Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 634

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Chapter 634: Rose's Complaints

With great efforts, Yun Xi had washed the tearful little witch clean.

Why didn't I feel any problem when I washed Ye Li before?

Sure enough, is it all because of that big pair of breasts?

Or is it because after the night I spent with the dark elf girl, the world in my eyes had become different?

Recalling the secret lesson the teacher had taught him that summer, Yun Xi felt that his life would probably never go back to that age of innocence.

Ye Li, I can't give you a bath in the future, because my heart is not pure anymore!

After realizing this, Yun Xi felt that he had lost something important.

As for the little witch, she was completely restored after bathing.

"I want to develop Magic Missiles that can destroy all slimes!"

"Even if slimes can be magically immune, my Magic Missiles must be able to pierce through them!" Rose had set a great goal for her life.

She still firmly believed that there was no monster in the world that could not be killed by Magic Missiles.

If not, develop more powerful Magic Missiles! Eventually, my Mage Missiles will be able to kill gods!

Most witches are such obsessives, as long as they like one thing, they will chase it crazily to the end.

They will never change their minds. Once they like something, they will not change their goal even after a thousand years.

For them, the "first time" of life is the most important, representing the deepest indelible memory.

Take a woman named "Black Tea Witch" as an example. She has a special hobby for a certain taste of black tea. If she does not drink this kind of black tea every day, she will feel that life is meaningless.

One day, the origin of this kind of black tea suffered a disaster of extinction, and all the tea plants were destroyed.

Ordinary people could only accept the unfortunate truth helplessly.

However, the witch didn't give up.

Saddened by the disappearance of the origin of this black tea, she practiced the taboo time-retrospective magic over and over again, tracing back to the earliest time when the black tea tree took root and sprouted, and then observed the environmental variables in the time record while nurturing the seeds of the black tea tree.

Countless failures, countless starts from scratch, and all the records she wrote could be piled up in several rooms. Even in this case, she still didn't give up.

Finally, after hundreds of years, she successfully reproduced her favorite black tea and became one of the greatest witches in the Witch God's Domain.

This story tells people not to provoke witches. Once they get serious about anything, they are impossible to do anything with.

Black Tea Witch's persistence in the taste of black tea is the same as little witch Rose's passion for Magic Missles.

"Pafu! Pafu? " Wrapped around Yun Xi's wrist, the green slime made a curious sound and jumped up and down on Yun Xi's wrist.

Well, this is probably an unexpected pleasure. This green slime, who escaped from the Water God's Island, seems to have a little lower intelligence and will send out a lovely "Pafu! Pafu!" voice.

In view of this, Yun Xi simply named it "Pafu", anyway, this slime was easy to feed, it could survive even if only absorbing the free magic in the air.

With such a tenacious vitality, no wonder that the slime race can survive in all corners of the endless god's domains.

"One day, I will defeat all slimes!" Looking at this emerald slime, who made her suffer great humiliation, Rose gnashed her teeth.

Never had she lost so badly since she learned Magic Missile Storm!

"Pafu! Pafu?" the slime was frightened and transformed back to the bracelet form, rolling into Yun Xi's sleeve and hiding.

Yun Xi was slimed. The familiar touch returned.

Sure enough, he seemed to be somewhat related to this type of slime.

"Well, the spare bandage is ready."

"It's not as good as the magic bandage, but it's OK to make use of it." Lancelot, the most ingenious of the three knights came over with a brand new white bandage.

"Puff... it's so tight..." Wrapping the white bandage around her big chest, Rose breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, this bandage could reassure her.

Although Lancelot's bandage does not have the magic power to reduce the weight and size on her chest, just hiding the breasts that didn't fit her body shape could make Rose feel a sense of security.

Oh, I really don't understand why my sisters like it so much and tell me that I can never let other witches know.

It's clear that this thing has no other advantages besides storing great magic power. It can't be used as a Magic Missile!

"Very well, Rose. Are you satisfied?" After binding Rose's beautiful breasts which Lancelot admired so much, Lancelot hugged Rose.

"Thank you, Lancelot!" Rose felt a familiar sense of tightness and a less pleasant sense of heaviness, but she could only tolerate it until she obtained a new magic bandage.

At least, she didn't like to walk around in broad daylight with such a pair of huge and shameful things.

It wasn't just because of her sisters' words, she didn't like it herself.

Yes, she was one of the few "poor breast minority" among witches. She thought that poor breasts are beautiful!

Unfortunately, her will was contrary to fact, but she often participated in the secret meetings of the "poor breast minority" and was one of the senior staffers.

The value of witches is not determined by their breasts! The little witch always thinks this way.

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