axe monsters had finally withdrawn like the fall of the tide.

Even the whisper that always sounded him, had stopped appearing, and the black axe monsters' footsteps became a little dull.

"During the day, their raging state will be removed automatically."

"No, maybe they can only play their full strength at night."

During the night, Yun Xi never successfully rushed out of the bonfire area. He had to silently observe the black axe monsters and find their changes.

"Let me try again." Unlike the challenge in the previous star trial, this time, it was totally impossible for him to win.

Because he couldn't understand what was attacking him and how he was killed.

The most terrible thing was not a powerful opponent, but the unknown.

If he couldn't understand what the enemies were, he had no way to defeat them.

After all the black axe monsters left the forest, Yun Xi began his last try.

This time, instead of challenging the horrible ruins, he tried to bypass this area and enter the Dragon's nest by another route.

Stepping on the twin swords, Yun Xi set out from the bonfire and tries to find ways to bypass the ruins.

The first time.

He flew to the highest sky he could reach.




The whisper of death appeared, which meant the failure of this attempt.

He was shot down, chopped to death and revived beside the bonfire.

CONCLUSION: There is no way to break through the ruins.

The second time.

From the left side, it should be detoured away from the ruins.




It was that voice again! It was everywhere!

Why did the ruins appear again? I'm moving along a road more than ten kilometers away from the ruins!

He was shot down, chopped to death and revived beside the bonfire.

CONCLUSION: There is no way to take a detour. The ruins can move!

The third time.

From a farther distance, which was almost a roundabout route outside the forest. In theory, even if the ruins could move, he wouldn't meet it at such a remote place.




The familiar whisper and familiar pain.

Again, he was shot down and chopped to death.

The final conclusion: the ruins should be an insurmountable entry point into the Dragon's Nest. It's an inescapable challenge.

Maybe it was some kind of magic or some kind of curse, anyway, if he wanted to fight the dragon, he must go through the ruins. There was no other way to avoid it.

"It's really... a perfect defense." After more than a dozen deaths, Yun Xi finally learned the lesson.

It was impossible for him to break this line of defense. Unless he immediately mastered Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword or the Sky Flying Sword, he had zero possibility of breaking through the barrier.

The unknown enemy, incomprehensible and invisible attack, and the mystery in the center of the square! Yun Xi had to admit that he couldn't complete this trial alone.

He couldn't even approach the dragon's nest, how could he defeat the dragon?!

"It seems that I have to collect information first." Holding Pafu in his arms, Yun Xi had to go back to the palace, his stronghold in this trial world.

"Prince, you’ve come back."

"Where on earth did you go? After you disappeared, the whole palace was in disarray. All the members of the Starwing Knights went out to look for you. I was the only one left behind."

"Prince, you are the hope of our kingdom. Please don't make such a mess again."

Before returning to the palace, Yun Xi was severely preached to by his own court diviner.

Robin stared at him and almost put her forehead on Yun Xi's face.

"Well, do you know about the Dragon's Nest?" Only then did Yun Xi find out that Robin was so excited once she got angry.

"The Dragon's Nest? Prince, tell me you weren't going there!" Robin looked at Yun Xi with astonishment.

"It's a forbidden area for the whole kingdom. So far, no one can come back if they’ve ventured deep into the second area."

Well, yes, as long as you enter the second area, there is no way that any ordinary people could escape. Yun Xi clearly proved this with his dozens of deaths.

"Well, do you know anything about the ruins?" Looking at Robin's astonished face, Yun Xi finally got some clues.

"Are you saying that Forgotten Ruins in the second area?" Robin furrowed her eyebrows. Several bloody birds flew out of her cloak and launched their special ability, "the unfortunate prophecy of robins".

"Are you going to be there to see me suffer?"

"It's me. I like the way you cry when you're hurt."

"Are you going to watch me cry there?"

"Yes, your tender expression is so lovely and touching."

"Why are you so cruel and heartless?"

"Because it makes me feel how beautiful the world is. I can forgive you for everything."

"Do you hate me?"

"No, I like you. I like the way you fall into the pool of blood, I like your expression of fear because of despair. That is why I want to see you."

"Let your white wedding dress be dyed with blood, so that you can see the truth in the ruins forgotten by time."

"Otherwise, you'll never be able to get out of there, you'll just go back there over and over again and become part of it."

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