Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 644

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Chapter 644: Where Is the Enemy?

The burning bonfire brought Yun Xi only a trace of warmth.

He felt the world's deep malice against him.

What the hell was that?

After his death, all the souls he obtained before and even the strengthening of the twin swords disappeared, as if he didn't obtain the souls from the beginning.

Having been chopped into mince by three big axes higher than himself, Yun Xi seemed to have returned to the first trial when he first faced the green hippo, so weak and helpless.

"What attacked me?" Yun Xi was more concerned about the cause of death than the death itself.

The enemies would revive after a short time, ok, Yun Xi could accept it. Anyway, it was just a matter of time to kill them again.

The keys were where did the attack that pierced his body come from and who the enemy was?

Recalling the situation at that time, Yun Xi pressed his shoulder, as if the pain still remained in his body.

It seemed that his shoulder had been penetrated before he realized it.

He felt that it should be a spear or a sword, because the pain of the body being pierced and the flesh being torn wouldn't deceive him.

Remembering the pain of being chopped up by a huge axe later, the damage caused by the attack was even higher, mainly due to psychological shadows.

The battle with Shaya Longnis in the Water God's world made Yun Xi have a delusion that he had become strong enough to fight against a legend ranked opponent, there should be no enemies that could hurt him in the star trials.

The reality told him that the idea was naive.

The difficulty of this trial was hell like. If once he was careless, he would be killed in any battle.

"Once again!" Standing by the bonfire, Yun Xi stepped on the twin swords and headed towards the terrible ruins again.

This time, instead of trying to kill the green hippos in the first area, he plunged directly from the air into the ruins with courage, flying directly to the bonfire, which represented the only safe place in the second area.




The unknown evil whisper resounded in his ear again, and Yun Xi had the feeling of being stared at by something invisible again.

"Chi!" At least, Yun Xi saw what pierced through his body.

It was a "thorn", which looked like a sword and a spear. It was so fast that Yun Xi could hardly respond to it. First his shoulder, then his right hand, just for an instant, Yun Xi's body had been pierced through two times, falling down from the air again.




On the ground, countless black axe monsters surrounded him and dozens of black axes were raised high in the air.

The next moment, Yun Xi experienced how meat was chopped on the kitchen board again.


After the thirteenth death, Yun Xi revived beside the bonfire and stared at the warm bonfire with his eyebrows frowned.

"Pafu..." The green slime also revived. It still wasn't used to the deaths and looked at him with a grievance.

"Sorry, it's my fault." Yun Xi touched the little fellow's head. It seemed that the green slime was seen as part of him. It was also revived by the bonfire after he was chopped up by the black axe monsters.

What great frustration!

The monsters in this ruin were far stronger than Yun Xi had expected. The battles with them made Yun Xi feel the great malice of the world again.

Especially the attacks from those sharp thorns, Yun Xi could find no way to dodge them. Because of them, he couldn't collect more souls.

That is to say, if he couldn't kill all these monsters and light the second bonfire before he was killed by the thorns, Yun Xi couldn't get any benefit at all in the ruin.

"At the end, where were the thorns coming from? Were they shot out by some invisible monsters?" Yun Xi faced similar desperation before, in the second star trial, Yun Que's arrows killed him countless times on the bridge she guarded.

This time, the killer was more terrible than Yun Que, because Yun Xi couldn't see where the monster was and how it came into play.

When the transparent thorn appeared, it was basically equivalent to having been hit.

Yun Xi didn't even have a second to dodge the thorns when he found them, and these damn thorns seemed to be able to automatically lock on the target's body.

"That is to say, there are at least two kinds of enemies in the ruins." Yun Xi updated the map by using the information he obtained at the cost of his life.

On the map, the small teams of black axe monsters were represented by forks, the smallest three-members teams were represented by small forks, and the largest fifteen-members teams were represented by large forks.

It could be clearly seen that more than one hundred black axe monsters were in the ruins.

They weren't randomly distributed in the ruins, the closer he got to the center of the ruins, the more monsters there were.

It was almost impossible to try to lure them all by throwing pebbles.

"Is there anything here?" Yun Xi carefully recalled the scenery he had seen from the air. He was convinced that in the center of the city there was an abandoned square. Not far from the square and under the steps was the location of the second bonfire.

Observing with his naked eyes, he couldn't see anything special in this abandoned square.

"Well, I think I can only go and observe the square again." With a solemn look, Yun Xi flew to the second area again.

This time, instead of killing the black axe monsters, he turned his body over with the highest speed and craziest movements in the air, trying to dodge the invisible enemies' thorn-attacks.

His only goal was to rush to the mysteriously abandoned square and see what there was.




The familiar murmur of death resounded over the ancient ruins again.

For the first time, Yun Xi dodged a transparent torn when he flew at his full-speed!

He was delighted with such an unexpectedly good result.

So, this attack was not invincible and he should really be able to dodge it!

As long as my speed is fast enough, there is still hope to dodge them!

In the next second, Yun Xi finally broke through an invisible barrier and approached the core of the ruins for the first time.

There, he saw thousands of weapons scattered densely over the abandoned square.

"What the hell?! Are you kidding me?!"

Once again, Yun Xi was chopped into mince.

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