Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 631

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Chapter 631: The Little Witch's Secret

Slime was one of the weakest monsters in the food chain of all god's domains. Except for their super-adaptability that could survive in any environment, they were good for nothing.

If we take the standard value of an adult man's strength as five, then a slime's strength was not even more than one. Even a child could bully a slime and it has no power to fight back.

Slow speed moving and low attack power, main food is various decaying organic matter. Most slimes were extremely weak, very few mutant slimes could develop special abilities.

The slime that appeared in front of the "Knights and Magic" team was such a special case of one in a billion.

Lancelot's sword.

Mordred's shield.

Alexander's scepter.

Three high-quality weapons were melted in a few seconds by the solution of the slime.

It was probably not with the acid in its body, because no acid could melt their weapons so quickly.

It was a kind of devouring talent, just like Rose's magic talent, this was the slime's special ability.

However, it seemed that this ability was only activated by inorganic substances, so although their weapons, armor, and clothes were dissolved, Lancelot, Mordred, and Alexander weren't injured and just being bound by this strange solution, unable to move.

When their armor was completely melted, the girls' skins were completely exposed.

Lancelot had a perfect figure. With blonde hair and blue eyes, beneath her slender, soft neck were round and smooth shoulders.

With fullness in her chest, her waist showed a perfect curve. Because of regular physical exercise, her buttocks were beautiful and smooth. Together with snow-white slender legs, even if they were closed vigorously, Yun Xi could also vaguely see the girl's paradise...

No, Yun Xi, stop! You can't look at it!

Even so, his man's instinct was uncontrollable. After struggling, he laboriously moved his eyes away from Lancelot.

Compared with Lancelot's jade-like skin with a sense of sanctity and inviolability, Mordred's well-trained body was strong and powerful, full of healthy beauty.

Even though she was half bent, her lower abdomen showed no excess fat. The muscles in her waist and abdomen fluctuated like waves, the curves of her thighs were exquisite and delicate.

She opened her arms in front of Rose with a firm look on her face. Even in such an embarrassing situation, she didn't forget to be the shield of the little witch.

Alexander was also standing in front of Rose like a shield. Her flaxen braids slightly covered her naked body, but also made her curves more prominent.

Her skin was neither the pure white of Lancelot's skin nor the healthy color of Mordred's skin, but a color between them, emitting a special tropical temptation.

However, after losing all their clothes, the biggest change happened on the little witch, who had been desperately hiding her secret.

She really had magic in her chest!

It was a bandage engraved with mysterious runes, which almost completely wrapped the little witch's whole chest. The magic of the bandage tightly bound the little witch's chest, so no one could find out the real size of the little witch's breasts.

It was not until this moment that the bandage melted under the slime's solution that Yun Xi really knew why Hua Yue would specifically notify him about them in the little witch's information.

Too big!

Yun Xi did not imagine that the little witch, whose height only reached his waist, would have such a magnificent chest.

That pair of snow-white rabbits were so beautiful that it shook his eyes and heart.

Only when the bandage was melted off, did the lovely rabbits rush out of bondage and move about in the wind.

Not only the shape was perfect, but also the feel was absolutely first-class from the beautiful curve. If we average the "fighting power" of common noble girls' chest measurement at 3,000, then Lancelot's "fighting power" was 5,000, Alexander's is about 6,000, and Mordred's about 8,000.

As for Rose, her "fighting capability" is absolutely over 10,000!

Even in all the Starwing Knights, probably only Hua Yue and Ling Ling were bigger than her.

From the viewpoint of growth, she could certainly become a great witch in the future!

No wonder that even Hua Yue was shocked and accepted her application of joining the Starwing Knights.

The potential of this small team was really great. Especially the little witch Rose, whether it was her battle talent or chest measurement, she could cause most of the girls of the Starwing Knights to feel despair.

So round, so slippery, so white, so sturdy, even the pair of pink buds were flawless, like the world's most beautiful works of art.

"Whoa!" the little witch Rose held her pair of tall and round white rabbits in her arms, rippling out a fascinating arc as her body trembled.

Her white face turned burning red and her cherry-like mouth was half-open and half-closed, so lovely when she cried.

No, it's a crime if I continue to look at this scene! Yun Xi drew out the twin swords from his back and rushed towards the mutant slime like the wind.

When the emerald slime noticed Yun Xi's move, it spat out a large amount of transparent solution again.

"Don't use the same skill twice!" Yun Xi wouldn't repeat the same mistake the "Knights and Magic" team made. His body flipped in the air and flew directly to the slime's head.

The twin swords flashed. He used Flying Swallow Sword, which was Hua Huo's proudest sword skill.

Flying Swallow Tenfold Attack!

The mutant slime's huge body was instantly cut into dozens of jellies, like being cut by a fruit knife.

But in the next instant, the fragments of the slime's body ejected more solutions, shooting overwhelmingly towards Yun Xi.

Yun Xi quickly flew higher to avoid this wave of evil solution.

He didn't want to test whether his clothes would melt when they met the solution.

Even if his clothes wouldn't melt, he didn't want his body to be covered with the solution.

For creatures living on the ground, species that can attack from the air are like cheaters.

If I could use Rose's Magic Missles, I would be able to completely destroy these fragments in a flash.

Yun Xi thought so and brandished his sword again.

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