Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 630

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Chapter 630: The Truth of the Green Hippo

"Boom!" The ground beneath the green hippo collapsed without warning, and the Magic Trap was launched perfectly.

This wasn't a simple trap but a chain trap.

When the green hippo fell down and hit the ground, it was bombed by a flame bomb first, then attacked by frost. In such a situation, even the green hippo's thick skin that neither swords nor spears could stab became fragile.

At the same time, being protected by the three knights, Rose was finally ready for her ultimate skill.

"Magic Missile Storm!"

Compared with the Multiple Magic Missles just now, the performance of the Magic Missile Storm was much more exaggerated!

The number of Magic Missiles released this time was 3,000! This is a number that can make all mortal magic apprentices feel helpless.

Moreover, Rose didn't just use the Magic Missile Storm one time, but three times!

A total of 9,000 Magic Missiles!

If this was a battlefield, the Magic Missile Storms could eliminate an entire army in an instant.

In the face of such horrible large-scale attack magic, the army of mortals was no different from rice straws waiting to be mowed.

The magnificent Magic Missile Storm first crossed the distance of hundreds of meters within three seconds, then all hit on the green hippo's body.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" Like a symphony of death, 9000 Magic Missiles were bombarded on the green hippo's huge body and it never stood up again.

"Yay! We win!"

"Rose's Magic Missile Storm is awesome!"

"The green hippo is dead."

Lancelot, Mordred, and Alexander cheered.

No matter how many times they looked at it, Rose's Magic Missile Storm was always so exaggerated. Three rounds of 3,000 Magic Missles, it was probably the strongest attack mortals could perform.

A mutant green hippo was nothing in front of such an attack.

"That's terrific." Even Yun Xi felt that the attack was a little too exaggerated. It was absolutely the strongest magic he had ever seen.

Because of the limitations of flesh and blood, most mortals could only perform magic tricks such as Sleight of Hand and Luminous Gaze.

Only after stepping into the hero rank could one perform the extraordinary power of magic or sword skill. This was common sense to everyone.

It was almost impossible for human beings to perform such horrible magic in the mortal rank.

"Hey hey, there's nothing in the world that Magic Missiles can't solve." Rose cleaned her hat and proudly raised her chest.

"If one Magic Missile is not enough, then I will use one hundred, one thousand Magic Missiles!"

"If one round is not enough, then I will perform the magic for three rounds, ten rounds!"

Among all magic, Rose's favorite was Magic Missile. She could shoot with her eyes closed without aiming. With the increase of her proficiency, she could shoot faster and more accurately, and the power of each shot could also be increased indefinitely.

The art of Magic Missiles was the world Rose was intoxicated with. She had a dream that one day her Magic Missile skills could reach the realm of God!

The green hippo was first burned, then frozen, and finally brutally murdered by 9,000 Magic Missles. The green hippo's body lost its breath at the bottom of the magic trap, and the huge stone club rolled aside.

"It's finally dead." Lancelot threw several pebbles at the green hippo and confirmed that it had died.

"It's a heavy stone club!" Mordred jumped into the trap and picked up the giant stone club, grabbing the tail of the club with both hands.

"Yay! We completed the test of the Starwing Knights!" Alexander laughed.

"My Magic Missile is the first in the world!" Rose raised her broomstick and waved it proudly.

Just then, the mutant green hippo, whose whole body had been pierced and it’s heart exploded, suddenly stood up.

"What!" Lancelot opened her eyes wide. She confirmed that the green hippo had died! Why could it stand up again?

"Impossible!" Mordred dropped the club and stood instinctively in front of Rose to protect her.

"Why?!" Alexander swung her chain sword, trying to block any counterattacks from the green hippo.

"Ah!" Rose let out a scream and fired another hundred Magic Missles.

But this time, the Magic Missiles passed directly through the green hippo as if they had infiltrated a gel.

In front of the four, the green hippo's body began to twist and melt, revealing its true face.

It was a mass of transparent, green jelly-like substances or life.



"Slime!" The three Knights recognized the real identity of the thing at a glance.

"Wow, it's a mutant giant slime, not a mutant green hippo!" Yun Xi jumped down from the coconut tree immediately, but unfortunately, he was still a step late.

The giant green slime, after transforming back to its original shape, immediately spewed out a large amount of solution. The sticky green solution shot at the "Knights and Magic" team and glued them all together.

"We are finished!" Lancelot was distressed. What a fatal mistake this was!

"What's wrong with this slime!" Mordred was equally helpless, and her strength couldn't do anything in the face of the green solution.

"No way!" Alexander looked at her clothes with tears in her eyes. Her knight's armor was melting!

"Whoop, Whoop, what's wrong with this slime? Why can't the Magic Missiles hurt it?" Rose burst into tears as her pointed hat was been eaten by the green slime.

The girl’s skin was exposed little by little in front of Yun Xi.

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