Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 602

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Chapter 602: Hydra's Gift (1)

On the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"I win!" Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief, although he still didn't know what a great impact he had caused in the endless god's domains.

Sure enough, playing Star Go is very enjoyable.

As long as he was standing in front of the chessboard, he always had endless ideas and all kinds of inspiration, bursting out with dazzling sparks of thinking from time to time.

Well, maybe he really had some talent in Star Go.

"I lost!" Alpha bit a strand of her hair and looked at Yun Xi with an unwilling look.

After preparing for such a long time, she still failed, as if all her efforts before were just wasting her time.

"One more time!"

"Just one game! Let's play the game once more!" Just as the newbies who encountered Alpha, although she knew she had no chance to win, she still had no intention of giving up.

Her face looked like a little girl who had been robbed of her lollipop. She wanted to bet everything on herself to catch the smallest chance to win.

In the endless god's domains, there was only one person who could let her have this emotion.

And she would only show this lovely appearance in front of one person.

Even though the countless programmatic calculations had let her know that she had no chance of winning no matter how many times she tried. She felt as if "the Master of Star Go" was in a higher dimension, where she could see but could never touch.

However, she just didn't know what "give up" was!

"Well..." Yun Xi smiled bitterly and looked at Alpha's grudging face. What should I do this time?

"Play one more time with me, and you can ask for anything in the Mechanus God's Domain from me."

"The Planet Quadrant Computers all like you, do you want to take them away?" At the critical moment, Alpha used her "children" as chips without hesitation.

"They are very useful.No matter in the real world or in the world of quantum network, they can forever be with you."

Yun Xi subconsciously looked at the Planet Quadrant Computers, who were still in direct connection with him and having a nice dream.

Why did things develop to this point?

As their god, don't you sell your subordinates too easily?

"I..." Just as Yun Xi was going to say something, the scene in his eyes suddenly began to shake.

Numerous doors appeared in front of Yun Xi, just like what he saw when he first came to the Mechanus God's Domain.


"Stay here and play Star Go with me!" Alpha showed an unusual expression of unwillingness and regret, watching Yun Xi's figure disappeared from the Starry Sky Chessboard with her eyes opened wide.

"Gee? What's wrong with me?" Awakened from her dream, Eternal Green quickly and shamefully covered her naked body with her arms.

"Ah... Ooo... Big Brother... Don't lick that place. It's dirty there..." Eternal Red's little body curled up and her tender skin was covered by a layer of attractive pink.

"..." Eternal Blue's body shivered with her feet together.

"Ha... No way..."

"I'm exhausted..."

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver were exhausted and toppled down to the ground. They still held each other's hands tightly.

The figure of "that person" left in all their hearts, leaving an indelible mark in their minds that they would never forget.

"I was so stupid."

"If I can figure out who he is early, then I can play longer with him!" Alpha was also in a complex state mixed with extreme excitement and regret.

Numerous doors opened in front of Yun Xi, and then a familiar landscape slowly unfolded in front of him.

"Welcome back, my bride."

"Have you had a good dream?" Hydra's little hand stretched out from the door and brought Yun Xi's consciousness back to the Water God's world from the Mechanus God's Domain that was thousands of light-years away from here.

"Was it a dream?" Yun Xi muttered to himself.

Was it a dream or a nightmare?

Even he himself wasn't sure about it.

"Well, there is another god's smell on your body."

"This smell... it's the smell of a newborn god."

"Let me erase it for you." Hydra embraced Yun Xi in her arms, then gently stretched out her tongue and licked Yun Xi's body bit by bit.

From fingertips to toes.

From knee to abdomen.

Every corner, every cell of skin, leaving not even the smallest part untouched. This was Hydra's special method to show her intimacy.

"Gee... wait a minute... Master Water God!"

"No! Not that place" Yun Xi just came back and was not ready for it.

What's more, why is Hydra's tongue so soft and warm? No man can endure this temptation!

"Well... Goo... You are my loveliest bride..."

"Of course I'd better... love you..."

"It tastes good." Hydra made vague sounds as the tip of her tongue moved slowly.

She looked at Yun Xi fondly and said, "Lick all over your body for the person you like is the etiquette of a Fantastic Creature Lady, don't you know that?"

Why should I know? Who taught you that etiquette?!

Under the water, a streak of green light was becoming brighter.

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