Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 606

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Chapter 606: Sequelae

A week after returning from Hydra's world.

Behind Yun Xi, there were three puppies following him in a line. This had become a unique scene in the girl's dorm of the Starwing Knights.

"Good morning, Mei."

"Good morning, Star Thunder, Star Fire, Star Snow."

The girls who met them would laugh and greet Yun Xi, as well as the three puppies. However, unlike when they first arrived at the Sword Palace, there was something more in the eyes of all the girls.

It's better to call it "enthusiasm" or "desire".

In this maiden garden, Yun Xi felt that he was like a gray wolf lurking in a flock of sheep or a fox hid in a herd of rabbits. These sheep and rabbits weren't wary of him and even wanted to approach him.

No! Young girls should be more careful! Don't be so defenseless!

"Breakfast! Breakfast!"

Ling Ling, I'm telling you! Why do you rush to the table still wearing your nightclothes? Don't behave as if you have been starved for three hundred years!

Didn't you notice that everyone's eyes changed when they looked at you? The dignity of the Starwing Knights was all gone!

"Ling Ling! Etiquette, etiquette! Have you forgotten everything I taught you?"

Fortunately, the mind of the secretary of the Starwing Knights was still normal, Mei Lan scolded Ling Ling with a serious look.

"I'm hungry." Shaking her big boobs, Ling Ling ran to Yun Xi with a look of "food is the most important thing".

"Bread, I need bread."

"Bread, hey, I'm here!"

Yun Xi showed a helpless look and took out a loaf of bread.

"Mei, you can't spoil Ling Ling!" Watching Yun Xi take out the fragrant bread, Mei Lan was desperate.

Why can Ling Ling, that useless person, always get Mei's bread so easily?

"Ah-hoo!" Ling Ling picked Yun Xi's bread like a puppy, sat back in her seat, and swallowed the bread quickly.

"Without Mei's bread, a new day will not begin!" Anyway, I can't get married after sleeping with Mei, so I don't mind being fed by Mei! This was Ling Ling's simple philosophy.

As for the affairs of the Starwing Knights, just let Mei Lan do them. I only need to enjoy my life!

"Mei Lan, I’ll give you one too." Looking at Mei Lan's hurt expression, Yun Xi had to take out another loaf of bread and handed it over to Mei Lan.

Sigh, when had his relationship with them become so strange?

"Thank you." Compared with Ling Ling, Mei Lan still had common sense and etiquette. She would absolutely not eat other people's food and regard it as a matter of course.

Unless it was between husband and wife, even the best of friends shouldn't be so intimate!

How shameless, Ling Ling! You are a lady of a great noble family, have you forgotten the etiquette of the upper class?

"Huh ah..." Just as Mei Lan stared at Ling Ling and held her bread tightly (in case that Ling Ling snatched at her bread), they heard a lazy voice.

"Ah..." Before Mei Lan realized it, one-third of her bread had strangely disappeared.

"Woo... Mm..." Like a hamster whose cheeks were stuffed with food, Xiao Cao, the deputy leader of the Starwing Knights were leaning on Mei Lan's shoulder and chewed the bread in her mouth.

"Deputy leader!" Mei Lan looked at the remaining bread in her hand with tears in her eyes. She was ready to enjoy the bread slowly with black tea, how could she eat the bread now?!

"Yummy!" Xiao Cao patted Mei Lan on the shoulder with an innocent look.

Other members of the Starwing Knights watched them with a look of envy.

"I want to eat Mei's bread, too."

"I've tasted it once. It's so delicious! Mei Lan is really a good person!"

"Unfortunately, Mei can only make several loaves of bread per day. What a pity."

"I really envy Ling Ling. I also want to eat Mei's bread every day!"

Well, that's it. Now in the Starwing Knights, the ownership of Mei's bread had become a symbol of identity, and even a series of hidden rules had emerged.

Only the top ten members of the Starwing Knights could enjoy Yun Xi's special butter bread, while the rest could only eat Yun Xi's mass-produced white bread.

Lu Lu was an exception. Although she wasn't one of the top ten members, because she was the only hero ranked pharmacist and because of a very special reason, she could also eat Mei's special butter bread every day.

In order to eat Mei's butter bread, the girls of the Starwing Knights were practicing themselves hard every day, trying their best to get into the top ten list.

Well, it could be regarded as a unique view of the Starwing Knights.

"Mei, don't you continue practicing your closed-mouth Zen?" After enjoying the morning feeding time, Ling Ling looked at Yun Xi curiously and asked that damn question again.

“No, stop asking!” Even after a week, Yun Xi still felt a headache once he remembered what "his body" did when he was practicing so-called "Closed-mouth Zen".

Ling Ling and Mei Lan in front of him were all victims of the "Closed-mouth Zen" period.

On the list of victims, there were also Hua Yue, Lu Lu, White Lotus, and Red Lotus...

The sequelae had not disappeared yet.

Ling Ling's expression when she looked at him was the best proof, which always reminded Yun Xi of what he had done to her and what mistakes he had made.

Whoooooooh, I really didn't mean to do that! Give me a break!

"Ling Ling, don't make a fool of yourself." Mei Lan stood up and secretly took a glance at Yun Xi. There was also a trace of confusion in her eyes.

Don't you need to sleep with me now, Mei?

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