Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 604

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Chapter 604: Hydra's Present

Is that over?

On the beach not far away from the Sword Palace, Yun Xi looked sadly at the undulating sea, where the crashing sound of waves echoed in his ears.

In his mouth, there seemed still to be the unique fragrance of Hydra's wine, as well as the smell of her warm, soft body.

It seemed that he drank another glass of Hydra's poisonous wine?

The poisonous liquor that could poison millions of people to death was passed into his mouth and spread all over his body.

Very hot, very hot.

Very fragrant, very fragrant.

Very soft, very soft.

Hydra licked every corner of his body.

Likewise, Hydra didn't escape from his "devil's talons".

After drinking the "cross-cupped wine", it is the time for the "wedding night"?

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Hydra indeed let him enjoy her soft and touching body, but it seemed that this body wasn't Hydra's true body. In the end, Hydra let him "eat" her.

Yes, he literally ate her. Her body made of water slipped into his mouth. Oh, the taste of Hydra's body was the taste of wine!

Her body was made of wine...

Closing his eyes, Yun Xi found that besides the Water God's Crown, Sailing Jellyfish's Robe and White Emperor's Mask, there was one more thing that was stocked in his mind.

Hydra's Wine Storage, which stored the wine that Hydra had brewed since the era of the gods. Even in the endless god's domains, they were the highest-ranking wines.

Currently, Yun Xi could take out three glasses of wines from Hydra's Wine Storage every day. It was the present Hydra prepared for her bride.

My lovely bride, are you satisfied with this gift? The wine is good, but you can't be too fond of drink - by Hydra.

"This... is Hydra's Wine Storage?" Yun Xi looked at the small glass that suddenly appeared in his palm. It was the one Hydra had used to drink with him.

With a gentle shake, Yun Xi seemed to hear the sound of the vast amount of wines stored in this glass, which was about half of the total Hydra's inventories.

That was to say, Hydra gave Yun Xi half of the poisonous wine she had brewed since the time of the gods as a betrothal.

"Gu..." Even Yun Xi, who didn't drink much, knew the preciousness of this present, which was enough to buy a hundred small sword domains like the White Lotus Sword Domain!

It was an artifact tailored for him!

"Do you like my present, my lovely bride?"

In the Water God's world, at the bottom of the lake, an emerald green glass, which looked the same as the glass in Yun Xi's hand, was emitting a soft and happy light.

"This gift is too valuable." Yun Xi looked at the glass in his hand, which was probably the most precious treasure he had apart from the light furnace he obtained from the Golden Sun Crow Princess.

Hydra spent thousands of years brewing the wine, even his teacher Casina and Ouroboros would be crazy to steal them. Now, Hydra directly sent him half of her wine.

Although the glass was light, Yun Xi still felt heavy. Even gods would fight for it if they knew of its existence.

At least, if his teacher Casina knew about it, she would definitely be willing to fight for it.

So, do other gods or fantastic creatures also like to drink?

Even if he thought by using his toes, he knew that the answer couldn't be unfavorable!

If any body knew of its existence... I will be done for!

Yun Xi looked at the glass in his hand and decided to keep this a secret forever.

But deep in his mind, he was moved.

It seems that Hydra really regards him as her most precious bride.

"I... I just wanted to accomplish the task at that time..." Yun Xi took up the glass and sighed.

Great will of the stars, what kind of road do you want to show me?

I always feel that I am stepping on more and more "boats". Oh, I hope that it was just a delusion.

If Hua Huo knows about it... Yun Xi looked at Hua Huo, who was having a sweet dream beside him, and had a very ominous presentiment.

Fortunately, when he and Hydra did "this thing" and "that thing" in the lake, Hua Huo didn't wake up.

"Hua Huo, I'm sorry, I made another mistake." Yun Xi didn't know how many times he had apologized to Hua Huo, but the meaning of this apology was different from that of any other time in the past.

"Hum!" A strand of hair raised high above Yun Xi's head as if it was saying,

"If apologies work, what do you want me to do?"

"Mmphm..." Hua Huo slowly opened her eyes, and then found that her "jealousy radar" seemed to be broken, constantly rolling around above her head.

There is only her Little Xi besides her, why is the radar sending alerts?

"Good morning, Hua Huo." Yun Xi said with guilt, watching his childhood sweetheart stretching herself. After a few blinks, she regained her vitality.

A drop of cold sweat slowly slid down his forehead.

"Good morning, Little Xi."

"A new day has begun." Hua Huo smiled and stretched out her hands to the rising sun.

Ah, the world is so beautiful.

Although she vaguely felt that a lot of things had happened, none of them troubled her now, because her Little Xi had come back.

No matter how many mistakes he had made, she would forgive him. As long as he was by her side, she would have the courage to fight the whole world.

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