Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 622

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Chapter 622: Conditions

"I see."

"In the future, I will consider the candidates of the Starwing Knights carefully."

After being preached to by Hua Yue, Yun Xi surrendered by raising both hands.

To discuss the size of breasts, the age of marriage, whether or not they have sisters, and the situations of their families... it was too shameful for Yun Xi!

Hua Yue, how many people have you investigated? How can you know their interests, hobbies and even the size of their breasts clearly? What a terrible action force it is?

The leader of the Starwing Knights is too terrible!

"So, Mei, how many more people can you give your blessings to?" All of a sudden, Hua Yue asked a crucial question.

"Oh, there are still dozens of..." Yun Xi covered his mouth.

Wow, I almost spoke my biggest secret out!

Although Hua Yue thought that it was a kind of "blessing", the number of seeds was still the greatest secret he had!

"So much?!" Hua Yue was shocked. She personally felt how powerful Mei's blessing was. In her eyes, even if Mei could only give one person this blessing, it could be regarded as a miracle, the fact that Mei gave all the members of the Starwing Knights her blessings had surpassed the common sense of the world in Hua Yue's eyes, which also made her more grateful to Mei.

If she hadn't met Mei, her White Golden Rose Bloodline wouldn't’ve been awakened. Her future would probably be just to marry a family in the Western God's Domain, which was an inevitable fate of common descendants of the Hua family.

It was with Mei's blessing that she could awaken her bloodline, obtaining the power to change her destiny.

Her gratitude to Mei was far beyond what could be described by words.

Mei's blessing was like a key to open the door of the new world, which made her enter a more colorful world.

"That is to say, your remaining blessings can even create new Starwing Knights?" Hua Yue urgently wanted to know how many miracles Mei could still create.

"Well, probably..." Yun Xi sighed. Now that the secret was exposed, it was no longer a secret.

Hua Yue thought that they were "blessings", it wasn't wrong.

He couldn't tell anyone that they were actually his seeds, which could only be bred by the will of the stars.

Even the "Battle God's Seed" he obtained from his teacher, Casina the Battle God was essentially just a crystallization of energy, while Yun Xi's seed could enhance a person's talent and potential, and would continue to grow with his own growth.

This power was even beyond the legend rank. It was the greatest gift of the stars to the newborn Starchild.

Perhaps the initial seed may not be strong enough, but the growth potential of this power system was infinite!

Share and spread his own seeds, and then get infinite power from the seeds that spread out. This was the miracle that the stars had created for Yun Xi.

Hua Huo's sword skill talent.

The twin witches' mentality.

Hua Yue and Xiao Cao's fighting talent.

Mumu's Diamond Body.

The practice experience from all the members of the Starwing Knights.

The more seeds he shared, the stronger Yun Xi was. The more he used this ability, the more he could feel.

This ability is too powerful! So let others think it is a "blessing".

"Mei, you are really great." It was a real surprise to know that Mei's remaining blessings could create new Starwing Knights.

She thought that Mei couldn't use her blessings too many times at first.

Now, she needed to change her plan.

Mei can indeed create miracles!

"Well, in this case, I think I need to revise the plan."

"Actually, there are also some good girls I didn't mention before." As the leader of the Starwing Knights, how could she turn a blind eye to talented girls?

The reason she didn't mention them just now was because she estimated that the remaining blessings Mei could use wouldn't be to many, so she only chose those "big tits" noble girls. However, there were not many "big tits" noble girls in the Sword Palace originally, and after her selection, there were very few candidates.

If she ignored the requirement of "big tits", they were indeed a lot of talented but "flat-chested" civilian girls.

Since Mei had more blessings than she had expected, then she could also give these civilian girls an opportunity.

"How do you know so clearly?" Yun Xi was shocked. Originally, Hua Yue not only knew the information of noble girls well, but also knew the information of civilian girls clearly.

From their birthplace to the sword skills they were good at, their heights, weights, and even whether they had marriage contacts... she collected all the girls' information. The leader of the Starwing Knights was too terrible!

"I have my secret channel," said Hua Yue. Under her large and snow-white right breast, an amber-colored holy beetle was firmly attached to the soft and smooth skin.

Well, choosing this holy beetle as my servant is to convenient!

Thirteen people. They were the final candidates Hua Yue chose to be the new members of the Starwing Knights. For this, she had collected the information of almost all the disciples in the White Lotus Sword Palace.

What they had in common was that all of them had applied for membership of the Starwing Knights, and all of them had a special feeling for Mei, in other words, they were the girls with the symptoms of "Mei Poisoning".

From this point of view, they had the qualifications to become new members of the Starwing Knights.

Without this advantage, even a genius like Xia Ling, the Princess of the Great Xia Empire couldn't join the Starwing Knights.

After all, the full name of the Starwing Knights was "Mei's Starwing Knights".

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