Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 636

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Chapter 636: The Witch’s Blessing (Curse)

"That's the Blessing." Lancelot solemnly took Yun Xi's black hair, which was as dark as night. This was the incredible miracle they were longing for.

"Beautiful hair!" Mordred looked at her own hair with inferiority. Why is my hair so bad?! She complained in her heart.

"Mei's Legendary Lucky Charm!" Alexander squinted her eyes, pinched the black hair, looked up and down, left and right, as if to see the mystery of the universe from the black hair.

"Mei, I like you the best!" Rose cried out with joy filling her eyes.

Everyone is an easy-to-understand girl! Yun Xi quietly began to plant his seeds into the four girls' bodies.

Soon he had a harvest.

Like Hua Yue deduced, all the members of the "Knights and Magic" team had different extraordinary talents.


Weapon Expert - Knights who possess this talent can use any weapon with ease. From daggers, sleeve swords to two-handed swords, they naturally understand how to use these weapons.

Toughness - Her will is as strong as steel. She will never give up hope and hold on till the very last moment.


Berserker's Bloodline: The more she was wounded, the more powerful her attacks could be. Using this talent, you will inevitably pay the price of losing reason.


Patricide - Like a cursed fate, there will inevitably be a war of life and death between her and her father, and no matter what happens, no one can not prevent this fate.


King's Cavalry - The King's wish is to conquer the world. Any force that prevents this wish will be crushed by the King's cavalry. With this talent, she can even ride god-ranked fantastic creatures.

King's Knights - The king can easily assemble loyal knights. They are the king's sword and shield, fighting for the king with no fear.

Finally, it was the information of the little witch, Rose.

Source of Magic - You are naturally loved by the elements in the air. Elemental Elves will come to you unconditionally and obey your orders. You can automatically master the skills of Magic Power Reinforcement, Magic Compression, and Magic Capacity Up.

Witch's Blessing (Curse) - Only the biggest breasted witch can be the real great witch. Obtaining the contract from the mysterious great existence gives you a magic talent beyond everyone, and it also brings a terrible curse for you. The cursed witch can grow her chest only if she keeps growing stronger.

Yun Xi was shocked after reading the information of their talents from their seeds.

Lancelot is a perfect incarnation of a Paladin.

The blood of berserker and the talent "patricide" revealed Mordred's tragedy.

Oh, did Alexander have the gift of being a king?

Rose's genius is Witch's Blessing (curse), from this point of view, she can certainly become a great witch in the future!

The three knights are all top-class geniuses. They can certainly break through the barrier of the hero rank with ease and will inevitably become heroes in tales and stories.

The little witch's talent is even stronger. Even now, he could see a trace of the "great witch" from the "size".

Accepting Lancelot's talent from her seed, Yun Xi instantly understood the method of use of dozens of weapons in his mind.

Now even if he had only one branch in his hand, he could use master-level martial arts.

After accepting Mordred's talent, Yun Xi felt some kind of blood roaring deep in his body.

Once he paid the price of reason, he would obtain the strength that could let him fight even if he was seriously injured. It was a blood of madness that could let him move beyond his own limits.

After sharing Alexander's talent, Yun Xi's sense of the girls of the Starwing Knights suddenly became much stronger.

All girls in the Starwing Knights, from their chests to their favorite food, from their favorite clothes to their current appearance, Yun Xi could clearly feel them.

This was Mei's Knights, the knights of the starchild.

The wings of the stars exist for him.

Finally, it was the little witch's terrible talent.

Source of Magic - Yun Xi never practiced magic before, but instinctively he mastered the method to absorb the free magic in the air, and he had a feeling that he could directly perform the magic Rose knew ignoring the long casting time mortal magicians would spend.

Witch's Blessing (Curse) - Yun Xi was freaked out. He clearly felt that his chest was growing along with the growing of the magic power he was obtaining!


How can this be possible?

This is not realistic!

Who can tell me what happened? Yun Xi looked at his chest with a frightened look. What kind of joke is this?

Why is the Witch's Blessing (curse) also coming into effect as my seed drew her talents?!

Calm down, calm down, Yun Xi!

You are not a girl, you are not a girl, you still have a big dick, there must be something wrong!

Oh what am I saying? I must be crazy!

What a strange world!

Fortunately, Yun Xi stealthily used the breathing method he learned from Casina the Sky Sword, and his chest quietly restored to its original state.

Oh, fortunately, it's not a permanent curse!

However, what happened had happened, once it happened, something had been changed.

Once it was recognized by the rules of the world, he would also be cursed (blessed) by the Witch's Curse (Blessing)...

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