Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: The Tower of Song

Yun Xi closed his eyes and held the Crane Wings Twin Swords which just flew back to his hands.

On his chest, the wound cut through by the swords started to heal. Due to the extraordinary performance of the Crane Wings Twin Swords, his desperate tactic achieved complete success.

Including Childe Yun He, Childe Si Nian, and Childe San Quan, even Yun Xi himself didn't expect that the pair of Crane Wings Twin Swords would be able to display such a terrifying strength in his hands.



By using the breathing method he learned from Hua Huo, Yun Xi recovered his health and observed the secret of Crane Wings Twin Swords at the same time.

The twin swords were the best weapons Yun Xi had ever obtained. By holding them in his hands, he could feel the difference between it and Mortal weapons.

It was so light. That was the first impression Yun Xi had holding them.

Why could the twin swords fly in the air so nimbly? It was all due to its property of being as light as nothing.

As long as he could control them, he could easily use all sorts of inconceivable flying sword skills.

Between the female sword and the male sword, there were special attractive and repulsive forces. Plus the exquisite wing patterns on the blade, the twin swords had an incredible maneuverability in air combat.

The most important thing was that when Yun Xi held the twin swords in his hands, he could feel the palpitation of the twin swords from the bottom of his heart. He even vaguely felt that it was linking with his bloodline.

Spirit Weapon! They were a pair of top-quality Spirit Weapons! Holding the twin swords in his hands, Yun Xi loved them so much that he almost couldn't bear to part with them.

"Hum, Little Xi, this pair of swords are only suitable for the people below the Hero rank. It's not that precious." Seeing that Yun Xi's eyes were so eager when he looked at Crane Wings Twin Swords, Hua Huo felt a little jealous.

Naturally, he knew the twin swords were unusual. They could even be called a 'prospective Divine Weapon'.

She didn't know why, but it seemed that the twin swords were very suitable for Yun Xi.

The Blood Stain Secret Skill couldn't make the twin swords act like that.

"Let me have a look." Hua Huo took the Crane Wings Twin Swords from Yun Xi's hands. She gazed at it, then frowned.

Something was wrong. The twin swords were rejecting her!

They were good swords. However, she didn't know why, but they disliked her. If she used Blood Stain Secret Skill to force it to obey her, it'd probably choose self-damage to avoid it.

Yun Xi could use it. That 'waste' could barely use it too, but not her. Why?

Did the twin swords discriminate against women?

"It's a pity that I can only use you in the trial." After taking the twin swords back, Yun Xi said and shrugged his shoulders.

There did exist such a wonderful and occasional encounter in the world.

He had never seen the Crane Wings Twin Swords before, but after obtaining it, he immediately found that it was as if it was tailor-made for him.

It was light like nothing, very suitable for Yun Xi since he was practicing the Flying Swallow Sword.

In addition to its nimble attack style and its deadliness that was beyond the mortal rank, it and Yun Xi were like a match made in heaven.

"Ding!" The Crane Wings Twin Swords made an euphonious sword tremolo. It made Yun Xi's heart quiver for an instant, looking like he vaguely felt something.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi was still at Mortal rank. He didn't know what this meant.

"Ok, let's put the twin swords aside and go to the ultimate Great Tower!" Because she was prohibited to help Yun Xi in the third district, Hua Huo was pretty angry by now.

She was already tired of killing a group of wastes dozens of times.

Now, it was her time.

No matter who you were, as long as you dare to get in Yun Xi's way, I will sweep you all away!

"Well, I have a foreboding... the ultimate trial won't be that easy..." Yun Xi raised his head, looking at the giant Great Tower.

If the thing evolved as his though, perhaps the ultimate trial would be extremely difficult.

The twin witches. Would the enemy be White Lotus or Red Lotus?


Suddenly, countless bells resounded on the empty coastline. Along with the light, a pure song swept the land.

The bloody first district.

The second district of the erupting volcano.

The brutal third district.

In all the districts, all blood and dust were purified by the song. A gust of strong power swept the entire coastline.

"What a terrible power!" For the first time, Hua Huo changed her expression. This was the first time that Yun Xi saw such a serious expression on his childhood sweetheart's face.

Even when she fought against the hero-ranked male Fiery Dragon, she still looked very casual and relaxed.

Since their childhood, Yun Xi had never seen such a solemn look on Hua Huo's face.


"La la..."

"Tonight, no one sleeps."

"My prince, come to meet me! The following curses will come true one by one."

"The world won't accept you and you will be swallowed by the darkness."

"Whether you decide to come or escape, you will be cursed."

"It will chase you and kill you."

"Incarnadined the sky, blackened the earth."

"Blood has nourished the monster, and the nightmare has opened its eyes!"

"Only the tower, shining as usual!"

"Come on. Go to the top of the tower and meet your princess!"

"Only the person who broke the prisoner's cage can reach the place of the princess!"

With the familiar sound of singing, the little coastline world started to change its colour to what the girl sang.

The sky was Incarnadined by blood.

The earth was swallowed by the darkness.

The first district, the second district, and the third district were swallowed and covered by the mists of darkness one by one. Dimly, he saw large quantities of monsters running out from the mists.

Unlike the opponents transformed from the Childes, the Five Tiger Generals and all sorts of strange beasts, the stuffs walking out from the darkness were covered in a thick air of death. They looked like ashes that had been deprived by all warmth.

"Go!" Yun Xi grasped Hua Huo's little hands, who hadn't yet understood what happened, rushing together into the only light and hope of the world - the Great Tower.

The last trial was coming!

He had no way to go unless he went to the top of the tower and saved the imprisoned princess.

Yun Xi didn't know what would happen if he lost the trial, but his instinct told him that those black things weren't good. They weren't some gifts that the stars prepared for him.

The trial wasn't a game. Yun Xi knew that better than anyone.

The nightmare was coming. Now, he and Hua Huo needed to find the light, the last hope of the world.

My princess, I'm coming to save you!

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