Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 635

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Chapter 635: Mei's Curse

“I declare that your entrance test is over." Looking at the "Knights and Magic" team in front of him, Yun Xi announced.

"..." Lancelot looked thoughtfully at the emerald slime bracelet on Yun Xi's wrist and frowned.

"Pafu! Pafu! "

The slime recovered by Yun Xi looked more lively and active than when it was the giant slime, and seemed to have no resistance to becoming a trophy.

"Well, this time, we were so unlucky to encounter such a rare mutant green hippo." Mordred was a little depressed.

All of them were captured by the giant slime, and their armor, weapons, and even the broomstick Rose loved so much were eaten. That crystal on the broomstick was very expensive!

"Our preparedness was not enough, in fact, the slime still has weaknesses." Alexander carefully analyzed the situation. If they had been more alert, they would’ve been more cautious in trapping the green hippo. In this case, they could’ve escaped even if they couldn't win.

The most terrible ability of the giant slime was to devour equipment, and it needed to launch it at close range. Even if Rose's Magic Missile Storm couldn't break through the giant slime's defense, it was absolutely no problem to draw its attention at long distance.

All three of them had committed the act of lowering their guard, although it was more or less because "Mei" was at their back, but after all, it was a mistake.

"I'll kill all slimes when I see them!"

"Only dead slimes are good slimes!" Rose gritted her teeth and swore to heaven as she watched the emerald slime on Yun Xi's wrist.

Even she had listed the goal of eliminating slimes as her daily lesson for the next three hundred years.

Anyway, slime is everywhere, killing more is good for the world.

"Pafu! Pafu!" The slime was frightened by Rose's expression. It escaped into Yun Xi's clothes and became a heart-shaped necklace, pretending that it didn't know anything.

"The result of the entrance test is..." Yun Xi hesitated for a moment, but finally he couldn't go against his own heart.

"You have passed."

"Sure enough..." Lancelot showed a clear smile.

She knew Mei would give this answer.

"Well, we have passed the test? But we lost!" Mordred hadn't figured it out yet.

"Is it because we knocked down the mutant green hippo?" Alexander guessed.

"Yes, your test was just to knock down the mutant green hippo. Rose has done it."

"The mutant giant slime is not included in the test." Yun Xi explained why they passed the test.

He could deliberately embarrass them and prevent them from passing the test, but that was against his heart.

Hua Yue must have known the result before sending me to see what kind of girls they are.

Lancelot's perfect character.

Mordred's concentration of power and her companion's character will never be abandoned in any adversity.

Alexander's great vision.

As well as Rose's witch talent.

The members of the "Knights and Magic" team all have their own characteristics.

With Rose as the core, this was a perfect team with extraordinary talent. Yun Xi couldn't even find a reason to refuse them joining.

"Finally, let me ask you once again, do you really know the meaning of joining the Starwing Knights?"

"There is no exaggeration in what Hua Yue said."

"After joining the Starwing Knights, you can't quit." Yun Xi didn't know what kind of mood he was in now.

Is he happy? Of course, after personal contact with the "Knights and Magic" team, he was quickly attracted to them.

They all had excellent talents, and none of them were pampered noble girls.

They are veterans of hunting monsters, from preparing their own equipment to driving a carriage and laying out traps, everything they did was skillful.

It would be a pity that such an excellent team would not be eligible to join the Starwing Knights.

They are qualified to receive my "blessings".

"I would like to join the Starwing Knights in order to be a better knight." Lancelot half knelt in front of Yun Xi and kissed his finger.

"I would like to join the Starwing Knights in order to be the strongest shield and sword." Mordred also half knelt before Yun Xi and kissed his finger.

"For the sake of world conquest, let me join the Starwing Knights!" Alexander smiled and kissed Yun Xi's finger.

"Mei's taste is very comfortable." Rose became even more annoying after close contact with Yun Xi.

Like is like, like is a lifetime.

First love is the eternal love.

Whether it is a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years, the love of the witch will never change.

"Well, I am here to announce that you are officially part of the Starwing Knights." Yun Xi pinched his black hair with complicated expressions.

Although he still had long hair, will he become bald one day if the members of the Starwing Knights continue to increase like this?

With such confusion, Yun Xi pulled off four hairs and handed them to the four girls.

“The contract is established from this moment on.”

All the members of the "Knights and Magic" team finally got the "blessing", which was also the certificate representing the qualification to join the Starwing Knights.

Maybe it's also a curse.

A curse named "Becoming the Sword of Mei", which couldn't be dispersed and wouldn't dissipate.

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