Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Princess and Guardian

"My prince?"


After being pulled and entering the Great Tower with Yun Xi and hearing the melodious singing echoing around the sky and earth, Hua Huo looked at Yun Xi with suspicion.

She felt that something in the dream was wrong.

If this was a dream, how could she feel the touch of Yun Xi's hand, their heartbeats as they ran together and her irrepressible euphoria. They were all too real.

"I wander in the darkness... once dreamed the whisper that no one could hear..."

"Now, I see the road, the fate, at least, at this moment... let me open myself to you."

"The unreachable wish, the trampled wing. Lowering my head in the darkness and waiting for your coming."

"The shadow of tears, the shadow of the moon. They overflow in my palms. My lips are trembling in the darkness."

"Come to find me, come to look at me. Treat me as the world's best princess, my prince!"

"Even I'm covered in bumps and bruises, I don't regret to falling in love with you."

"As long as I can stay with you, enjoying the same time with you, darkness and sadness will warm up."

"The whirling mist let me forge the Star and Moon Ring for you, in order to witness our eternal love."

"Our love will turn into light, shining through the darkness and becoming immortal."

The sad, soft, hot, yearning sound of singing resounded in the old Great Tower, winding around Yun Xi's body.

That was a confession and confidence. It was the last light and the only hope in the world that would be covered by darkness.

Here was the tower of fire, the last redemption of the world.

"Ah, who is she! How dare she sing such a shameless song!"

"Little Xi, tell me, it's not a song about you, right?" Hua Huo was trying to overcome her desire to draw out the two-handed sword from her back while displaying a murderous look on her face.

His childhood sweetheart's radar of jealousy was starting to scan the potential rival from all directions.

"This is my first time coming here." Yun Xi wasn't lying, but he didn't tell her the truth either.

Who was the "princess" he needed to save?

What was the relationship between the princess and the world which was going to be swallowed by darkness?

Too many questions appeared in Yun Xi's heart. This was his first time taking the formal trial. Compared to the formal trial, the trial in the dark forest was like the "Playing house" game.

After running and running, there wasn't any monster in the empty Great Tower. There was only a spiral staircase leading to the top of the tower, and the more and more terrible the atmosphere as he ran upwards.

"Be careful, Little Xi. There are probably very strong enemies." Hua Huo had found this at the first moment she stepped in the Great Tower.

She could feel a very terrible atmosphere at the top of the Great Tower.

There was a burning flame. There was a shining light. That wasn't an opponent the male Fiery Dragon could be comparable to.

"I know. My opponents are very strong."

"However, we have no choice."

To Hua Huo, this was just a dream. There wouldn't even be pain even she died. However, as the tested person, there was no way back for Yun Xi.

Even if at the top of the tower there was something as dangerous as dragon's nest or a tiger's cave, he had to go to there to finish the ultimate goal of the trial - save the princess.

"If so, I will fight side by side with you."

"We will win, no matter who the enemy is!"

Hua Huo's eyes looked unprecedentedly serious. Comparing to the time she casually killed the male Fiery Dragon, now, Hua Huo's battle will was fully on.

"Boom!" The two-handed sword broke the door leading to the top of the tower. Yun Xi and Hua Huo rushed together into the last battlefield.

On a huge wooden cross, the Holy Virgin White Lotus was tied to the centre of the cross by black chains.

The raging fire was burning her, but there was no signs of scorching on her small naked feet.

"My prince..." Though her two hands were hung on the cross and her whole body was tied by black chains, White Lotus's pale eyes still gazed at Yun Xi with happiness.

"Prince?" Hua Huo glanced at Yun Xi with a weird look, then tightly stared at White Lotus.

Why? Why does this girl look so familiar? I remember as if in the last dream...


Before Hua Huo remembered anything, the fire licked White Lotus's feet and rised to the sky. The enormous power broke the tower top and then, a 3 metres tall monster, who was surrounded by flames appeared in front of Yun Xi's eyes.

It wore a crimson armor skirt, held a scarlet flame sword with spiral grooves, and looked like a translucent woman. Even if it just stood still, it had almost made Yun Xi choke.

On her morning-glow-like cloak, large amounts of fire powders were burning and dancing along with her breathing.

"Jump, Little Xi!" Hua Huo's words warned Yun Xi in time. Subconsciously, Yun Xi jumped up.

"Swish!" Countless fire powders came crashing through below Yun Xi's feet. If Yun Xi hesitated just now, he'd have died.

She wasn't like any enemy Yun Xi met before. If he didn't hear Hua Huo's warning, perhaps he'd have been killed at the first instant.

In the face of ten times' power, any tactics, strategies or skills were useless. Moreover, the power of the red monster was far more than just ten times Yun Xi's power.

"Sister! No!" White Lotus anxiously gazed at the huge figure, which was wrapped by flames and was temporarily separated from her.

"Get out of the way!" Red Lotus snappily stared at Yun Xi, raising her Red Lotus Holy Sword again.

She didn't know why she had this inexplicable dream again. Besides, she had to separate from her sister White Lotus, temporarily becoming her sister's flame guardian spirit.

It seemed that this form conformed to some rule of the world and she felt it was very easy to handle. However, due to this, she had to defeat any people who dared to get close to the princess.

She didn't need anyone to tell her to do it, because it was an elder sister's natural duty to kill any bad men who dared to get close to her little sister, right?

"You want to kill my Little Xi?" Apparently, Hua Huo didn't realize who the flame guardian spirit was, but at the very moment she saw the spirit attack Yun Xi, she lost her temper.

This time, she wouldn't allow Yun Xi to fight against the guardian spirit, because though she didn't know who the flame guardian spirit was, but even ten male Fiery Dragons weren't her opponent.

Even if they were at the same Hero rank, there was still a large gap among different individuals. This spirit was a troublesome one.

It seems she couldn't keep hiding her true power.

Fortunately, this was just a dream. She didn't need to worry about how to deal with it if she damaged the environment too much.

"I will show you the true power of the Sky Flying Bloodline." As blood dropped down from her fingers, Hua Huo's eyes changed.

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