Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 612

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Chapter 612: Secret Base

"In this Battle God's Championship Contest, Casina defeated one of her strongest enemies, the Ruby Dragon, who was also her best friend." The history teacher said with excitement.

The legend of the Battle God finally reached its peak.

Oh, so, although Teacher Casina always behaved casual and unreliable, she is really a super-strong fighter at the top of the endless god's domains!

She had defeated many gods so far.

After listening to this lesson, Yun Xi's heart was filled with all sorts of feelings.

The grey-haired history teacher grew up listening to the legends of Casina. The Battle God was born in an ancient desert tribe and was recognized by the Sands of Time when she was still at the hero rank, however, she never used the sword in her life.

With the strength of her own body, she defeated countless extraordinary races and stood on the top of the Battle God's Championship Contest, and never lost.

Many people think that Casina is probably the strongest one among all the Sky Swords who still appeared in front of the public. The name of the sixth Sword Sword is well known in the endless god's domains.

For the people in the Sky Sword God's Domain, she is a living myth, known as the most likely one to become the fourth "Deicide Sky Sword".

After this history lesson, Yun Xi fled from the burning eyes of the girls and crept into the depths of the Sword Palace.

With Casina's token, he could go anywhere in the White Lotus Sword Palace, which was probably the greatest convenience of being Casina's disciple.

As for his destination, it was the place where the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure was located.

Accurately speaking, it wasn't the true White Lotus Secret Treasure but was just a projection of the White Lotus Secret Treasure. Even so, it was still the most precious treasure in the entire White Lotus Sword Palace.

Every year, only the top ten disciples of the White Lotus Sword Palace were allowed to enter this holy land.

Of course, Yun Xi didn't have that common sense. He just wandered around the Witch's Palace and felt something unusual. Finally, he found the room where the White Lotus Secret Treasure was projected.

This place was the biggest secret of the White Lotus Sword Palace. Only the master of the White Lotus Sword Domain and the twin witches knew its position.

Yun Xi found it here by accident. He didn't even know what he found.

Look at the steps to enter here.

The first step: jump into the waterfall and find the cave hidden in the waterfall. When the twin witches held the sacrificial ceremony, they had brought him here once.

The second step: choose the only right path to the underground staircase from the thirteen paths. If you chose the wrong one, you would trigger the fatal traps.

The third step: after choosing the right path, you must walk in the path following the right rhythm of footsteps. Otherwise, the traps would also be activated.

The fourth step: after entering the underground palace smoothly, you must find the only hidden cabin in dozens of palaces. Who would have thought that those precious palaces are all camouflage, and the cabin built in the corner of the garden is the only correct answer?

The fifth step: find the mirror in the cabin, then input the correct password and gesture to enter the secret chamber in the mirror. If you said any wrong words, you would never have the chance to retry.

The sixth step: you can finally see the door of the secret chamber, but there is no hint about the way to open the door.

The seventh step: you can finally touch the projection of the real White Lotus Secret Treasure, which is also a trap. Because as long as the contact method is incorrect, it would trigger the counter-attack of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

Well, Yun Xi didn't know anything. He doesn't walk in the path following the correct rhythm of footsteps, nor did he open the mirror using the right keyword, let alone know the way to open the door.

But he had Casina's token.

Therefore, none of the traps were activated, because none of the Sword Palaces in the Sky Sword God's Domain would dare regard a Sky Sword as their enemy.

In theory, the entire Sky Sword God's Domain belonged to Sky Swords. With Casina's token, Yun Xi easily found the biggest secret of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Why he would run straight to this place after class? Because the girls of the Starwing Knights were becoming more and more strange. After Ling Ling did "that thing" and tasted the sweetness, other girls also started to imitate her.

When he gets up in the morning and opened the window, he saw blue and white panties hanging on the branches outside of the window.

When he walked out of the room and raised his head, he saw pink panties hanging in the corridor.

Even on the way to walk, he often found black lace panties on the road.

In the worst case, Yun Xi even found white panties in his lunch box, which were still warm.

Sooner or later, he would be unable to control himself.

Now, only while being here, could make him feel at ease.

Although he didn't know what the big light ball was in this room, after finding this secret room, Yun Xi finally had his own private space.

At least, there wouldn't be panties of all colors and unnamed letters which invited him to various secret dating places, ranging from the woods to rivers.

If I go, I will no longer be able to be a gentleman. Thinking of this, Yun Xi felt that he could still try to struggle.

The milky white light ball floated lightly in front of Yun Xi, which was the biggest secret of the entire White Lotus Sword Palace, the projection of the real White Lotus Secret Treasure.

However, in Yun Xi's eyes, it was just a very distinctive decoration in this secret room.

As always, he proficiently reached out his hand, pinched and kneaded the soft, warm light ball, and then saw countless and incredible scenery emerge from the surface of the light ball.

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