Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 653

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Chapter 653: The Twin Witches

When the Starwing Knights and the Royal Army returned to the city, the main road of the city was crowded with people.

Many people who saw the spoils of the Starwing Knights and the prince and they cheered loudly by the road.

"Long live the prince!"

"Long live the Starwing Knights!"

"Let the evil dragon die!"

"As long as there is our prince and the Starwing Knights, we don't have to be afraid of dragons any more!"

Yun Xi sighed as he listened to people's excited cheers.

It's better not to let people know the truth.

Only he knew how terrible the evil dragon's nest was.

The master of the Forgotten Ruins, the Queen of Assyria, as long as she was there, even if with the help of the Starwing Knights, he had no hope to break through the Forgotten Ruins, not to mention the Dragon's Nest.

Compared with the Queen of Assyria, Desert Dragon Zaka was just the weakest of the four heavenly kings.

Moreover, even though the Desert Dragon was defeated by himself and the Starwing Knights, it still didn’t show enough terror. If it wasn't for the Starwing Knights, he would’ve been defeated and would have to watch the dragon destroying the city.

The Dragon War had only opened its prelude.

"Prince, are you worried about our fighting capacity?" The bloody Robin appeared again behind the worried Yun Xi.

Unlike the blindly optimistic people, she also saw the tragic future of the kingdom by observing Desert Dragon Zaka's life trajectory.

Even though the Starwing Knights had unlimited potential, that potential was still just potential, and it would take time for them to become stronger and stronger.

But now, this kingdom had no time to wait for the Starwing Knights to grow up.

As a palace augur and a member of the Starwing Knights, like Yun Xi, she was aware of the crisis for the future of the kingdom.

"Yes, the Starwing Knights are not strong enough to break through the Forgotten Ruins."

"Do you have any ideas?" Yun Xi looked at the mysterious augur with a glimmer of hope in his heart and his eyes.

In the battle before, Robin's damage to the Desert Dragon was the greatest.

Even Yun Xi didn't find out how she blew out one of Desert Dragon Zaka's eyes.

It can be said that Robin had made the greatest contribution to the battle before.

"The future can be changed."

"There is only one hope for the kingdom."

"Prince, come with me." Robin used the magic "Unknown Realm" and disappeared with Yun Xi from the parade, leaving the Starwing Knights.

"Oh, they sneaked away!" Ling Ling noticed their disappearance and muttered with dissatisfaction.

"She's supposed to discuss the next plan with the prince." Hua Yue chose to believe in Robin.

Inside the palace, in Yun Xi's room, under the ceiling engraved with the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers, Robin opened a map half the size of a person.

"Prince, do you really want to defeat the dragon and save the kingdom?" Robin needed to identify this problem before she explained her plan.

All subsequent plans must be based on this premise.

If Yun Xi didn't like this idea and have a fearless will, there was no way that they could accomplish the plan.

"Yes, I must defeat the dragon. I have to win!" This was the main quest of this trial. It must be accomplished in any case.

What would happen if he failed to accomplish the main quest? Yun Xi dared not think about it. His instincts told him that it must be a terrible thing.

"Well, let's look at this mark on the map first." Robin nodded.

Yes, that was the will.

Having a firm will may not be the necessary condition for victory, but it was absolutely a great advantage.

Those who had no confidence in themselves were not qualified to be favored by the goddess of victory!

Yun Xi looked closely at the map. It was the world map of this trial world.

On the map, the area in the eastern half corner was marked by sword and shield, and a castle pattern was erected in the center of the area.

Undoubtedly, this was the only human kingdom on this continent. After the collapse of the Assyrian kingdom, this kingdom was the last fortress and hope of mankind.

This area was marked in white.

In contrast, the central part of the mainland, from the most central to the north and western regions were all marked in dark red.

The center of the region was a mysterious place surrounded by ruins with a dragon-shaped imprint.

Dragon's nest! This was Yun Xi's ultimate goal!

"The evil dragon already occupies two-thirds of the continent?" Yun Xi didn't expect that the only continent of this trial world had long ceased to belong to human beings.

Compared with the land dominated by the evil dragon, human beings were simply hanging on with the last of life in the border area.

"Yes, it's no problem to say that the continent has been ruled by the evil dragon."

"But, prince, take a closer look at the southern area." Robin took Yun Xi's hand and led him to a strange place.

It wasn't the white of the kingdom, nor the red of the evil dragon. It was red and white.

"Why are there white and red here?" Yun Xi looked at the unknown area in surprise.

"Because this region has both the remnants of human beings and the forces of the evil dragon. It is the only region on the mainland that is still in a war."

"Are humans fighting dragons in this region?" Looking at the red and white color, Yun Xi had a vague intuition. He felt as if there was something calling him.

"Yes, they haven't lost yet, because they have special tactics and means to fight the dragon."

"They are not like our kingdom, because they are the people who inherited the civilization of the ancient Assyrian kingdom and choose witches as their religion."

"Prince, you must obtain the special power of witches. Only in this case, will you have the hope to overcome the Forgotten Ruins. Only they know how to face the dead Queen of Assyria."

"Because they are the cursed twins who inherited the last blood of the ancient Assyrian kingdom."

"The twin witches of fate."

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