Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: The Three Childes

At the end of the coastline, standing in front of the Great Tower with ignited huge flames, eventually, Yun Xi came to the last opponents of this district.

They were the noble geniuses from White Lotus Sword Domain or higher sword domains.

Childe Yun He, Childe Si Nian, and Childe San Quan.

Three people who had different temperaments.

Childe Yun He was from Yun He City. He carried the 'Crane Wings Twin Swords' on his back. They were twin swords, just like the swords the Second Childe of Yun He City, who had been defeated by Yun Xi just now owned.

Unlike the two Crane Swords, the curve of the Crane Wings Twin Swords was more smooth. At the side of their blades, there were beautiful wing-like lines.

They were true spirit weapons, famous as two swords that were handed down from generation to generation in Yun He City. In the future, it had the possibility to become a lower-grade Divine Weapon or even a True Divine Weapon.

If viewing from their weapons, Childe Yun He was the strongest one among the three people. The Snake Bones Soft Sword was no match for the pair of Crane Wings Twin Swords.

Childe Si Nian was from Si Nian City. He was over two metres tall, and had long and strong four limbs. He used a blue-lit two-handed sword.

Judging from its scale, his two-handed heavy sword looked a little like the standard two-handed sword Hua Huo used. However, it looked heavier and was full of oppressiveness.

Undoubtedly, it was a Spirit Weapon - a weapon belonging to the Hero rank.

The last person was Childe San Quan. He used a special sword, a fan sword.

It looked like a fan but it wasn't a fan. It looked like a sword but it wasn't a sword neither. This special weapon was made up of five sharp blades, and every blade was engraved with weird runes and looked pretty mysterious. Apparently, it wasn't a simple attacking weapon.

Associated with his identity of minoring in being Swordsman, Daoist Priest, and Alchemist at the same time, maybe this fan sword also had other secrets.

The three people all inherited their nobility bloodlines because they looked pretty handsome.

Childe Yun He looked pretty cultured. His appearance fitted the aesthetics of the people of eastern domains.

Childe Si Nian's bloodline was from the Western God's Domain. His over two metres body height and long, strong four limbs gave people a strong oppressive feeling.

Childe San Quan was from a high-level sword domain. He looked unlike a swordsman, but a little feminine.

At this moment, faint red lights emitted out from their bodies, which pointed out their identity as the strongest people in this district.

They had excellent bloodlines, received best educations, and owned the best equipments. They were the best children of nobility above all the people at the same age, and were generally rated as the top three people among all the candidates of the entrance examination of the Sword Palace.

Not only the exam of the Sword Palace. Amongst all 3rd-ranked warriors, they were still on the top of the pyramid of power.

People like the Five Tiger Generals couldn't compare with them at all. Maybe the archer in red, who was so poor that couldn't buy a good equipment, was slightly better than them. However, his combat power was still slightly inferior.

"There you are." Childe Yun He drew out the Crane Wings Twin Swords from his back, looking at Yun Xi as fiercely as a tiger.

"We were waiting for you for a long time." Childe Si Nian freed his hands and legs, he looked to be itching for a try.

"You've beat down one of us four kings. However, he is the weakest one among us. Don't think that we are as weak as him." Childe San Quan shook his fingers. When he looked at Yun Xi, he behaved as if he were looking at a corpse.

"We're the three strongest people."

I know. In common sense, you are the strongest 3rd-ranked people; geniuses above all geniuses.

Yun Xi looked at the three people, who were chosen as his ultimate opponents on the way leading to the Great Tower. He also admitted this point.

If he didn't have the Stars' Trial System for the Starchild, he wouldn't even be qualified to compare himself to these three people.

They were high and mighty and didn't even glance at Mortals. Only the Hero rank was their goal.

From their births, they had the best cultivation conditions and received the best educations. They had left all ordinary people far away behind them from the beginning.

These three people were the pride of the noble families of White Lotus Sword Domain. They were the seeds the noble families were going to send to the Sword Palace.

After they grew up, they would naturally occupy more discourse power in White Lotus Sword Domain, and help their families shore up their positions.

Class wasn't a thing that could be seen through eyes, but it had already been engraved in every corner of society.

In their eyes, as a baker, Yun Xi didn't even have the right to stand together with them.

"Say it, how do you wanna be killed?" Childe Yun He stepped forward. As a super genius educated by his noble family, he had absolute confidence.

Every time he used his Crane Wings Twin Swords, they must savor the addictive taste of the blood of its enemy.

Don't regard those so-called Childes as some greenhouse flowers. Since he inherited the name 'Childe Yun He' of this generation, that meant that he had really stepped in battlefield.

"You four kings are indeed very strong." Yun Xi held up his newbie wooden shield and rushed to Childe Yun He without hesitation.

"Ha ha, you're brave. As a reward, I will send you to hell!" Childe Yun He laughed and threw the female sword of the Crane Wings Twin Swords to the sky.

The light female sword drew an elegant arc in the sky, spinning round and round, flying at Yun Xi along a trace that could never be thrown by a human.

It looked like a flying crane wing, but also like a roaring dragon. This was the secret sword skill of Yun He City, a super sword skill that had been inherited from generation to generation.

That was too fast! Yun Xi reluctantly stopped his Quicksilver Motion halfway.

The next moment, a familiar scene happened. With a yell of rage, the hugest person of the three people jumped to the sky. As terrible as if a heavy mountain fell from the sky, he raised the two-handed heavy sword and chopped at Yun Xi.

Swifter, higher, and stronger. Compared to the combined assault of the first stone soldier army, these two people's joint attack was perfect.

No, the most dangerous person still hadn't attacked him yet.

Where would he launch an attack?

"Hee hee!" With a cold laugh, three sword blades suddenly appeared under Yun Xi's feet, woven into a metallic sword net in an instant.

Was it some kind of daoist art, or some kind of occult art of alchemy? Yun Xi didn't even find what the method Childe San Quan attacked him was as he lost his biggest advantage - the flexibility his Quicksilver Motion brought to him.

If Yun Xi didn't kiss Hua Huo, he'd already be dead now.

He first made a backflip, then threw out the wooden shield from his hand. He leaned to one side and jumped away.

"Boom!" As if it was a meteorite falling down to the ground, a blue-lit heavy sword heavily hit on the position where Yun Xi was standing at and made a few meters wide crack on the ground.

It was hard to believe that it was a damage that a Mortal caused. Comparing to the high-level stone soldier of the first stone soldier army, perhaps the leap attack Childe Si Nian used was ten times stronger than it.

No, they're not done yet!


The fatal sound of a sword slicing through the air came at him. That was the sound of the Crane Wings Twin Swords.

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