Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 621

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Chapter 621: Hua Yue's Standards

"Hey! This is different from what we heard!"

"Isn't Mei's hair the token to join the Starwing Knights?"

"Sworn loyalty to Mei? A maid? Are you kidding me?!"

Hua Yue's words shocked the girls from the big families in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Nobody expected that Mei's position in the Starwing Knights was so special. Isn't Mei just a maid?

Only a small number of girls' eyes brightened up, looking at Mei with hot desire. Hua Yue quietly remembered the names of these girls and found that they were all from famous families.

It seemed that they were aware of something and ready for it.

If they could really get Mei's approval, Hua Yue didn't mind accepting several new members for the Starwing Knights.

Apparently, even though Mei didn't send them her hair, there were still girls who were attracted to Mei. Should I say that this is how great Mei's charm is?

In this way, the number of noble girls and civilian girls in the Starwing Knights can also be balanced slightly.

"Thank you, Hua Yue. I really didn't know what to do right then." Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Hua Yue who saved him from the "siege".

"Mei, you have to be more confident and refuse when it's time to refuse."

"Those who don't know how to refuse others will not become great people." Hua Yue took Yun Xi's hand, and they sat together on the bench under the shade of the tree, like a beautiful landscape painting, which caused many disciples who passed by to look sideways frequently.

"You are the one who has changed our destiny. Without you, there would be no Starwing Knights."

"The Starwing Knights were born because of you. Please take responsibility."

Hey, why does it feel like I'm being preached to by my wife? Yun Xi wondered at the blonde girl sticking to his side.

Initially, when he met with her, as well as Xiao Cao, Mei Lan, Ling Ling, and other girls in the Starwing Knights, it was only by chance that he went to take the Sword palace Entrance Exam.

Because he wanted to bless these girls who struggled for their own destiny and to test his newly obtained ability, he gave them his seed.

At that time, he really didn't expect that there would be a small miracle called the Starwing Knights.

In this small Girl Knights group, which had only a few dozens of members, there were girls from famous families such as Hua Yue, and civilian geniuses such as Xiao Cao. There were careless girls like Ling Ling, and also careful girls such as Mei Lan.

As time went by, these girls from different places, who had never known each other before, became a closely connected group, just like a big family.

Yun Xi looked at the threads between himself and Hua Yue, and all the members of the Starwing Knights.

Today, these seeds, as always, continued to convey to him the experience of the girls, sharing their secrets.

In contrast, his own seed also fed back his growth to them to enhance their talents and potential.

The connection between his seeds and their seeds were like a net connecting all the people in the Starwing Knights, and he was in the center of the net. He was the only one at the core that could receive the strong support of all the Starwing Knights at the same time.

As long as he was in this network, everyone would benefit a lot.

This was the greatest gift from the stars to him, the foundation of his growing strength.

It was only now that he realized that the net was not only a net to enhance his strength, but also enhanced something else.

Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, Ling Ling, Mei Lan, Lu Lu... the experience he received from them was obviously more than that of the other girls in the Starwing Knights. Under the principle of equivalent exchange, the experience they received from Yun Xi's seed was also more than that of other girls.

If "thread" could be regarded as a relationship, then the relationship between them and Yun Xi was deepening, and even the color of the threads seemed to have changed slightly.

I never heard of this evolutionary direction! Yun Xi found that he had woven the web, but he himself was also caught in the network called "The Starwing Knights".

"Your blessings are very, very precious."

"Mei, please cherish the opportunity to send your best wishes in the future."

"I don't refuse seeing more girls joining the Starwing Knights, but please, choose the girls who deserve your blessing."

"They can be common people who don't have super talents like Mumu and Robin, but they can't be shallow ladies from noble families."

"If you really want to choose new members, then I’ll recommend them to you." It was not selfish for Hua Yue to recommend the girls she knew. For Mei, who was bound to have a great future, the initial team was very important.

The girls she wanted to recommend were not only beautiful and well-behaved, but also were the ones who were really attracted by Mei.

In addition, they all had the same characteristics, that was, because of good nutrition and excellent exercise from childhood, their bodies were perfect, and the size of their breasts was far above average!

Well, that was the criterion for Hua Yue to choose new members. Whoever can't even reach the standard figure has no chance of joining the Starwing Knights!

The multi-headed demon dragon's blood was just a slim, unrealistic hope. The real talent is actually visible and tangible. Instead of pursuing unrealistic hope, Hua Yue preferred to recruit new members who had shown their "talents".

After all, Mei really likes big tits, doesn't she?

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