Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 638

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Chapter 638: Chain Reaction

"Pafu! Pafu!" The little green slime jumped up and down between the chest of the three knights, making a cheerful sound.

Yun Xi began to get used to the current situation.

Fortunately, the organ that stored magic was still part of himself. Through the breathing method Casina taught him, Yun Xi gradually grasped its nature.

It didn't really exist but was probably like a concretization of a certain concept, the Witch's Blessing (Curse).

As for Yun Xi, he regarded it as a piece of equipment, a magic "breastplate", which could store huge amounts of magic and protect his chest.

Because it was actually the coagulate of mana, the defense of this "breastplate" was not superficial. It could probably block all hero ranked magic attacks.

In addition, there are other uses.

"Pafu!" After fully enjoying the chest of the three girl knights, the green slime core jumped back to Yun Xi's chest and swam in the fountain of magic.

At the same time, as Yun Xi shared the little witch's seed, all members of the Starwing Knights received different benefits.

In the headquarters of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue was dealing with documents. She suddenly frowned and looked at her chest.

A Source of Magic appeared and rose directly to a very high level.

As Ling Ling was secretly eating snacks. “Ah?" She suddenly found that her perception of the world became clearer.

Her Source of Magic appeared and had the same quality as Hua Yue's.

Similar changes had also occurred to other noble girls of the Starwing Knights family. They all found that middle-level or even top-level Source of Magic appeared in their bodies.

By contrast, almost all the civilian girls of the Starwing Knights had only obtained low-level Source of Magic.

None of them obtained the Witch's Blessing (Curse). At least no one in the Starwing Knights was qualified to acquire this level of talent.

Unlike the Sword Skill talent and the Source of Magic, the Witch's Blessing was clearly beyond the reach of the girls of the Starwing Knights.

Similarly, the three girl knights' talents had also been disseminated. Seven girls awakened their Weapons Master talent, two obtained the Berserker Bloodline and four obtained the skills of the rider.

Conversely, the four members of the "Knights and Magic" team also received feedback from the girls of the Starwing Knights.

"Well, is this the so-called blessing?" Lancelot was the first to perceive her own changes. As a Weapon Master, she was sensitive to her changes in every muscle and nerve.

Three extraordinary gifts shared by all members of the Starwing Knights:

Sword Skill Talent (Weakened)

Mentality Talent (Weakened)

Body Talent (Weakened)

Although they were all weakened, they were all great talents with unlimited potential.

Now, there was another talent that could be shared by the seeds:

Rose's talent: the Source of Magic.

All the girls had obtained the four kinds of supernatural talents. Although they were weakened compared to the original talents, it could drive countless ordinary people crazy if they knew about this.

Moreover, these talents would continue to grow, and in this network of seeds, there were already more than one member of the Starwing Knights that had awakened their own unique talents, such as Hua Yue's White Golden Rose Bloodline and Xiao Cao's Mortal's Sword.

Yun Xi's seed had evoked their real potential, and their rebirth would further enhance Yun Xi's talent. After all, the talents he obtained from the seeds were never weakened.

However, Yun Xi had always used Hua Huo as a reference, so he had no pride at all, rather a sense of inferiority.

Hua Huo didn't choose to enter the hero rank, and he made the same choice. He wanted to wait until he became stronger before stepping into that realm.

As for how strong he was now, Yun Xi himself didn't clearly know, because his strength was still increasing, and was far from his limit.

When normal human beings reach the limit of flesh and blood, they have to try to enter the hero rank. Otherwise, once their potential of flesh and blood was exhausted, they would never be able to enter the hero rank.

Yun Xi's situation was quite different from that.

He was more like an archaic dragon or an elf. These inherently extraordinary races were far superior to human beings. In the eyes of these strong races, reaching the hero rank was as easy as breathing.

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