Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 639

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Chapter 639: Their Blessings

"Awesome! Mei's blessing is so powerful!" As a Berserker, Mordred clearly felt that her physical strength had been strengthened dramatically.

Just as the members of the Starwing Knights had different adaptations to different talents, Mordred had very high adaptability to Mumu's Diamond Body.

Not only just the height of her body improved, but also there were incredible changes happening inside her body.

The density of bones, nerves, and muscles... all parameters related to strength increased continuously.

Mordred took a deep breath and then a clear “Crack” went throughout her body. It was the resonance of bones and muscles. It was the cheer of the Berserker physique.

Now, she could be sure that it wasn't a dream.



Recovery ability!

All the values related to the Berserker body had been greatly increased!

If this wasn't a miracle, then nothing could be called a miracle!

"Puff... What a wonderful blessing!" Alexander showed a strange smile.

She also acquired Mumu's talent, but it wasn't Mumu's Diamond Body but something else.

That was one of Mumu's advantages that even Yun Xi hadn't discovered yet.

Walking to the carriage not far away, Alexander touched the tall horse's head and simply said a word:


The tall horse felt weak and almost knelt down in front of Alexander, which was the natural response of ordinary animals to the pressures of a superior being.

Alexander's talent, "King's Cavalry" was improved by Mumu's unknown talent and once again raised to a more terrible field.

Maybe this talent could be renamed "Cavalry on a Dragon's Back"?

As for Rose, her changes were the biggest.

"Rip!" With a sharp tearing sound, Rose screamed and looked at the bandage which was suddenly tore open by her suddenly growing breasts.

Undoubtedly, the breasts which symbolized her witch talent had become bigger than before.

With the fall of the snow-white bandage, Rose's charming, smooth, round breasts were once again exposed in front of Yun Xi.

Pink and white. The delicate twin peaks rippled out a thrilling arc in the air.

The fruits were so huge, but the buds in front of the chest were a lovely pink. A beautiful arc formed from her chest, after reaching the apex, followed by a downward arc, outlining that pair of delicate crystal white was cream buns.

With her breathing, this pair of enlarged peaks swayed slowly and repeatedly, making Yun Xi's eyes dazzled.

Oh, it must be because of the twin witches' mentality talent. Rose must have great adaptability with the twin witches' talents, which wasn't a one-plus-one improvement, but was more like a fierce chemical reaction.

As a result, Rose's Source of Magic was instantly promoted to an incredible level.

The Witch's Blessing (Curse) faithfully reflected this change, breaking open the bandage.

"Ooo ooo, no!!!"

"Why did my chest get bigger again!"

"I don't want it!"

The little witch burst into tears. She was clearly a leader of "flat-chested" witches, who advocated that witches should enhance their personality and charm by exploring the source of magic and understanding the rules of magic.

Why are her breasts still getting bigger?! She likes poor breasts!

"We should become a great witch not with our own talents but with our own efforts!" This was the declaration of "flat-chested" witches.

Although none of these "flat-chested" witches had become a great witch with their own efforts, it was still a belief of many witches.

Rose had many good friends who had this belief. If they saw her appearance now, they would definitely break off relations with her.


"It's not my fault."

"Why doesn't Mei's Blessing make my breasts smaller?" The little witch cried like a child when she said the words, which, if heard by the Starwing Knights were enough to cause an uprising.

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. Whether your breasts are big or small, we are your friends! Rose, cheer up!" Lancelot quickly inspected Rose's chest and got an enviable figure, then she began to weave a new bandage for Rose.

"Yes, we are your friends, we don't mind it!" Mordred brandished her two-handed heavy sword. In fact, her breasts had also become a little bigger, but weren't that noticeable like Rose's.

"You should learn to get used to it. It's not a shame."

"If you have a pair of big breasts, it's comfortable to knead them!" Alexander smiled and rubbed Rose's twin peaks with a pleasant look.

Oh, yes, yes, this hand feel is perfect! It's perfect to get bigger, little Rose!

"Cough! Please respect yourself, everybody." Yun Xi had turned around long ago, but that pair of snow-white peaks continuously appeared in his mind, which made him feel despair.

Except for Lancelot, they are all problem girls!

Hua Yue, on what basis do you think this team is very suitable for the Starwing Knights?

That's of course because they have big breasts!

Mei, didn't you very much like big-breasted girls?

This was already an open secret in the Starwing Knights from a long time ago.

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