Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Tragic Asura

The booming sounds of metal colliding resounded at the top of the exploded Great Tower.

Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart and the Red Lotus Holy Virgin of the twin witches were starting a fighting that was far beyond Yun Xi's understanding.

They were both super geniuses.

One of them was Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart who he never understood thoroughly, and was a super sword girl that could use the God's Sword Skill Sky Flying Sword.

The other was Red Lotus, who succeeded the position of the witch of White Lotus Sword Domain and was so famous that you could even hear her name in Western God's Domain.

In order to protect Yun Xi!

In order to protect White Lotus!

Enemy, die!

Invader, die!


What? Was this a fight I could take sides in?

Watching the fighting between Hua Huo and Red Lotus, Yun Xi felt he was totally useless when faced with a fight at this level.

"Prince, come here!" Taking the opportunity that Hua Huo and her sister fought so fiercely that they couldn't distract themselves from the fighting, White Lotus stealthily waved her hands to Yun Xi.

"Your Highness Holy Virgin, what're you doing?" After blocking the shock wave caused by the fighting between the two "monsters", Yun Xi tried his best to go toward the tied White Lotus Holy Virgin.

"I did nothing. Some power of the world influenced my sister. She became that violent monster."

She also wanted to be a quiet sleeping beauty waiting for her prince's kiss!

However, it seemed that some rules of the world chained her on the wooden cross from the moment she entered the world and her sister became the eternal flame spirit guarding her.

The only thing she could do was to sing from the top of the single Great Tower, to call her prince to save her.

"I see. How can I save you?" After knowing the origin and development, Yun Xi began forming cold sweat.

If he didn't go perform the side quest and obtain Hua Huo's help and only used his own power, even if he passed through the third district due to luck, he would be killed by Red Lotus at the very instant he faced the ultimate challenge.

What an extremely difficult formal trial!

The stars' "special consideration" made Yun Xi want to cry.

"You can." White Lotus gazed at Yun Xi with tenderness and love. Even if Hua Huo wasn't here, she could still help Yun Xi. The most difficult part of the trial was how to enter the Great Tower.

"I'm waiting for you, my prince."

"Do you remember the love token you gave me?

"This world has its own rules. You need to do one thing to suppress my sister and save me."

As hearing White Lotus's plan, Yun Xi couldn't stop beads of sweat dripping from his forehead and back.

If he did that, Hua Huo would kill him.

However, if he didn't do it, the world would be destroyed!

Oh, he didn't want to make mistakes. It was the world forcing him!

"Hee ah!"

Hua Huo lightly leapt up. In her hands, the two-handed heavy sword, which could even be used as siege weapon, burst out in a blue light. Temporarily, Hua Huo overcame gravity, standing upside down in the sky.

At that moment, time also temporarily stopped. Even the burning fire powders which surrounded Red Lotus also paused in the sky by the will and spirit of Hua Huo's sword.

"Sky Fly - Crossing Slash!"

The 3 metres tall guardian spirit's body was covered with wounds and exposed Red Lotus's true body inside it.

Her two hands raised her Red Lotus Holy Sword, as the blazing cloak waved on her back due to the wind.

"Hot Sun - Burning the Sky!"

A column of scorching fire rised to the sky.

This was a fighting between extraordinary power and extraordinary power, a bloody battle between two hero-ranked warriors!

The tremendous crossed sword light and the huge column of fire exploded together. They almost destroyed half of the giant Great Tower.

"Great!" Hua Huo was very excited.

She had waited too long to meet such a spicy battle with an opponent at the same level with her.

"You... Wait, bastard, what're you doing?!" At first, Red Lotus was absorbed in staring at Hua Huo, the most threatening enemy. However, when she took a chance to glance at her sister, her anger exploded.

"Boom!" Countless flames burst out. Regardless of having turned her back to Hua Huo, Red Lotus frantically rushed to the cross.

"Little Xi!" Hua Huo didn't take this opportunity to attack Red Lotus, because she was even angrier than Red Lotus!

Her Little Xi, her childhood sweetheart, was holding the poor, lovely girl's hands. He lowered his head and gave the girl a soft, sweet kiss on her hand.

"Arrrrrghhhh! White Lotus!"

"Nooooooooo! Little Xi!"

Red Lotus and Hua Huo went mad together!

"I give you my love."

"In that case, I can shine the world."

White Lotus was indulging in Yun Xi's kiss.

Finally, she tried to be the first. The time between two lovers was so sweet.

I wanted all your first experiences. I wanted to become the only one in your heart.

For you, I willed to become the eternal flame of the world, to deprive all darkness.

You were the light of my life. You were the forever I hoped for. You were the lover I waited for.

"Give it to me, my prince." White Lotus reached out her small hands and put the Star and Moon Ring she forged in Yun Xi's hands.

"Eh!" Yun Xi could feel a killing intent. Two very strong killing intents.

One was from his powerful childhood sweetheart, the unbeatable sword girl, who could kill the male Fiery Dragon like she was killing a poor dog.

Another was from White Lotus's elder sister, Red Lotus, one of the twin witches, who could turn into a burning guardian spirit.

None of them was an opponent that he could be a could match for. More exactly, he could only wait to be killed by them.

What should he do to defuse the crisis? At this time, Yun Xi vaguely understood how his past life died.

Fortunately, he had a backup this time. The girl was also the most important person of the world.

Though he didn't know why she wanted him to give her the ring, which looked totally unlike the micalex he presented her before. However, since he didn't have more information, this was his only choice.

"You bastard! Don't touch my White Lotus!" Red Lotus had gone crazy. She turned into the red-hot guardian spirit, rushing towards Yun Xi.

She really wanted to kill him!

"Little Xi, explain this!" Hua Huo leapt to the sky again. The two-handed heavy sword was dyed bright red.

She was angry. This was the first time that Yun Xi saw Hua Huo so angry!

This... was I playing with fire? Yun Xi tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear. He could only look at the girl with the Star and Moon Ring in his arms.

"Don't worry. Trust me!

"Trust me! Trust the girl who was always waiting for you!"

After putting the Star and Moon Ring on her head, White Lotus looked pretty happy.

Again, the song resounded in the world, which was going to be swallowed by the darkness.

"I wander in the darkness... once dreamed the whisper that no one could hear..."

"The unreachable wish and the trampled wing. Lowering my head in the darkness, and waiting for your coming."

"The whirling miss let me forge the Star and Moon Ring for you, in order to witness our eternal love."

"Our love will turn into light, shining the darkness and going to the immortal."

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