Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 632

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Chapter 632: This Is Strange!

After three rounds of solution spraying, the slime finally became exhausted. The dozens of fragments of its body began to squirm together, trying to merge and become one again.

Separation and combination were also one of the slime's special abilities, this giant slime was obviously an elite above all elites.

However, when it met Yun Xi who could fight in the sky, it encountered its natural enemy.

Yun Xi once fought against the child of slime, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword in the Water God's world, naturally, he knew the weaknesses of slimes very well.

They had extremely low mobility, even if they had extraordinary powers, they were easy to deal with if nobody controlled them.

It was precisely because of such fatal defects that the Slime race yearned for the birth of their god. Only under the control of Shaya Longnis did the Slime race have the potential for war.

This giant slime was apparently a survivor who escaped from the Water God's world after the final war.

"Flying Swallow!" The twin swords chopped down. Without solution spraying, and the giant slime wasn't strong enough to digest the twin swords, it was cut up bit by bit until finally, Yun Xi found its core.

It was a small, soft and elastic gemstone, only about the size of a pebble, and had the same color as the slime's body.

If it weren't for Yun Xi's rich experience and familiar hand feel, he wouldn't have found the gemstone that was quietly shrinking and trying to hide.

"It's you!"

Familiar hand feel, familiar elasticity, familiar temperature, Yun Xi seemed to have returned to the Water God's world, returning to the time he caught green slimes everywhere together with Yun Que on the island.

This slime's special ability was to devour equipment but not eat people, the mutant green hippo was actually just the green slime's host body.

After the death of the green hippo, the slime took its original form and instinctively began to devour their equipment to supplement its lost vitality, as Yun Xi naturally understood when he gained the slime's core.

Speaking of this, he and slimes did have an indissoluble bond. In the Water God's world, he once had a special slime bracelet, which was later taken away by Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, but now he obtained it again.

Yes, the slime's core in Yun Xi's hands now was the original prototype of the slime bracelet in the Water God's Domain.

It seemed that Shaya Longnis' aura had disappeared completely. It had become a common slime who wandered around this strange coast and in order to survive, it parasitized the green hippo's body.

The "Knights and Magic" team did kill the mutant green hippo, but lost to the giant slime, who was once a fragment of Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword.

Although it had become smaller, Yun Xi still felt the familiar when kneading and pinching it.

"Ughh! Ughh! We've had bad luck. Why does this place have such a mutant slime that doesn't exist in any records?" Mordred complained and wiped her body.

"Because no one knows, so it's called an accident." Alexander untied her braids. Her long flaxen hair hung down to her waist, her long legs folded together, and she was lazily basking in the sun.

"I feel that this thing can't be so simple." Lancelot washed her beautiful long blond hair and smelt herself.

Three naked girls.

Summer sun.

Gold, flaxen, snow white, black, all kinds of colors.

Ah ah ah ah! Why are you so defenseless? Aren't you noble girls from famous big families?

Yun Xi turned his back to the three knights and kept kneading and pinching the green slime in his hands.

"Whoa! My bandage dissolved, what do I do?"

"Without that, my sisters will kill me!"

Crouched up in her spare robe which she just put on, Rose had a helpless look on her face as if she just saw the end of the world.

"Is that bandage so important?" Yun Xi asked with curiosity.

"Well, that's my most precious magic item."

"My sisters told me that I should never take that bandage off, or many people would come to kill me."

"Especially witches, my sisters have always warned me that I should never take off the bandage in front of other witches before I had become a great witch, otherwise, something very horrible would happen."

Oh, I see, is it jealousy? If the other witches could see the size of her breasts, they would kill her out of jealousy.

Sure enough, even amongst witches, Rose's talent is at the superclass.

If Hua Yue was right, the bigger the breasts were, the higher the magic power the witch could have, then the little witch Rose's talent was super!

Fortunately, no matter how strong their talents were, they couldn't be stronger than Hua Huo. In this case, Yun Xi could accept the appearance of geniuses.

Don't worry, the Starwing Knights will accept you! No one will be jealous of you!

After kneading his trophy again, Yun Xi made a decision.

At the same time as Yun Xi made his choice, the three knight girls finally put on their spare clothes and came out of the sea.

"Mei, come here."

"Mei, the temperature here is moderate."

"Mei, please wash Rose clean."

They looked at Yun Xi and the little witch with meaningful eyes.

Yun Xi wanted to shout.

How can you be so defenseless and take a bath in front of me?!

Why do I have to comfort the little witch Rose and help her wash her body!

The world is so strange!

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