Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 637

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Chapter 637: Unbearable Weight

What's the matter with this curse?

Yun Xi quietly reached out his hand and pressed on his chest.

"Puff!" Even if it was bound by the breathing method, the feel was still as perfect as if he was kneading the green slime bracelet.

Clearly, there was nothing there, but he could still feel it with his hand.

"Pafu! Pafu! " The lovely slime core was jumped directly onto Yun Xi's chest, rolling around on the "same kind" as its own body.

Yun Xi stared at this lovely green slime and felt itchy in his chest.

The bigger the breasts the witches had, the higher the magic power they could use, so all great witches had great breasts.

From this point of view, Yun Xi's disguise had the talent to become a witch.

"Pafu! Pafu! " The green slime happily stuck on Yun Xi's chest.

"No, Pafu." Yun Xi flipped the disobedient little slime. The witch's curse was too terrible! It could create a magic organ that didn't exist!

Is it possible that such a strange change would occur if the witch is a man?

There should be no male in the witch race, because only women can awaken their Witch Bloodline.

As the descendants of witches, only girls had the potential to be a new witch, and boys could only be a magician. Therefore, in the Witch God's Domain, the status of women is much higher than that of men.

After all, it was a God's Domain ruled by witches.

In theory, there would never be a male witch!

The “Will of the Great Stars”, your strength is too strong!

In the face of such a situation, Yun Xi tried to weep but failed to shed a tear.

Now, he was afraid he wouldn't reveal his true identity even if he took a bath with the girls of the Starwing Knights if he wrapped in towels.

Is it an illusion, an illusion? It seems that this non-existent chest is still slowly absorbing mana from the air. If this goes on, it will develop again!

"Huh?" Rose noticed the change. Although it was only for a moment, she did feel the aura of the witch from Yun Xi's body.

That was what only the witches could perceive, the blessings and curses of the witches.

"Mei's taste has become familiar." Rose rubbed her hand and smelled Yun Xi like a pet puppy.

"Pafu! Pafu! " The green slime jumped out of Yun Xi's chest and flew to Rose with curiosity, but was hit by Rose's Magic Missile, and then rotated 720 degrees in the air and fell into Alexander's chest.

"Well, the slime's core?" Alexander looked at the green slime on her chest and rubbed it with a strange look on her face, "It feels good."

"Is this Mei's trophy? It's a rare slime core." Mordred also came up and pinched the green slime.

"Pafu! Pafu! " the small and lovely green slime made a pleasant sound and seemed to enjoy the treatment.

"Humph, I'm going to kill slime for three hundred years!" the little witch was still holding a grudge.

"Mei is the only one who can touch my chest!"

It seemed that she just said something surprising... a big sweat bead fell from Yun Xi's forehead.

"Mei's blessing is the best." Ignoring the three knights who were kneading and pinching the green slime, Rose stood on her toes and rubbed her face against the lower edge of Yun Xi's chest.

Obviously there seemed to be nothing there, but it brought the little witch unprecedented sense of security.

In the past, her favorite pastime was to lie in the arms of her sisters and act like a spoiled child.

Now, Mei gave her the same feeling. She felt that she had become more dependent on Mei and couldn't leave Mei.

It must be because of the symptoms of "Mei Poisoning" had deepened.

"The Witch's Curse is terrible." Yun Xi pressed the little witch Rose's chest wrapped in bandages. The hand feel was incredibly good.

"Yes, it's inconvenient to have big chest."

"It's heavy and it affects balance. Every time I take a bath, I would feel my shoulders were overtired."

"Why do people think that this kind of thing is good? It's not necessary at all except for storing magic!" Rose complained. If the civilian girls of the Starwing Knights had heard her words, they would be deathly jealous.

Yun Xi sighed.

It's heavy.

It's too heavy.

This is the unbearable burden of life!

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