Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 640

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Chapter 640: The Shadow of Blood

"The imprint is strengthened..." On the roof of the girl's dormitory of the White Lotus Sword Palace, Robin sat there and looked towards the end of the horizon.

"You can't be happy. It's too luxurious for you."

"Have you ever seen your hands stained with blood, little bloody bird?"

"Robin doesn't fly in the sky freely. It's not her world."

"Come back, come back, come back, go back to the world of blood and killing."

The birds symbolizing ominousness and death were low whispers around robin's ears, tempting her to go back to a world full of death, which does not belong to the mortal world.

In her pupils, there were patterns of thorns and flowers, either of which was bloody.

As a member of the Starwing Knights, she had also acquired extraordinary talents suitable for herself: the twin witches' mentality talent.

Very few of the girls of the Starwing Knights could obtain the twin witches' talents. As the gods' servants, White Lotus and Red Lotus had incredible amounts of spiritual power. Acquiring their talents, Robin could now see her fate more clearly.

It had never been changed. The future she saw with her ability was still full of blood and death.

Once she descended from into the nightmare world, she had no way back.

"I... I'm getting stronger..." Closing her eyes, Robin clearly felt the power of fate surging through her body, and now she could even clearly see the upper limit of life for the vast majority of people.

In the entire White Lotus Sword Palace, more than 90% of the disciples had less than 300 years of life, which meant that even if they had a smooth life, it wasn’t possible for them to live more than 300 years.

Only the lives of the Master of the White Lotus Sword Domain and several tutors were beyond this limit. However, it was clear that the Master of the White Lotus Sword Domain's time was up, and Robin could even see the death aura around his body.

Probably, in less than ten years, the Master of the White Lotus Sword Domain would come to the end of his life.

On the contrary, there were still "monsters" whose life forces were far stronger than the Master of the White Lotus Sword Domain in the White Lotus Sword Palace.

For example, the twin witches. Robin couldn't even see the upper limit of the life of White Lotus and Red Lotus.

Similarly, she couldn't predict the limit of Hua Huo's life. Just looking at Hua Huo, Robin could feel her strong life force that could crush everything.

This was a rare experience for Robin. In theory, as long as a person was still at the hero rank, she could figure out the approximate range of the person's life.

The vast majority of ordinary people couldn't live more than 100 years, and the lives of hero ranked people were between 300 years and 1000 years. Human beings are short-lived creatures, the upper limit of their lives is not worth mentioning compared with the lives of dragons and elves.

Unless the person could step into the legend rank, the person's life could truly exceed this numerical range and even reach infinity, just like Casina the Battle God.

In the past, Robin couldn't see the life limit of legend ranked beings, but now there were three such monsters in the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Similarly, there was also a strange thing here, that was the girls of the Starwing Knights.

When she first observed the life limit of the members of the Starwing Knights, she wondered if there was something wrong with her eyes.

Why do all of them have lives close to five digits? How can this be true?

Even the upper limit of her life was changed. In the past, her life was always a negative number in her eyes, but now the number became a positive number. Only she understood what this meant.

Humans are the most standard life form in the endless god's domains.

Nothing is the best, and nothing is the lowest. The overall value of human talent has always maintained a constant level for thousands of years.

In the endless god's domains, the human race is a benchmark to measure the value of a race. The races whose value is below the humans are lower races, while those far beyond the humans are the higher races.

In any case, the life of human beings, even if they are at the hero rank, can not naturally reach five digits!

The existence of the Starwing Knights clearly transcended the boundaries of human beings, and now, after she became a member of this special group, she finally found the root cause.

Mei's Blessing, or Mei's Curse, is irrevocable bondage.

"This is... Mei's Blessing... Feeling the Source of Magic formed in her body, Robin finally understood where the root of all this came from.

"The Source of Magic! Why?!"

"Isn't this a Witch's talent?"

"No, no, no, no! Something is wrong!"

"Curse, curse, curse! The Witch's Curse is coming!" Finding that Robin suddenly had something she shouldn't have, the bloody birds screamed with panic.

"I see. So, even you don't understand this phenomenon?" A ball made of blood floated on Robin's fingertip. Her eyes gazed at the ball, seemingly seeing a distinct future.

To overcome the curse of robins, only to find a stronger curse (blessing)!

Now she found it.


"It's a blessing, and also a curse."

More blood wrapped around Robin's fingertip, which was a force she couldn't use before, a source power of nightmare creatures.

At this moment, she finally gained her first strength in the invincible curse.

The blood rippled and formed a pool of blood at Robin's foot. Her tiny figure sank into the pool and disappeared from the world.

The Blood Walker awakened at this moment.

From this moment on, she was no longer just an observer of fate.

Blood and curses are with her.

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