Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 623

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Chapter 623: Knights and Magic

"Did I make a terrible mistake?" Looking at the information of the alternate members sent by Hua Yue, Yun Xi's headache grew worse and worse.

Four noble girls from four families in different God's Domains. Well, this was actually a feature of the endless god's domain era.

Even before the age of the Star Bridges, the families at the top of their respective God's Domains had known that no one should put all of their eggs into the same basket. At their height, they would make the worst case scenario plans for their families in advance.

Before the first Star Bridge was built, they would spread the family's branches all over their God's Domains, and even changed the names of the branches of their families, leaving only the most secret inheritance.

In this way, even if the main family was involved in unpredictable disasters and was totally destroyed, the family would always have a way to continue, until the day when the family's glory could be restored.

After the Star Bridges were built and entered the endless god's domains era, these big families had brought this practice to the extreme. Not only in the God's Domains where they lived, but also in the most remote God's Domains. They would settle their branches there, opening up new lands.

Because there were more opportunities in the new God's Domains, some frustrated children of their families would even voluntarily apply to start new family branches in these remote God's Domains.

It must be said that these ancient families do have their own unique way of survival.

At this moment, the four candidates of the Starwing Knights were from four different God's Domains.

They were all from the Western God's Domain, but their families had branches in the White Lotus Sword Domain, and they had a good friendship with Hua Yue's family.

It was because of this that they knew what earth-shaking changes have taken place inside of Hua Yue's body, and what an amazing miracle the legendary "Mei's Blessing" was.

As for Hua Yue’s recruiting them into the Starwing Knights, wasn't only because they had "big tits", but also because they had sharp observational skills.

Excellent talent, clear world outlook, coupled with a keen sense of new trends, they were worthy of being White Lotus Sword Domain's most outstanding elites in all senses.

If it hadn't been for the sudden rise of the Starwing Knights, they would have been the proudest disciples of the White Lotus Sword Palace. After the White Lotus Secret Treasure appeared, they also received invitations from various forces, but none of them said yes.

They were waiting for an answer, an answer from the Starwing Knights.

"Witch God's Domain..."

"Knight God's Domain..."

Yun Xi looked at the list in his hand. Among the four candidates, three were from the Knight God's Domain, where Hua Yue's main family was located.

The Knight God's Domain was a super god's domain even in all the Western God's Domains. Known as the sword of the Western God's Domain, it had a large number of legendary knights whose history could be traced back to the most ancient era.

The remaining one was from the mysterious Witch God's Domain, which was a special God's Domain famous for various witches there. In that god's domain, the desire for bloodline power transcended everything, it was the homeland of all witches.

Why did a witch come to the Sky Sword God's Domain and stay in the small White Lotus Sword Domain? Yun Xi suddenly had a feeling that it was probably because the small White Lotus Sword Domain was unusual. Recalling all the things he had experienced, none of them would normally happen in such a small sword domain.

Moreover, according to the information provided by Hua Yue, it seemed that the three ladies from the Knight God's Domain and the witch had formed a small group and run a shop called "Knights and Magic" on the street outside the White Lotus Sword Palace.

This shop often sold rare magic handicrafts and fine weapons from the Western God's Domain and had something of a reputation in the sword tip area.

Now, because house prices in the sword tip area had risen incredibly, the price of their small shop had also risen hundreds of times.

Apart from this, they were still disciples studying in the White Lotus Sword Palace. Because of this, countless forces enthusiastically recruited them and even their families had asked them to return to the Western God's Domain.

However, the four of them all chose to refuse, neither to sell the "Knights and Magic" shop on the street, nor to accept orders from their families to leave, but have been awaiting an answer from the Starwing Knights.

"Why are they so persistent?"

"The Starwing Knights is only a temporary group of girls." Yun Xi looked at their information and felt a little headache.

In his mind, he was somewhat impressed by this small group called "Knights and Magic".

Among the noble ladies of the White Lotus Sword Domain, the four often gathered together for tea. He remembered that three of them were always armed in armor, and there was always a little girl with a broomstick and pointed hat following behind them.

"So, she's not such a little girl." Yun Xi looked at the papers.

Witches didn't represent their appearance according to age, but shape their appearance according to their magic power.

Special note: the main characteristics of witches are their breasts. The stronger the magic power they had, the larger their breasts were. The oldest witch was also the woman who had the largest breasts in the world.

Generally, not all descendants of witches could awaken their Witch Bloodline, therefore, even in the Witch God's Domain, the number of witches wasn't too great.

Rose was the name of the little witch candidate of the Starwing Knights. She was still small, but had shown extraordinary potential.

Hua Yue’s note: “PS: The size of her breasts is hidden by magic. They are much bigger than what they actually look like.”

So how do you even know such things so vividly Hua Yue? Yun Xi was totally speechless about Hua Yue's intelligence gathering ability.

The Knights and Magic group had their tactics. When they hunted monsters, the three knights were Rose's guards and Rose's magic was the attack method.

The four of them all had the potential to enter the hero rank. Especially Rose, because her Witch Bloodline had been awakened, she had a 100% probability of entering the hero rank.

In that small group, she was the core and the three knights were her shields. She was their sword attacking with extraordinary force.

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