Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 603

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Chapter 603: Hydra's Gift (2)

"!!!" The entire lake was getting hot, and that was the breath that some force released after being constantly suppressed.

Hydra smiled slightly and tapped her snow-white feet gently on the surface of the lake.

Let the baby bird sleep a little while longer.

When countless green lights rippled on the surface of the water, the roiled water once again restored to calm, but the high erected hair firmly remembered its anger at this moment, almost turning into a turquoise blade.

From top to bottom, from bottom to top, the small tongue licked Yun Xi's body clean, and removed all the marks left by Alpha on Yun Xi's body.

In this process, Yun Xi naturally enjoyed heaven like happiness.

Hydra's tongue was far softer than any woman he had ever known and seemed to know every detail of his body.

That feeling... it was as if she had seen Yun Xi's body countless times and touched every inch of his skin a long time ago.

"My lovely bride..." Hydra held Yun Xi's head with her soft voice rippled in his ears.

"What did you see behind the door?"

"It's a strange world... a newborn god..." Yun Xi searched his vague memory and told her his experience in the Mechanus God's Domain.

He didn't know the reason, but as long as he stayed beside Hydra, she would naturally put his heart at rest.

This embrace was so warm that both heartbeats unconsciously became the same rhythm.

"You could feel the most doors when you first drank my wine. Maybe you have a special relationship with that newborn god." Hydra bit Yun Xi's ear lightly, "But be careful, this newborn god has a different smell from other gods."

"She seems to be very, very interested in you, trying to stain you with her smell."

"It won't disappear even across tens of millions of light-years. It's a mark that can be used to find your position."

Oh, no. Did Alpha leave that stuff on me?

When did she leave her smell?

Yun Xi was completely unaware of it.

Of course, it was the time when their minds connected directly.

"Don't worry. Her smell has been removed and covered by me."

"Don't be so careless next time. Gods are very persistent creatures." Hydra licked Yun Xi's earlobe.

After becoming immortal, most gods would become very indifferent.

Compared to the infinite lives of gods, short-lived races couldn't attract their attention at all, as humans wouldn't pay attention to mayflies.

However, on the contrary, once the gods looked at a creature, they would inevitably leave a deep impression on the creature. Alpha's impression to Yun Xi wasn't only "deep", but regarded him as her "enemy of life".

"Do you like my wine?" Hydra approached Yun Xi and looked at his blushed face with interest.

Such a lovely and touching look, how beautiful, like a gift from Heaven.

On that day, when she noticed that an outsider had come to this self-enclosed world, she immediately liked him.

Maybe it was too exaggerated to describe it as "fall in love at first sight", but she did smell fate from him.

With his moves in the world, she gazed at him more and more frequently, and her consciousness also gradually recovered little by little.

He did not know where she came from and what she was, but simply followed the beliefs in his heart to protect the world that was doomed to perish.

Even Hydra herself wasn't optimistic about this world's future.

Originally, the vast majority of the creatures living in this world would have perished, and she had seen this future many years ago.

Because of this, she began to consciously reserve the world's original creatures like sailing jellyfish, ready to nurture the creatures who once lived in this world once again after the world was destroyed.

Even though she was a god, she knew that it would be a very long process, and the dead creatures wouldn't be revived. Even if the new lives looked the same as the lives in her memory, they wouldn't have the same memory.

However, Yun Xi changed that future.

Even if everyone thought that he was wrong, he never gave up hope and tried his best to create miracles.

In the dying world, he was just like the most beautiful gemstone, the most brilliant lights, so charming and exciting in the gray world.

Ah, that's it. That's fate.

He was the person she had been waiting for. He was the person she saw in her dream.

The future she lost, the end she saw in her sleep, would be changed by him.

As long as she was by his side, everything would become possible.

Even if the opponent was Shaya Longnis, he could create miracles!

She stretched out her arms and hugged him, put her lips on his lips and kissed him.

Well, gods are all very self-willed.

"Woo... Hmm..." Kissing on Hydra's soft and fragrant lips, Yun Xi felt something cold, fragrant and soft had been sent into his mouth.

Hydra's tongue was intertwined with his tongue, melting it bit by bit into Yun Xi's body.

Between their lips and tongues, transparent silk threads spread little by little.

A hot and fragrant smell began to spread from Yun Xi's mouth, the water bed under their feet began to dissolve rapidly, and the emerald green water rippled out.

One circle after another.

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