Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 645

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Chapter 645: The Moonlight Is Beautiful

In the darkness, Yun Xi's eyes gazed at the bonfire in front of him with a helpless look on his face.

One hundred and thirty-five times. That was the number of times he challenged the ruins.

Hacked to death by the black axe monsters, smashed to death, swung to death... he experienced all kinds of death.

Occasionally, he could kill a few black axe monsters, but soon he would be locked by the invisible weapons, then was besieged by countless black axe monsters.

The best result was only to kill about ten black axe monsters in the periphery. As long as he got a little closer to the center of the ruins, the only thing that was waiting for him was another miserable death.

According to the rules of the star trial, he must kill all the monsters in the second area before he could settle his harvest in the second bonfire and use the souls he acquired to strengthen himself.

As long as he died once in the second area, the souls he had acquired would disappear. This was the rule of the star trial, cruel and true.

If his opponents were just those black axe monsters, Yun Xi would be more or less hopeful to achieve this goal, at least he wasn't afraid of these monsters if it was a one-on-one battle.

In the previous star trial, the stone soldiers killed him countless times, but he eventually broke through their encirclement and arrived at the tower.

However, this time, the difficulty in this area was even higher!

There were unimaginable terrors in the center of the ruins.

Among the 135 deaths, Yun Xi only rushed to the square a few times and saw the dense cluster of weapons suspended over the square.

The first time he saw the weapons in the square area, Yun Xi was almost desperate.

If the number was only a few dozen, he could give it a try.

If the number was hundreds, it meant that the difficulty of the ruins was hell-like.

However, the weapons Yun Xi saw over the square were greater than thousands!

Thousands of weapons floated over the square, showing a bright red color, constantly moving back and forth with a unique law.

They seemed to be the most competent soldiers, as soon as they found him, these weapons would quickly lock on him and then become invisible, giving him lethal strikes.

Once Yun Xi arrived at the square, what awaited him was a storm of attacks. The weapons that poured down from the sky were like the wind sweeping a fallen leaf, shattering Yun Xi's body thoroughly.

Even though Yun Xi had experienced so many deaths, he couldn't help but feel desperate facing such a situation.

"Am I too weak?" Yun Xi doubted whether it wasn't the right decision to go to this area alone.

This night, only the bonfire and Pafu in his arms could bring a little warmth to Yun Xi's desperate heart.

"Pafu!" Pafu's round body turned into Yun Xi's favorite shape and let him rub and pinch it.

"We’ll, try again." Feeling the warmth of the little green slime in his hands, Yun Xi breathed deeply and his eyes became firm again.

"The moon today is a little red."

Looking up, an extraordinarily large round moon hung in the dark sky, illuminating the ruins not far away, covering the ruins in an abnormal red color.

Is it a delusion?

With such doubts, Yun Xi once again stepped into the forbidden zone of life.

This time, he didn't have to throw pebbles, many black axe monsters had rushed out of the ruins in a fierce manner.




In the eerie murmurs, Yun Xi failed to fly to the sky and was shot down by three invisible spiral spikes.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! " The black axe monsters were in an abnormally mad mood. They instantly surrounded him and chopped him into a bunch of pulp.

Yun Xi died again.

"What a joke!" Once again revived beside the bonfire, Yun Xi gazed at the second area in despair.

These black axe monsters suddenly went crazy and their attacks became more fierce.

This wasn't a big deal actually. The real problem was these invisible spiral spikes.

As long as there were these black monsters, there would be eerie whispers, and then the invisible spiral spikes would appear and kill him within ten seconds.

Now, even the forest that had been cleaned by Yun Xi was not safe anymore. These black axe monsters seemed to smell something and surround the bonfire.

If it wasn't because the monsters couldn't find the bonfire and get close to this area, Yun Xi would have been chopped up countless times.

"What can I do?" For the first time, Yun Xi found that he couldn't find any solution.

"There is no way out." Yun Xi was completely blocked at the bonfire. Looking gloomily at the black axe monsters who were searching for him around, Yun Xi had no way and simply laid down with Pafu in his arms.

"These common monsters are already so strong, then how strong could the dragon be?" After calming down and sorting out the quests, Yun Xi found that he really looked down upon this star trial called "Dragon War".

Slaying the dragon alone by himself? What an absurd dream!

If Hua Huo was here, she could probably slay the dragon, but his current self had no way to achieve this goal.

Sigh. It looks like I have to do these side quests. Maybe I can find a way out from them.

Yun Xi looked at the big full moon in the sky.

The moonlight tonight was so beautiful and bright. Maybe it was the unique scenery in this world.

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