Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 614

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Chapter 614: Hua Huo's Sword




Every sound was the inspiration of wisdom. His soul being washed by the sound over and over again, which soothed his fatigue and rippled away impurities in his soul, making his soul more pure and flawless.

This process was like polishing a rough gemstone. Some hidden qualities in Yun Xi's soul gradually emerged.

This also meant that Yun Xi's body and mind were ready to find his own strength again.

Sitting under the Bodhi trees, Yun Xi wasn't thinking about anything, and his mental power began to increase naturally, and the endless sound of the bell had also become more pleasant.

Feeling sleepy, Yun Xi stretched out and decided to have a good sleep.


In another door not far away from Yun Xi, a girl stood with her sword in both hands with constantly increasing will and spirit.

A virtual shadow of a giant dragon proudly appeared behind the girl, its golden scales were glittering in the air.

This was not a common dragon, but a dragon emperor whose name had been crowned with eternal glory in the history of the endless god's domain!




One black shadow after another appeared in front of the girl.

This was the second holy place of the White Lotus Sword Palace, the Proving Ground which only opened to the Master of the White Lotus Sword Domain and the twin witches before.

It wasn't a trial like the challenges in the Sky Tower, but a real battle trial in the real world. These summoned dark shadows were all at the hero rank, and none of them knew pain and fear and were randomly enchanted with different mysteries.

They were powered by the magic circles of the entire White Lotus Sword Palace. As long as the magic circles still existed, these black shadows could revive over and over again.

Now, from 2 black shadows to 4 black shadows to 8 black shadows, there were already 32 black shadows in front of the girl.

"Very well, this is the trial I want!" What the girl was chasing was the power that could crush everything, she didn't mind how strong her enemies were.

She had to be faster and stronger than she was now.

If not, I will eventually experience the helplessness I felt when I was confronted with Ouroboros. One time of that kind of bad memory is enough.

Once Hua Huo made up her mind, nothing could stop her.

"Hu... Ha..." She used the breathing method which Yun Xi also learned, at this time, it finally showed its true features.

It wasn't a breathing method that humans could have!

Like thunder and lightning across the sky, like a storm sweeping across the sea, like a huge waterfall flying down from a cliff, a loud sound piercing through the earth, soaring straight up into the sky!

It was the rage of the dragons!

Hua Huo's eyes gradually became the shape of the golden dragon’s, and the golden dragon’s shadow behind her began to coalesce and become clearer.

It seemed that something was traversing the distance of time and space, being summoned into her body.

"Burn everything, tear everything, crush everything! "

"Respond to the old contract, Golden Dragon Emperor, come to me!"

The broken sword in her hands twisted and transformed into a dragon-bone sword. Golden runes appeared on the sword, releasing a unique, overbearing atmosphere.

Her strength was expanding and growing. It wasn't a delusion but a reality that was taking place.

Bring wrapped around by golden flames, the roar of dragon became louder.

The entire trial area was burning with large flames that burst out in clusters from the depths of the ground, covering the figures of the 32 hero ranked black shadows.

They launched their attacks!

"Raining Heaven!"

"Water Dragon!"

"Eastern Dragon King!"

"Endless Waves!"

"Raining Heaven" can summon cloud, and the rainfall can heal all lives within the range.

"Water Dragon" is to use the magic power to form a dragon-shaped battle pet.

"Eastern Dragon King" can borrow the eastern dragon king's power to strengthen the performer.

"Endless Waves" can summon endless water to submerge mountains and rivers.

Even though the black shadows had used these mysteries, they couldn't break through the scorching purgatory that was forming.

Hua Huo just stood there and did nothing. The high temperature released from her body had dispelled all the magic spells.

In the final analysis, the "essence" of the two sides was quite different. Naturally, these attacks from the black shadows couldn't hurt her.



"Boom! "

As if the power around Hua Huo could grow limitlessly, as if this process had awakened an ancient existence, countless materials were being absorbed by this unformed dragon-bone sword, and then compressed, refined, and evolved towards an embryonic form.

Yes, this was the process of casting a "god weapon".

Hua Huo was forging her sword by using the power of her bloodline.

If she had this sword when she was facing Ouroboros...

"No, not enough, not enough!"

The earth was trembling and the whole space was shaking.

With the roar of the dragon, countless lights began to wake up from the collapsing ground and then rose to the sky, flying over to Hua Huo's palm.

It was a weapon once lost in history, a fragment of a dragon-bone demon sword.

The Dragon Emperor, who was once regarded as an evil lord and slaughtered responded to Hua Huo's call, reviving in the distant Sky Sword God's Domain.

The name of the sword: Dragon Emperor's Sword!

It was forged by using the bones of the legendary Dragon Emperor, an ancient strong existence who had a relationship with the Sky Flying Bloodline.

This dragon had golden scales and the most pure blood of the Dragon King, but ultimately fell into darkness and abandoned all glory, wandering in the nightmare world with resentment.

"Fight for me, Dragon Emperor!" This was Hua Huo's order, an amnesty from the purest Sky Flying Bloodline.

Even though he had become a member of the abyss and wandered in the nightmare world forever, Dragon Emperor still kept the agreement it made in the past and returned to the human world in the form of a god weapon: Dragon Emperor's Sword.

50%... 60%... 87%... 99%!

Spanning the distance between time and space, the once lost Dragon Sword had returned!

In the burning golden flames, black gases were constantly released and surrounded the 32 hero ranked black shadows.

The reason that the process stopped at 99% was because a crucial ceremony was still unfinished.

Numerous golden flames turned into golden powders, flying around Hua Huo's body.

Hua Huo slowly but firmly raised the dragon-bone demon sword in her hands.

Behind her, in the endless flames, the shadow of the dragon emperor was becoming clearer and clearer. Although there was only one head, but the sharp golden teeth, the erect pupils, and the huge scales all exuded a kind of tyranny over everything.

Now, all the necessary elements for a new god weapon's birth had been gathered.



And the power of the source of the world!

Hua Huo was forging a weapon that only gods could make in the past!

This sword would be her weapon before she reached the legend rank, which had a very strong lethal effect on fantastic creatures!

Dragon Emperor’s Sword!

"Wake up!"

Without any hesitation, Hua Huo raised the sword high in her hand. The ground under her feet began to tremble, one tiny crack after another continued to extend around as if a mountain suddenly pressed down on this land.

Instantly, Hua Huo's eyes changed, reflecting the scenery in the golden dragon emperor's pupils.

Layers of golden light waves rippled from the god weapon in Hua Huo's hands. A powerful force of mana exploded madly around Hua Huo, and countless broken stones were shattered and then turned into ashes. Under this terrifying power, everything was collapsing.


With the help of Hua Huo's belief and bloodline force, the god weapon was returning from the nightmare world, forged and evolved towards the last step.

Behind Hua Huo, the huge golden dragon raised its head and looked at the world, as proud as when it was still alive.


Huge golden light waves were first compressed to the limit, then released, cut, smashed and crushed the 32 hero ranked black shadows.

The black shadows were like a sand castle being trampled by an excited child on the beach, breaking up in an instant.

Countless golden waves of light spread wildly.

The earth was burning and melting, all things in front of the stacked golden light waves equally turned into powders, and then being blown away.


In the face of the Dragon Emperor's Sword, even the stars would be shattered. Hua Huo raised the god weapon in her hands and absorbed the dragon emperor's shadow behind her into the sword bit by bit.

Dragon Soul Casting, this was the last step to give spirituality to the god weapon, but also the most difficult step.

99% the previous process was for paving a way for this last step. The last 1% was the most important thing.

An army formed by 64 hero ranked black shadows appeared!

The army formed of 64 hero ranked black shadows was defeated!

After touching the light waves, the new black shadows were crushed like pieces of paper in a storm, leaving no trace.

The giant dragon's shadow roared and was satisfied with the girl who summoned it.

Unmatched potential and incomparable internal drive for excellence!

Her eyes were like storms, like lightning, like lava. She was destined to trample on all the common sense of the world.

All hero ranked beings would pursue the most suitable god weapon for themselves.

God weapons would also choose the most suitable master.

Dragon Emperor - No, it's Dragon Emperor's Sword now. Dragon Emperor's Sword had chosen its new master.

"Go." The last will of the Dragon Emperor left the nightmare world, flying to the sword.

The sword was forged!

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