Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 611

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Chapter 611: Unexpected Advance


"Does that mean 'fate'?"

"I heard that most augurs wouldn't divine their own future?" All the girls in the classroom looked curiously at Robin.

She was one of the best disciples of the Heaven's Road Palace. In some sense, this identity was even higher than the princess of the Great Xia Empire.

There was no doubt that Robin was a strong hero ranked augur.

Robin, whose real identity was one of the top ten assassins of the Ten Leaves Alliance, smiled at the girls under the podium.

Here she is.

She hesitated for a long time and once thought about giving up, but finally, she chose to take a punt.

For common augurs, divination of their own fate was a taboo, but for her who had long been entangled in the blood curse, common sense had long been meaningless.

Divination of their own destiny would extract the augurs' lifetime, countless augurs died for violating this rule.

Nevertheless, she had died long ago. From the moment she lost herself in the nightmare world and met the robins, she was no longer a living person.

That is to say, her life had been exhausted many years ago. In this case, she had nothing to lose.

Even if she didn't do anything, being entangled by robins, her mind would keep approaching the nightmare world, so it's better to make good use of this power to peep into the infinite future.

This was probably her strongest and only extraordinary power after leaving the nightmare world.

As an assassin, she wasn't good at killing at all. Every time, she just went quietly to her targets and witness the process of their death.

The one she watched was the one who was doomed to die.

At this moment, she was looking at the corner of the crowd, the black-haired maid.

Her eyes were gentle and cruel, with expectation and uneasiness.

There was the future she saw.

"Crack!" With a sound in his heart, Yun Xi had a vaguely bad feeling.

"My future... right here..." Slowly she stepped down from the podium, Robin walked towards Yun Xi step by step.

Hua Yue frowned and took a step forward, but suddenly felt something, then her brow cleared and gave way to Robin.

This scent... it can't be wrong. She is also "one of us".

Mei, you also gave her your blessings?

All members of the Starwing Knights had a similar intuition to be able to detect at close range whether the other party had been blessed by Mei.

Mei Lan's desktop had been stacked high with the applications for joining the Starwing Knights, but so far only Mumu had been accepted as a new member of the Starwing Knights.

That was because the Starwing Knights was a group of people who gathered together for a certain characteristic. Only girls who had obtained "Mei's Blessings" could join.

Yun Xi looked at the bright red figure coming towards him.

Today, she was also wearing the bright red cloak with a plain face. He didn't see the several blue-backed and red-breasted birds who always stood on her shoulders. Although she was standing there, he felt that she was standing in another world.

Average height, average shoulder width, average chest, average cheek... if she hadn't been introduced to them by the teacher, no one would have found that such a person was standing at the door. It would have been like the world had forgotten her.

All parts were plain, except for her eyes, which were gazing into Yun Xi's eyes at the moment.

It was a pair of deep, bottomless eyes, as if she had seen through everything.

"My future is right in front of me!" With great courage, Robin finally appeared in front of the future she chose.

Despite this, the choice seemed so incredible and disorganized, like a butterfly flying in a summer storm.

However, she was still willing to believe that even with such a tragic person as herself, she still had the chance to seize her only chance for happiness.

At this moment, she reached out to her future, bowed her head and prayed.

"Are you willing to be my lost future?"

Yun Xi stared blankly at Robin, who was half kneeling in front of him.

What's wrong with this?

"Yeah, is this a proposal?"

"No, it's a confession!"

"Are you willing to be my lost future? Oh, what a romantic confession!"

The moment Robin spoke her wish, the girls in the whole classroom set off an explosion of exclamation.

Hua Yue looked with pity at Robin.

Xiao Cao moved her hands and feet and had a feeling of eagerness to try.

"No, no, no! You can't jump the gun!" Ling Ling stood up and put her hands on her waist. Even though she didn't say such shameful words to Mei, how could a new member be so arrogant?

"Ling Ling, come on." Only at this time, Mei Lan was supportive of Ling Ling.

"You... Can you feel me?" Robin was about to cry.

After being cursed by the bloody robins, her existence had been largely stripped from the world.




And even hostility.

Even feeling these negative affectivities had long become a luxury to her.

Her existence was so weak that sometimes, even her teacher at the Heaven's Road Palace forgot that he had such a disciple.

Ah, that's great.

Sure enough, I was right to come here.

The future is here.

"Humph, I will never let you have Mei!"

Ling Ling stood up, held Yun Xi's right hand, and pressed his arm with her big breasts, declaring war on Robin on her own initiative.

"The future is the interweaving of different destiny trajectories."

"The future is a collection of time fragments."

"I want to find this future."

Robin stood up and stared at Ling Ling without hesitation. Her eyes were sincere and calm, and a flame called "hope" burned deep in her pupils.

The victim who falls into an endless abyss will try to grasp and hold on to any hope tightly. Robin was the victim, longing for even a ray of hope.

"Hey, what are you looking at?!" Ling Ling threw out her chest again, which made Robin have an indescribable sense of failure.

The gap seems a little big... Robin looked at the girls of the Starwing Knights. Unexpectedly, she saw the same emotion in their eyes.

Sometimes, the friendship between girls was so wonderful. They could become good friends just for a trivial reason.

Now, Robin realized this. And because they had the same despair when facing this "enemy", the "flat-chested" members of the Starwing Knights decided to accept Robin as one of them.

"We must find the demon dragon!"

"We must find the demon dragon!"

"We must find the demon dragon!"

The Dragon Blood Alliance of the Starwing Knights had a new member today!

She was being noticed and watched. Even just realizing such a trivial thing had made Robin feel compulsive happiness. It made her feel like she had traveled back to the mortal world, not a ghost floating around in an isolated corner of the world.

"Thank you, Mei, thank you for giving me your blessing," Robin said and stretched out her hand, holding Yun Xi's hand.

Well, Robin seemed to have forgotten something important at that time.

Yun Xi looked at the girl with a guilty face.

When did she find it?

When he planted the seed in her body, his move should’ve been very stealthy. Why did she seem to know everything?

Hua Yue looked at them and sighed.

Mei, Mei, do you know what your "blessing" stands for?

This is a key that can let any person enter the hero rank and even the higher ranks. If people knew that you have such a magical power, all the forces of the endless gods domain would come and contend for you at all costs.

Do you really know what it means to give this blessing to us?

Nobody can ever leave Mei now.

This is probably the sweetest curse in the world for the girls of the Starwing Knights.

"If you want to pursue Mei, you must beat me down first!" Ling Ling glared at Robin. A fool wouldn't mind who her enemy is!

"Well... What a powerful enemy..." Robin carefully calculated the difference between her and Ling Ling and came to a rather sad conclusion.

In terms of "femininity", there was a big gap between her and Ling Ling.

However, I still have chances. After all, I have a special weapon.

Ah, why did I have such a strange idea?

Robin's face slightly turned red.

After returning from the endless nightmares, her life was like being covered by a layer of grey mist, in only a few moments would her life be stained with the color of blood.

Now, she was literally confronting a girl of her age.

Just for a few moments, she had experienced different scenarios one after another, which were what she absolutely couldn't touch in the grey mist world.

"Hey hey, my victory!" Even though she was a fool, Ling Ling knew that she had won this turn.

"Damn, Ling Ling is still so arrogant!"

"Why is this fool so lucky? Everything is done by Mei Lan, is she also a secretary of the Starwing Knights?"

"Ling Ling is our secretary, but what on earth has she done for us?"

The civilian (flat-chested) girls of the Starwing Knights glared at Ling Ling and felt the same frustration Robin was feeling.

That sense of frustration was one of the reasons the civilian (flat-chested) girls formed an alliance.

In order to narrow the gap, they had written countless plans to catch that damn demon dragon, and the key was the Dragon Plant Lulu was cultivating.

Don't be too arrogant, we can also continue to grow up! We will hunt the demon dragon! This was the wings of all the civilian (flat-chested) girls!

Well, it sounded like the barking of underdogs.

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