Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 613

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Chapter 613: Bodhi Twin Trees

It was an old city, bathed in the cold moonlight.

Compared with what Yun Xi saw last time, the dead city was more bleak and desolate. The snow and ice scattered in the city could be seen everywhere as if time here had been frozen.

The cold had gone deep into the ground, making the walls, grass, leaves, and vines all covered with a thick layer of frost.

When the cold wind blew, it would always roll up countless silver-white particles.

A hunter in black sat in the center of the deserted city, and the magic sword inverted beside him, still retained traces of blood.

His old face looked at the boundless clear sky, looking at the distant blue horizon and cold moon.

Quietly, it seemed that he was the only one left in the world. The sadness, joy and warmth in his life had all disappeared, leaving countless ghosts around him like nightmares.

It was the highest inheritance of the Ghost Sword Domain - "Forbidden Siren Sword".


Boiling volcanoes! Endless volcanic eruptions!

As if doomsday had come, the ocean of lava had devoured the earth, mountains, forests and everything else in the world.

Above the lava ocean were dark golden clouds that were constantly churning and dropping fiery red bubbles of lava. Like the real ocean, the lava ocean was also vast and boundless. At the end of sight, white, dazzling lava waves heaved wave peaks of hundreds of feet tall, rolling up one wave of lava after another and hit the red, sulphurized coast of rock.

From time to time, there were lava pillars rising to the sky and bombarding the dark golden clouds in the sky, triggering earth-shaking explosions.

It was the inheritance of a Sky Sword - "the Nuclear Sword".


In the distance, the sky hid in endless darkness, indicating that a storm was coming. The wind was driving fast-moving clouds, rapidly devouring the twinkling stars.

Beneath the storm was an endless, dark and terrible sea. The storm was galloping with thunder and red-fire-serpent-like lightning flashed across the dark sky one after another, illuminating the waves roiling in the chaotic and turbulent tide.

In the storm, the sky and the earth were as dark as hell. The only light was the thunder and lightning rolling in the clouds.

In the storm, there were spirits flying, which was the natural phenomenon that represented disaster and death.

Numerous runes loomed in the storm, which was the source of the storm, and the evil words of the spirits.

It was the inheritance of another Sky Sword - "Storm Sword".


"Not this one, oh, neither this one." Yun Xi pinched the light ball one, two, three times, but still didn't find his favorite scenario.

What he wanted was a scenario that could let him calm down. None of the dead city, lava sea, or storm met his requirements. They all were too fierce.

"......" Being pinched and kneaded by Yun Xi, the light ball reluctantly changed the scenario inside it again, and finally showed him the scenario he liked.

"Well, that's it." Yun Xi let go of the light ball contentedly, put his hands behind his head and looked comfortably at his favorite scene.

It was a pair of Bodhi trees, the only scenario in the light ball that could let him feel relaxed.

Looking at the scenario, Yun Xi's mind seemed to have integrated into it.

Under the old Bodhi twin trees, it was cool and quiet. Even when bees and butterflies flew under the shade, their movements would become gentle.

Even the chirps of cicadas became very gentle. The lovely green grass under the Bodhi twin trees was not mixed with a bit of yellow color, and the slender stems stood upright without any shake.

As if the Bodhi twin trees were having a sweet dream, there were innumerable bundles of yellow flowers hanging on the branches of the Bodhi twin trees, and the fragrance would percolate into his lungs every time he breathed.

Not far away, there was a clear, bottomless river over there. Translucent fish swam in the river happily and sometimes jumped out of the water, leaving a beautiful spray in the air.

Looking at this wonderful scene of nature, Yun Xi sat quietly in the shade of the tree and naturally felt that his body and mind were relaxed.

This scenario was Yun Xi's favorite among all the scenarios in the light ball. As long as he looked at it, his heart would naturally calm down and forget all his troubles.

Sitting under the Bodhi twin trees, Yun Xi felt that everything in the world was far away from him, and his mind was naturally immersed into nature as if he had become a grass, a shrub and a dust particle in the world.

There was no need to think about anything deliberately. Just looking at this quiet and harmonious world, Yun Xi felt his heart get healed.

At this moment, he felt that he could ignore all the troubles such as the threats from his ex-girlfriends, the difficulties he had faced and was facing, and all kinds of temptations from the girls of the Starwing Knights.




From nowhere, Yun Xi heard the sound of a bell echoed beside his ears.

The sound of the bell wasn't from any instrument, but from the depth of his soul. It was the resonance between his soul and the world.

It was the bell that knocked on the door of infinite wisdom, the key to a mysterious field.

Every time the bell rang, it represented that Yun Xi's soul had been washed by an unknown power once.

It was the highest blessing recorded inside of the White Lotus Secret Treasure - Unlimited Wisdom Resonance.

In the history of Buddhism, all the people whose minds had been washed by this sound had eventually become eminent monks and stamped their names on the pages of history.

Among them, the most eminent monk had only heard the sound sixteen times.

However, Yun Xi's soul had been washed by this sound hundreds of times, and it seemed that as long as he wanted, he could hear this sound as many times as possible.

If the sound had self-consciousness, it would definitely shout, "Young man, you have a great affinity with Buddha! Go to the west and become a Buddhist monk now!"

But in Yun Xi's heart, he only regarded it as "euphonious light music".

Oh, the agitation in my heart is cured again today!

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