Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 643

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Chapter 643: Runs Through

"Boom!" The black axe monster fiercely brandished the two-handed axe again. Compared with green hippos, black axe monsters apparently mastered a very high killing skill, which could only be mastered in the battlefield, without any redundant action.

The blood that was still remaining on the black two-handed axe was the best proof.

Yun Xi stepped on one of the Crane Wing Twin Swords with one foot, turning over in the air with an action that no ordinary people could make, and the other sword drew out a beautiful arc in the air, thrusting at the black axe monster like a flying swallow.

"Chi!" The black axe monster's head was cut off as a lot of blood was spewed out. As Yun Xi had expected, when it was a one-on-one battle, he could win.

Even though the black axe monster had superb killing skills, it still couldn't defeat Yun Xi who could fly in the air.

Although Yun Xi could only fly in the sky for a short time by stepping on the twin swords, it was still a great advantage in battle that could let him opponents feel despair.

This black axe monster was the best proof.

"Yes! Let me continue." Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped on the black axe monster's body.

However, he didn't notice that the black monster's body under his feet swelled abnormally. As if it had lost all its weight, it turned into a soft balloon-like material.

The black axe monster's souls were ten times more than the green hippo's, which proved the strength of this black axe monster.

Grasping the pebbles again, Yun Xi locked in a small team of three black axe monsters and hit one of them on the top of the head.

"Boom!" Like the first one, the second black axe monster rushed forward, smashing the heavy axe in its hand towards Yun Xi.

Yun Xi continued to play his advantages in moving speed and three-dimensional space. He accustomed to the black axe monster's attack and was ready to launch a fatal blow as long as the black axe monster showed any flaws.

The heavy two-handed axe, of course, had the crushing, destructive power to tear the enemy's body at one blow, but it would inevitably have some buffer time after the attack, which was determined by the weapon's nature.

The black axe monsters seemed to have infinite physical strength, but this still didn't violate the general laws of physics.

Unlike Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword, their attacks were traceable!

After killing the third one, Yun Xi had a general understanding of the black axe monster.

Their souls were about ten times as much as the green hippo's.

In terms of strength, speed and killing skills, their fighting power was about five times more than that of the green hippo, in terms of strength, speed and killing skills.

They had no wisdom, just patrolling in this unknown ruin following a specific routine.

Once they found the intruder, they would chase after Yun Xi, but once Yun Xi ran 500 meters away from the ruins, they would give up pursuing.

"In that case, this area is the best hunting ground." After absorbing the three black axe monsters' souls, Yun Xi drew a simple map and determined the next battle strategy.

Although in terms of the number of souls, this monster was only equal to ten green hippos, but the quality of the souls was far superior to that of green hippos. It was much more exciting to absorb a black axe monster's souls than to hunt ten green hippos one by one.

This was not a delusion but a true fact.

The material of these monsters was also of higher quality. For example, only elite green hippo would drop green crystals after they were killed, and all the black axe monsters would drop green crystals after they were killed.

"Absorb them, Crane Wing Twin Swords." Yun Xi let his strongest weapon at present absorb the green crystals to strengthen them.

Perhaps after absorbing more high-level green crystals, they twin swords could level up.

Yun Xi had a small expectation.

"Hmm, the next target is this team." Having killed one of the nearest patrol teams, Yun Xi began to focus on another team close to him.

Grasping the white pebbles in his hands, Yun Xi locked one of the black axe monsters from hundreds of meters away.

"Hey!" The pebble made a precise track and hit the black axe monster on the head.

But this time, the black axe monster turned a blind eye and continued to move inside the ruins.

"Why?" Yun Xi was slightly surprised. Was the distance too far away?

Or, if the black axe monsters couldn't find the attacker, they wouldn't take any actions?

So, I have to get closer.

Yun Xi carefully stepped on the Crane Wing Twin Sword like gliding in the snow, and then went to the edge of the ruins again. Aiming at the black axe monster, he threw out the pebbles in his hands again.

"Hiss!" There was a strange noise in the ruins. It wasn't the sound of the pebbles hitting the black axe monster, but something else.



Like being infected by something, the strange voices were echoing one after another behind Yun Xi.

"What?!" Yun Xi turned around and saw the three dead black axe monsters bulging into large balloons and slowly standing up again.

A large amount of blood spread out from the ground, covering the three black monsters' bodies.

Although they had lost their heads, these black axe monsters carelessly raised the axes in their hands again, making a terrible scream.

On their bodies, as well as on their weapons, a lot of unnatural blood lines appeared.

"What bad luck!" Yun Xi instantly flew to the higher sky, trying to leave this strange ruins.

"Whizzing!" Before he flew above more than three meters, Yun Xi's body shivered.

A bloody hole appeared on his shoulder without warning, and a great deal of blood burst out at once.

What happened?

What attacked me?

Yun Xi fell heavily from the sky and saw three blood axes severely cutting down towards his body.

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