Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 620

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Chapter 620: Are You Willing?

As the old saying goes, "There is no impervious wall in the world."

If there is a secret, then it will be leaked sooner or later.

Ladies from famous families in the Sky Sword God's Domain were eager to join the Starwing Knights. After using all kinds of methods, they finally knew the most important condition for joining the Starwing Knights.

It was an unexpected condition, but thinking again, the condition was indeed reasonable.

"Mei, will you give me a single hair from your head?"

"I've heard that this is a prerequisite for joining the Starwing Knights. No wonder Mei Lan always rejected my application before."

"Rest assured, everyone here will keep it a secret. Give me your hair, Mei!"

Looking at the girls' excited eyes and their approaching full bosoms, Yun Xi's felt dizzy and almost agreed.

Hey, should a gentleman refuse a ladies' request?

Anyway, there are still a lot of seeds, and the ladies in front of me are also cultured girls from famous families. Should I give them all the remaining seeds?

But if it goes on like this, will I drop hair too fast and become bald one day?

"Mei, don't be fooled." Looking at Yun Xi who almost surrendered to the girls around him, Hua Yue finally couldn't bear it and was trying to persuade him.

With her superior strength and breasts, she pushed aside the girls around Yun Xi, pressed her hands on Yun Xi's shoulders, and said in all earnestness.

"Mei, the Starwing Knights can't be so easy to enter."

Now the Starwing Knights had long not been the first small group of girls who were blessed by Mei.

Even though she didn't expect that this small group would develop to today's level, it made the major forces in all the Sky Sword God's Domain feel envious.

Having truly felt the power of "Mei's Blessing" (Yun Xi's Seed), she had regarded all the members of the Starwing Knights as her companions. They were not superiors and subordinates, but the real knights who gathered around Mei and fought for Mei.

Feeling the power of blessings every day, every hour, every second, the relationship amongst everyone and Mei were becoming deeper and deeper.

"Mei's blessing isn't so cheap!" Hua Yue glanced at the girls who thought that Mei's blessing was easy to obtain and didn't know how precious it really was.

Their outlooks were too narrow. If people knew the true power of Mei's blessing, it would cause a mess that wouldn't be inferior to the great disturbance for the appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Hua Yue was born in the most famous family of the Knight God's Domain, she was certain that the rank of Mei's blessing was even higher than the blessing of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. It shared Mei's unlimited possibilities with all the members of the Starwing Knights.

Otherwise, it was impossible to explain how these ordinary girls suddenly became geniuses in such a short time.

As the leader of the Starwing Knights, except for Mei, she knew how many sounds every girl of the Starwing Knights had heard, which undoubtedly couldn't be announced to anyone.

What's more, "Mei's Blessing" wasn't a once-only use. As long as they were still around Mei, their talents would still slowly increase!

This could be proved by her own growth. Hua Yue's White Golden Rose Bloodline was one of the strongest bloodlines of the Knight God's Domain, all people who awakened this bloodline had become world-famous heroes in history.

As the only one in the Starwing Knights who could compete with Xiao Cao, the power of her White Golden Rose Bloodline had begun to show, which could be clearly seen from her hair color.

Her originally golden curly hair was gradually turning to a platinum color, which was the proof of her legendary bloodline, the evidence of her talent that was constantly sublimating.

Mei's blessing could even strengthen her White Golden Rose Bloodline! And Mei just gave this blessing to all the members of the Starwing Knights equally? After realizing this, Hua Yue was really shocked.

Only she really realized how terrible the power of this blessing was. It was a miracle that was even strong enough to break the common sense of the world!

“You, how can you understand what kind of blessing this is?”

“In this half-tone of curiosity, I do not admit that you are eligible to join the Starwing Knights.”

“If Mei really recognized you like she recognized Mumu before, I wouldn't object.”

“However, it's obvious that your motivation is not pure! Your enthusiasm is fake!”

"Hua Yue, your family and my family have a good relationship, why do you refuse us? Please, give us a chance!" said the noble girl from Li family. Her family was one of the branches of the Li family in the Great Tang Sword Domain and had a good relationship with the Hua family.

Hua family wasn't the first family in the White Lotus Sword Domain. Yun family had a longer history than Hua family and Xia family had the most powerful army in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

The Hua family in the White Lotus Sword Domain was a branch of the main Hua family in the Western God's Domain. In some sense, they were still outsiders in the eyes of these local families. Because she monopolized the Starwing Knights, the girls from other families had long treated her as a thorn in the flesh.

"You guys, do you really think so?" Hua Yue shook her head and then pulled Yun Xi's hand.

"If you really want to join the Starwing Knights."

"Then first, make an oath!"

"You, from toes to hair, from body to soul, must all be Mei's."

"No matter what you encounter, no matter what you face, you must remain faithful and fight for Mei."

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