Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 615

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Chapter 615: Dragon Emperor

Dragon Emperor's Sword.

This was a legendary magic weapon made of the bones of the Dragon Emperor. The hilt of the sword was black with golden flames wrapped around it, and the body of the sword was made of huge dragon teeth.

The sword doesn't have a blade, because this isn't a weapon that needs to tear the enemy's body with its blade. The power of the sword itself can crush everything.

A line of golden patterns stretched from the end of the handle to the tip of the sword, which was about 1.8 meters long and 0.4 meters wide. In general, the sword doesn't look like a weapon for humans at all, but rather like a giant weapon tailored for a three-meter-tall giant.

On the sword body, there was a Dragon-rune, which represented the real name of this dragon bone magic sword - Dragon Emperor's sword.

Once upon a time, the man who forged the sword tried to give it as an inheritance from generation to generation to the successors of his eternal empire.

However, this unscrupulous man who murdered the Dragon Emperor didn't satisfy his desires. The kingdom he created was completely destroyed after he died of the curse of the sword, and he didn't have any successors.

The curse of the Dragon Emperor not only killed this man, but also killed all the people who participated in the battle against the Dragon Emperor and even affected those people’s families and countries.

They didn't expect that the Dragon Emperor would fall into the nightmare world and be transformed into one of the strongest monsters of the nightmare world!

Because of this, the Dragon Emperor's curse was greatly strengthened and caused their death.

In fact, the prototype of this sword had long disappeared into history, leaving only the last fragment in the mortal world.

Since the battle against the Dragon Emperor, countless years had passed. The original dragon bone sword had been destroyed by the Nightmare Monarch, because it thought that the sword didn't deserve to be called “Dragon Emperor's Sword”.

Don't get it wrong. The Dragon Emperor was not afraid of death when it was alive.

If these people had defeated and killed it using their own power, it wouldn't mind whether or not they would use its body to forge god weapons.

If they had defeated it face to face, it wouldn't mind calling this sword forged by using its bones "Dragon Emperor's Sword".

However, the man whose name and kingdom had long been forgotten in the river of history was too sinister.

He killed the Dragon Emperor's only descendant by despicable means, and used the Dragon Emperor's descendant's flesh and blood to cast a vicious curse, which corroded the Dragon Emperor's invincible dragon scales. Only then did he gather a group of people to encircle and kill the Dragon Emperor.

In this process, they poisoned, cursed, trapped and slaughtered the Dragon Emperor, they did everything they could and finally, they gave the Dragon Emperor a fatal blow, which was by using the remains of the Dragon Emperor's only descendant.

Therefore, the Dragon Emperor would never admit that such villains are qualified to use its body to forge god weapons.

None of them had that qualification.

With resentment, the Dragon Emperor's activated an ancient contract and reincarnated its dragon soul into the most horrible nightmare world, and instantly became a lord of the nightmare world, becoming a Nightmare Monarch.

In the next decades, it killed all the human beings who had participated in the battle against it and destroyed all the god weapons that were made of its body parts.

As time went by, no one still remembered the Dragon Emperor and the people who killed it.

Only the Sky Flying Bloodline still remembered it and summoned it by using the last fragment made of its bones.

The Nightmare Monarch had long ceased being the Dragon Emperor. However, it still responded to the girl's call and recognized the girl.

The Sky Flying Bloodline is qualified to be the master of the real Dragon Emperor's Sword, and because of this reason, it returned to the mortal world again.

Across time and space, across the barriers between the nightmare world and the real world, the Nightmare Monarch floated in the endless darkness, slowly opening its muddy eyes. The last golden glow began to fade away from its pupils.

It was its last glorious memory, it was the last unsullied soul of the Dragon Emperor. After its reincarnation in the nightmare world, its body had become thousands of times bigger with countless weird eyes scattered over its new body. With only a stare from any of its eyes, millions of wise creatures would go mad.

The last fragment of the dragon bone sword represented the last pride of the Dragon Emperor in the mortal world.

"Go." The huge black existence gently reached out one of its tentacles and ejected the other fragments of the Dragon Emperor's Sword to the girl from the nightmare world. Together with its last unsullied dragon soul, it placed all its trust on the girl who summoned it in accordance with the ancient contract.

Oh, the Sky Flying Bloodline, what an ancient memory. It could barely remember when it was still the Dragon Emperor, it was dumbfounded when it witnessed the true power of the Sky Flying Bloodline.

As time went by, even itself didn't believe that the Sky Flying Bloodline still remembered its name and summoned it.

So, let this be the end of the Dragon Emperor. It would present its last unsullied dragon soul and bones to the noble and sacred Supreme blood, the wing beyond all things.

You are qualified to use this sword! You are qualified to call it "Dragon Emperor's Sword"!

"Ha!" Finally, Hua Huo stopped after the sword absorbed the last dragon soul into it.

With her location as the center, the entire area was being torn by storms, volcanoes, and lightning at the same time. The ground collapsed and formed a huge whirlpool terrain.

"The sword is forged." A large number of sweat beads dropped from Hua Huo's forehead, and then were quickly evaporated by the flames on the Dragon Emperor's Sword.

Being surrounded by scorching flames, the girl's eyes became firmer and more confident.

She hadn't reached the hero rank, but could forge her own god weapon. Hua Huo trampled again on the common sense of the entire Sky Sword God's Domain and even the entire endless god's domains.

As long as she wanted to, she could do anything.

What she wanted would become unshakable truth.

This was the power of the Sky Flying Bloodline!

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