Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 641

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Chapter 641: Hua Yue's Temptation

After trying every possible way to persuade Rose, she finally agreed to put on the new bandage made by Lancelot, and Yun Xi finally concluded the entrance test.

To be honest, Yun Xi would rather fight a hundred green hippos for three days and three nights than have another assessment like this.

For him, such an assessment was a little too fascinating.

Fortunately, after returning to the girl's dormitory, Hua Yue told him that the next entrance test would be held after half a month.

It was to test the civilian girls of the Sword Palace. Their "strength" had a significant difference with the "Magic and Knights" team, therefore, if they want to join the Starwing Knights, they need to undergo more preliminary examinations.

"Of course, if you really like it, you can add people in at any time."

"Because, the Starwing Knights are Mei's Knights." Hua Yue looked at Yun Xi's embarrassed face with a smile, just as she had seen through his nature.

"... I didn't build the Starwing Knights." Yun Xi felt innocent. Who could have imagined the sudden rise of the Starwing Knights?

"Yeah, I never thought that the Starwing Knights would become what they are now."

"Mei... It's not just one or two forces that want to rob us."

"Likewise, there are not just one or two people who want to join the Starwing Knights." Hua Yue had never expected that the original small group would now grow to this scale.

The origin of everything was because of "Mei's Blessing".

The power of this blessing was a hundred times stronger than the legendary "black-haired girl's lucky charm"!

Why does no one want to leave this small group?

Hua Yue was sure that if they had the chance when they were still in the entrance test of the Sword Palace, many of the girls of the Starwing Knights would make a different choice.

However, a person, or rather to say, a belief changed everything.

Because of this person and belief, they began to firmly believe that they will become stronger and better, until they can match this person.

Because of this person, no matter what temptation they face, even if that temptation comes from gods and demons, their beliefs will never waver.

Every word and compliment of this person makes them blush and makes their heartbeat race.

Having "her" is like having the world. It belongs to the world of the Starwing Knights, it is the ultimate fantasy of the girls.

Probably, even if they knew this person is actually a... This belief would not change.

Mei, you are such a liar!

"Humph, you are not an honest person at all..." Hua Yue thought and couldn't help but pinch Yun Xi's cheek with jealousy.

Only by this person's side, would she forget her dignified disguise and become a mischievous girl.

"Haha..." Sensing the sensuous smell in the air, and recalling the mistakes Star Fire, Star Thunder, and Star Snow made when he was playing Star Go, Yun Xi couldn't turn up his willpower in the face of Hua Yue.

Even if it wasn't done by his soul, it was done by his body. This wasn't a mistake that could be solved by apologizing.

"Mei... Whatever you want, we will help you get it."

"We'll get you whatever you like."

"Just remember that the Starwing Knights are Mei's Knights." Golden curls fell on Yun Xi's cheeks. Hua Yue carefully combed Yun Xi's long black hair and poured out her heartfelt feelings in a soft voice.

The White Golden Rose Bloodline symbolizes faithfulness. For her, believing in love is more important than believing in gods. It is a holy proof that will never fade.

For the sake of love, she was willing to devote everything she has. This is the virtue of the White Golden Rose.

Yun Xi's heart was beating rapidly.

Because he could clearly feel that pair of pink and delicate peaks were closely pressing on his back.

The girl's temperature made his body numb, and the secret hiding under his maid uniform was ready to start a rebellion!

Hua Yue's sweet and enthusiastic voice and the warm whispering in his ear were like a poison of love, which made him unable to extricate himself.

No, there shouldn't be such a development.

A gentleman shouldn't let this happen!

"Bang! Bang! Bang! " In the quiet room, Yun Xi could clearly hear his accelerating heartbeat.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! " Likewise, Hua Yue's heart was beating faster and faster.

Good timing, geographical convenience, and good human relations.

Maybe... today is the right time?

"Hua Yue, Mei Lan is bullying me!" The locked door was smashed open by unreasonable brutality, and the crying secretary of the Starwing Knights ran in, looking tearfully at Hua Yue and Yun Xi who instantly resumed their normal posture.

"Well, that's the time when a fool has a keen intuition..." Hua Yue sighed.

Next time, the plan will be more perfect. Maybe the wilderness is a good choice?

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