Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 607

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Chapter 607: Morning Gifts

Being stared at by Ling Ling and Mei Lan, Yun Xi really wanted to find a hole to hide in to avoid embarrassment.

Damn it, that's not what he did!

Why are bad rumors about him spreading amongst the girls of the Starwing Knights?

The rumors said that he would force the girls he liked to sleep with him, and use butter bread as hush money...

He was just practicing his skill of making bread recently. Because he didn't want to waste food, so he gave Ling Ling, Mei Lan, and Xiao Cao the bread he made...

Isn't it natural for a baker to practice his skill of making bread?

He also wanted to make sufficient golden butter bread to satisfy all girls of the Starwing Knights, but he couldn't do that at all.

Making bread from the void was actually consuming his vitality. In the Water God's world, his limit was to make 100 loaves of bread per day, but that would overdraft his physical strength. It wasn't a normal state.

After coming to the Sword Palace, he only made a dozen golden butter bread per day. If he made more, his mental strength would be affected.

If he puts on the White Emperor's mask, he could also make 100 loaves of butter bread per day, but after doing this, he wouldn't have any strength to move even a finger.

"Alas..." Looking at the silent Yun Xi, Mei Lan's eyes were somewhat melancholy. With a cup of black tea, she nibbled her bread bit by bit.

After becoming the secretary of the Starwing Knights, her temperament had been distinctly sublimated.

Now, no one could see from her appearance that she was just an ordinary girl from a common family. As the representative of the civilian girls of the Starwing Knights, her temperament was more and more like a girl of the nobility.

"Mei's hand-made bread is incredible magic."

"There's a big secret in Mei's skirt."

"As long as you get Mei's favor, you will find a different world."

Rumors like these had spread in the girl's dorm over and over again.

After lies had been repeated a thousand times, even the liars would think that they were the truth, let alone that these rumors were mixed with parts of the truth.

Yun Xi's bread was indeed not a common bread. They were hero ranked golden butter bread, which could whiten and nourish the eaters' skin, increasing their charm.

With such immediate results, it was natural that there were so many strange rumors.

Probably only Yun Xi himself hadn't noticed that the "lucky black hair" had become a tale of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

The application of joining the Starwing Knights had swamped Mei Lan's desk, and the number is still increasing.

"It's time to go to the classroom!" Noticing that more and more eyes were staring at him with a burning desire, Yun Xi ran away in confusion.

Hua Huo, it's all your fault!

Passing through the room of the leader of the Starwing Knights, Yun Xi tacitly threw a loaf of bread into the window which was specially opened for him.

A holy beetle flew by, held the golden butter bread and flew to its master.

"Oh, it's today's bread..." Hua Yue, who had just woken up from a sweet dream, looked at the black-haired maid running past the window with a smile.

Yun Xi ran quickly through the woods and passed Lu Lu's medicinal garden. He skillfully took out a loaf of bread threw it into the air with a perfect arc.

"Ah!" The lovely "little rabbit" jumped into the air and grabbed Yun Xi's bread happily with the cradle in her hand, then fell to the ground with her cute rabbit ears shivered in the air.

"Lu Lu, come to class quickly. The tutor said you missed too many classes." Yun Xi trotted all the way through Lu Lu's medicinal garden.

"Well, I'll be right here." Despite that, Yun Xi knew that she probably wouldn't come out of the medicinal garden today.

It seemed that the herbs she cultivated had reached an important stage recently, she spent almost all day in this small medicinal garden.

As for the course of the Sword Palace... even Lu Lu's tutor wasn't a hero ranked Pharmacist. Even if she went to the class, the tutor wasn't qualified to teach her.

Running through the medicinal garden where Lu Lu was, Yun Xi hesitated for a moment, looking at the ancient palace in front of him, he took out two loaves of golden butter bread and threw them to the palace.

"Ah!" A white light flashed and the two loaves of bread disappeared in the air.

As for who took the bread away... that was Yun Xi's secret with someone.

"Well, the food has been good lately." Red Lotus was satisfied with the taste of the bread.

"Yes, it's not bad to have a maid." White Lotus smiled and enjoyed the breakfast time with her sister. She did not mention that name tacitly.

"The Starwing Knights... It's really a good organization." After eliminating the prejudice against someone, Red Lotus actually appreciated the Starwing Knights.

First of all, its greatest advantage was that its members were all females. Moreover, its leader and deputy leader were geniuses, they could certainly enter the hero rank as long as they wanted to.

As one of the true masters of the White Lotus Sword Domain, Red Lotus didn't mind having as many female knights as possible.

"Finally, it's Hua Huo." After delivering the bread all the way, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

Since when did he start to deliver his bread directly?

"One, two, three." After counting his stock, Yun Xi took out three of the best golden butter bread.

This was a morning gift for his childhood sweetheart, a habit formed not long ago after they came back from the Water God's world.

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