Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Dancing Crane Wings Twin Swords

"Crane Wings Twin Swords, Fly!" After releasing the twin swords, Childe Yun He laughed loudly and smugly.

The Flying Crane Wings Twin Swords crossed each other, blocking all the routes Yun Xi may escape his attack.

Just like what Hua Huo told him. Gazing at the twin swords locking his body, Yun Xi's heart became quiet conversely.

His mind had integrated into nature. Even as he was in a most hostile environment, he didn't panic. This was a realm that many Hero ranked people couldn't reach.

"Little Xi, these three are wastes, but wastes are still different."

"Among the three people, the most threatening person for you isn't the strongest one, but the one who has the best weapon.

"So, in order to kill them all, you have to break their most powerful advantage first."

After fighting with the three Childes, Yun Xi quickly understood that Hua Huo was right.

Childe Si Nian had the strongest strength and attack power. His attacks were bold, a little like the Five Tiger Generals, and that should have been forged on the battlefields.

Childe San Quan knew the most flexible tactics and most sinister attacking methods. His power obviously was the strongest among the three people.

However, Childe Yun He was the strongest person.

Because he had the Crane Wings Twin Swords. After being used by the best geniuses of Yun He City from generation to generation, the pair of famous swords had special foundations and spirit qi inside.

"Well, I think I have to use that!" After crossing the newbie iron sword in front of himself, Yun Xi blocked the crossing attack of the Crane Wings Twin Swords from the front.

"Ding!" The Crane Wings Twin Swords was skillfully parried by the newbie iron sword and cut through Yun Xi's body.

Right now! Yun Xi used the secret skill which appeared in his mind after kissing Hua Huo.

Before the twin swords started stirring in Yun Xi's body, it was stopped by a gust of colossal power of essence and blood.

"Instant Refining! Blood Stain Secret Skill!" Instantly, 10% of his blood was drawn out from his body and poured into the Crane Wings Twin Swords.

This was a power that Mortals could have, but it was a secret skill that could only be used by Hero ranks - it was a taboo skill.

Yun Xi didn't know where and how Hua Huo learned it, but the self damaging secret skill was the main reason he made the following tactic.

Catching the Crane Wings Twin Swords was the most important step of the tactic.

"What?!" Childe Yun He shivered, then unbelievably found that the Crane Wings Twin Swords lost contact with his blood and soul in an instant.

It would be about 30 seconds.

The secret skill he learned from Hua Huo's seed was a taboo skill. It used his blood as sacrifice to obtain the right to control a powerful weapon temporarily.

It seemed that this secret skill was invented for robbing an enemy's mighty weapon in the shortest time after losing the weapon on the battlefield.

To a low-level weapon, he could obtain right of use by using the Blood Stain Secret Skill once. However, Yun Xi was trying to control a hero-ranked Spirit Weapon as a 2nd-ranked mortal. Even if he paid with 10% of his blood, he only obtained its right of use for 30 seconds.

However, that was enough!

Now, I will show you the true power of Hua Huo's seed!

"Crane Wings Twin Swords, Twinfly!" Yun Xi had never practiced the secret sword skill of Yun He City, but after controlling the Crane Wings Twin Swords, Yun Xi naturally understood how to use the pair of Spirit Weapons.

"No! Hurry back!" No one could understand how terrible the Crane Wings Twin Swords were more than Childe Yun He. It was a lethal weapon above all Mortal ranked weapons!

"Don't panic!" Childe Si Nian held his blue sword with two hands, then centered on himself, using the terrible skill Bladestorm.

"Fool! The Crane Wings Twin Swords can fly!" Childe Yun He shouted as he quickly ran away.

"Chi!" The twin swords looked like two flying cranes, but also like two flying dragons. Under Yun Xi's control, they cut through Childe Si Nian's body from head to toe.

From his skull to his spine, from his 'censored body part' to his throat, before Childe Si Nian played any of his strengths, he had been killed by the swords.

"Dammit! Why didn't you tell me your Spirit Weapon already had a spirit?!"

After seeing the true power of Crane Wings Twin Swords, Childe San Quan couldn't keep calm but changed colours.

"No, even I can't make it so powerful!" Childe Yun He was also puzzled.

As a pair of Spirit Weapons made by the successor of the Legendary Craftsman Ou Ye Zi, Crane Wings Twin Swords had a hidden property - its power depended on its user's sword talent.

That kid could use such a terrible killing attack using the Crane Wings Twin Swords... Did that mean that the kid's sword talent was higher than his?

How was it possible! His sword talent was acknowledged as the number one within in a thousand miles radius. If it was talking about sword talent, even Childe San Quan was a little inferior to him.

"Crane Wings Twin Swords, Dance of Chaos!" Yun Xi also didn't expect that Hua Huo's sword talent could combine with the Crane Wings Twin Swords so perfectly.

He could even hear the satisfied quivering sound of the flying twin swords.

After being forged by the successor of Ou Ye Zi, the Crane Wings Twin Swords had never met such a super sword genius like Yun Xi.

At first, he could only control them for 30 seconds. After finding Yun Xi's super sword talent, Crane Wings Twin Swords proactively extended the use time.

If a Spirit Weapon wanted to become a Divine Weapon, it needed not only time but also had to have a Legendary master.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!" At first, it was just a Mortal rank crossing attack, but the Crane Wings Twin Swords went above its usual performance, making it like a Hero rank dishing attacks.

In order to please its new master, Yun Xi, the Crane Wings Twin Swords went above its usual performance. It chopped and minced Childe Yun He, its former master. Then Childe San Quan, who didn't even have the chance to show his abilities.

After, the Crane Wings Twin Swords flew back to Yun Xi's hands and acted as if it was a girl who walked off the stage, Yun Xi opened his mouth widely and realized that he had walked through the third district leading to the ultimate Great Tower.

Three green souls flew out from their bodies and reluctantly flew into Yun Xi's body. They were absorbed by Yun Xi together with the souls of the other high-level stone soldiers and the soul of the unknown archer in red.

"Well, they're equal to ten green hippo's worth of souls." After feeling the power of the souls in his body, Yun Xi grinned from ear to ear.

Three Childes, what three wonderful gifts you are!

In fact, you were the weakest three people of the four kings, right? The archer in red was more powerful than you.

His power was pure and strong, and he didn't rely on any equipments.

If the Crane Wings Twin Swords belonged to the archer in red, Yun Xi didn't think he could have pulled through the third district.