Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 605

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Chapter 605: Sword and Bread

"Ka la! Ka la!" After waking up, Hua Huo felt that her whole body was full of strength.

Undoubtedly, she had become stronger again, not the strength she obtained after releasing the power contained in her bloodline, but the real strength belonged to her own flesh and blood.

Her Sky Flying Bloodline was gradually being unlocked. The title of "hero rank" was meaningless for her, neither she needed god weapons to increase her attack power, because she herself was as strong as a god weapon that could unleash destructive forces at any time and anywhere.

"Very well, I'm in perfect condition!" Hua Huo only felt that she could slaughter a hundred male fiery dragons now.

"Little Xi, did that poisonous snake do anything strange to you?" Summoning her broken sword and tightly holding it in her hand, Hua Huo took a deep breath.

It's a pity that she didn't kill that cunning snake, Ouroboros.

"No..." Yun Xi said cautiously.

Yes, he didn't do "this thing" and "that thing" with "Ouroboros" but "Hydra".

"That's good. This snake is on my hunting list." Holding the blood-colored sword in her hand, a gust of air suddenly burst out of her body with an overbearing atmosphere.

Like a dragon!

Like a storm!

Like a natural disaster!

"Ha!" She brandished her sword. As a result, an airwave directly divided the sea in front of Hua Huo and extended to the end of the horizon.

The strong airflow caused by the sword was perfectly confined within an area of about ten meters, as if someone was drawing a line on the sea.

The sword divided the sea! It represented that Hua Huo's control of her strength went a step further.

Yun Xi gazed at his childhood sweetheart. The more he knew about her, the more he could understand how exaggerated her talent was.

Even in knight novels, the protagonists wouldn't be as strong as her!

"Little Xi, I become stronger!" Apparently, Hua Huo was in a good mood.

Her Little Xi was beside her, and his eyes were full of longing as usual.

Yeah, she liked his simple and straightforward look, she liked his eyes, which were so pure that couldn't hide anything.

It was just that her jealousy radar was a little strange today. It had been spinning around above her head since before she awoke. What's the matter?

There were only Yun Xi and herself here, why was it sending alerts?

"Congratulations, Hua Huo, why don't you enter the hero rank?" Yun Xi looked at his young childhood sweetheart with some doubts.

Unlike him, Hua Huo's battle power had long surpassed the hero rank. He didn't think that there would be any hero ranked beings who could hurt Ouroboros, a legend ranked fantastic creature.

"It's still not the time, but it should be soon." Hua Huo shook her head. She couldn't explain it to her Little Xi. There were too many taboos in the Sky Flying Bloodline.

"Well, come and eat bread." Yun Xi reached out his hand and a piece of fragrant, soft golden bread appeared in his palm.

"Ha ha, you're already a hero ranked Baker now, you entered the hero rank faster than me! My Little Xi is the best baker!" Hua Huo graciously took away Yun Xi's special golden bread, which was her favorite.

In order to gain the privilege of monopolizing this bread, she fought with Yun Xi's other childhood sweethearts and finally defeated them by relying on the strength of her bloodline.

For her, Yun Xi's bread had that value.

"But... even after entering the hero rank, a Baker's battle power is still zero." Yun Xi was satisfied with his career level, but he was not proud of it.

Compared with Hua Huo, Red Lotus and White Lotus, his hero rank as a Baker was really not worth mentioning.

"Don't say that, even a hundred hero ranked swordsmen can't make a piece of delicious bread. From this point, you are more useful than a hundred hero ranked swordsmen." Hua Huo said with great certainty.

Even in all the White Lotus Sword Domain, there was probably only one hero ranked Baker, Yun Xi.

Only large god's domains with a large number of people and a highly developed civilization could there be such hero ranked careers which were unrelated to battles.

Their value was far beyond common hero ranked battle careers.

The hero rank had exceeded the limit of flesh and blood. The medicine that could cure mortals could be of no use to hero ranked beings.

Only hero ranked divine spells and magic could cure a hero ranked being's body, but these spells and magic were very rare and hard to learn.

In this way, the hero ranked golden bread made by Yun Xi was very valuable.

It was easy to carry and could cure almost all the ranked beings of all races.

At the critical moment, it could be a trump card to save the owner's life!

"Why don't you come and eat it too?" After eating half of the golden bread, Hua Huo blushed. Yun Xi's golden bread had become more and more delicious recently, she almost couldn't control her appetite.

No, no, a lady shouldn't eat so much!

"Well." Looking at the white butter left on the corners of Hua Huo's mouth, his face warmed up slightly. He unconsciously picked up the bread and bit it lightly.

Suddenly, both of them were stunned and blushed involuntarily.

It's like... indirect kissing?

Was Hua Huo being intentional?

When they were still kids, they often shared delicious bread in this way.

Because of this, they didn't immediately realize that it had already become a little strange after they grew up.

Until now, Hua Huo unconsciously put the bread she had eaten on Yun Xi's mouth again, and both of them had white marks of white butter on their lips.

The accelerated heartbeat told the couple that something was different from the past, which proved that they had grown up.

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