Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 642

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Chapter 642: Dragon

Yun Xi sighed deeply.

Yun Xi looked at Mei'er in front of him with doubtful and incredulous eyes.

"Pafu!" The green slime also looked at the star elf suspended in the air, even though it didn't know why it would do this.

"Tell me, this is a true star trial, not something else!" Yun Xi looked at Mei'er with an almost imploring look.

If Mei'er sent him to the Fire God's world or Wind God's world, he would go crazy.

"You did well in the Water God's world, master?" Mei'er looked at her master with a strange expression and shook her head.

"There is only one god in the White Lotus Sword Domain: the Water God. This is a regular star trial, there should be no god rivals."

"Nevertheless, you still need to explore the details yourself."

Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief, as long as it was no longer another place like the Water God's fantasy island, everything was ok.

For him, what happened in the Water God's world almost gave him have a psychological shadow.

"Well, go ahead, master." Mei'er gently approached Yun Xi and kissed him on the lips.

In the sweet and touching whisper of the star elf, countless stars fell.

The third star trial began.

Tonight, there were many young girls who also entered the same dream.

"Prince, Prince!" Familiar and unfamiliar voices were ringing in his ears. Yun Xi opened his hazy eyes and looked at the unfamiliar ceiling.

The ceiling is engraved with the pattern of Sun, Moon, Mountains, and Rivers, just like a shrinking world.

As his mind recovered, the task of this star trial appeared in his mind.

The name of the world: Dragon War.

Main quest: Defeat the terrible dragon that is raging across the kingdom.

Optional quest one: girls fighting against the evil dragon. Leading the Starwing Knights to defeat the dragon and receive a huge reward.

Optional quest two: the whispers of the witches, find the legendary witches and get their help.

Optional quest three: the whisper of the ancient gods. May the great old gods bless you.

Optional quest four: Dragon's Secret Treasure. To find the hidden treasure of the dragon.

"Well, this is a normal trial!" Yun Xi was about to shed tears when he looked at the quests.

There were clear enemies that must be defeated.

There is no need to force himself to marry millions of brides. There are no compulsory side quests. There is only one road to the goal.

It seemed that even without the help of anybody, he could hope to accomplish the task by himself.

More importantly, this was a normal star trial, which meant that after the trial, everyone would forget about the world!

This is the star trial he wants!

He's ready. He's going to slaughter the dragon by himself!

All of you in the Starwing Knights, I won't bother you this time. I'll solve everything by myself!

"Prince, have you gotten up yet?" The familiar voice continued to ring in Yun Xi's ear. In a particularly good mood, Yun Xi looked at the owner of the voice.

A bright red cloak, seemingly plain face, and the beautiful badge of transparent wings stretching out from the two sides of the starry sky.

This was the badge recently ordered by the Starwing Knights, it was the symbol of the Starwing Knights.

It seems that in this star trial, the girls of the Starwing Knights were on his side as always.

Nevertheless, it doesn't matter.

This time, I don't need you to fight for me. I can solve all the problems by myself!

"Prince, your future is very bright."

"You are the hope of the world, the next king."

"On the day you were born, everyone was cheering for you."

"Even if there are evil dragons, they can't hide your glory."

"God is watching you, you are the only son of destiny."

"Please let us be your strength, our prince."

The bloody augur lowered her head gently and told Yun Xi the prophecy of his fate.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi was so excited that he didn't even hear a word.

Because this time he was going to challenge the dragon alone.

"Sure enough, everyone in the Starwing Knights is here."

They seemed to have accepted their status as the regular Knights of the kingdom and were working hard to practice and exercise in the name of the Starwing Knights.

This time, I won't bother you, I will solve everything.

I will directly go to the dragon's nest and slay the dragon, and ignore all the side quests!

Since it wasn't the real world, then he could get the souls by defeating the enemies. As long as he collected enough souls to strengthen himself, one or two evil dragons were nothing in his eyes.

"Puff!" The green slime curiously rolled around on the ground, seemingly adapting to the different magic of the world.

"Let's go!" Yun Xi started the trial of the Dragon War.

In the forest, Yun Xi met a long-lost old friend.

"Hum, it's a green hippo again." After experiencing so many things, the green hippo was no longer a boss in his eyes.

He skillfully sprinted and rolled on the ground. Taking advantage of the green hippo as it slapped on the ground, he directly cut off the green hippo's huge buttocks.

"Boom!" the green hippo rolled over and crushed. Without blinking his eyes, Yun Xi took a step back and brandished the twin swords. With a beautiful heavy chop, the green hippo was cut in half.

A large number of souls spilled over. For him now, killing the green hippo was just a little warm-up exercise.

"Sure enough, the green hippo can't satisfy me anymore." After absorbing the green hippo's souls, Yun Xi shook his head.

Of course, his strength was much stronger than when he first saw the green hippo and the green hippo's souls weren't enough to make him stronger now.

However, as long as killing the green hippos could let him obtain souls, Yun Xi wouldn't let go of it.

How many green hippos are there in this forest? Yun Xi looked at the forest with excitement, and began to sweep through the green hippo in the forest.




From left to right, from south to north, from west to east. Yun Xi was sure that all green hippos in the forest were killed, then he stopped and sat down by the bonfire in the forest to rest.

"That's great satisfaction!" Happily counting the trophies he had harvested, Yun Xi sighed with satisfaction.

Although a green hippo's soul couldn't strengthen his power, but after collecting so many green hippo's souls, his strength had still been improved a bit.

"Are the green hippos just monsters in the periphery?" Taking out the map which marked the mountains occupied by the dragon, Yun Xi showed an eager look.

"Now, my position should be here." He made a mark on the map. The bonfire here indicated that the first stage of the star trial had been completed.

"Next is to look for a second bonfire." After hunting more than 100 green hippos, Yun Xi just took a short rest by the bonfire and began exploring more dangerous areas.

He had a hunch that maybe the time for him to encounter the dragon was near.

After all, there were only three areas on this map.

The first area where many green hippos were found was marked.

The second area was marked with many strange axe monster's sketch.

And there was a dragon's sketch on the third area on the map.

With such a clear map, no one would lose the target.

However, these lovely sketches must be painted by Ling Ling. Even the dragon's sketch was chubby, not like an evil dragon at all.

It should be a dragon that is stronger than the male fierce dragon. Yun Xi was ready for it.

"Boom!" A black axe drew a vicious track in the air, brushing pass Yun Xi's forehead and blowing his whole person out.

There were two more axes flying towards Yun Xi. With all his effort, he fortunately dodged them, but a strand of his hair was cut off.

"They are strong!" They were the monsters in the second area, a kind of giant monster with sacks on the head and big axes in both hands.

The monster was about three meters tall, the fierce muscles showed a dark glow, but they had a completely incompatible moving speed with that huge body.

What's more, they acted collectively, with small teams of at least three members and big groups of almost a hundred members.

The second bonfire was located in the middle of the black axe monsters' patrol route.

"Is this a bonfire party for me?" Stepping on the twin swords, Yun Xi wiped his sweat.

It was very dangerous! He was almost killed before he reached the bonfire. If so, he would have to revive at the bonfire in the first area.

These black monsters were much tougher than the green hippos.

"So, since I can't go straight in." Yun Xi squinted as he watched the black axe monsters hovering around the unknown ruins.

These black axe monsters were like tools of killing. Once they left the ruins and entered the kingdom, a slaughter was inevitable.

"Ah-hoo!" Having eaten a piece of golden bread made by himself, Yun Xi's energy was refreshed.

"Let me solve you here." Picking up a handful of pebbles from the ground, Yun Xi decided to take advantage of his greatest strength and solve the fierce black monsters one by one.

"Shuffle!" A snow-white pebble hit the nearest black monster's head, triggering the monster's counterattack mechanism.

"Boom!" Like a raging beast, the black axe monster rushed out of the ruins and ran directly at Yun Xi.

"Yes, that's it."

"One by one, one by one. I can kill all of them in this manner." Yun Xi showed a smile, pulled out the twin swords and dashed toward the black axe monster.

Yes, I will win! Yun Xi was so sure.

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