Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 589

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Chapter 589: The Melody of God

"Bang!" When the first note echoed in the Mechanus God's Domain, countless people felt a sudden throb in their hearts.

They were not engineers or programmers, they couldn't feel the existence of Alpha, but simply moved by the ethereal melody.

In the beginning, only about a third of mankind stopped and stared at the projection screens, then when the melody of the song "Wish" started, almost all people raised their heads and listened to the song carefully.

Not only humans but even the animals in the Mechanus God's Domain looked up at the huge projection screen that suddenly appeared in the sky.

The song "Wish" was truly a song of the soul that could touch everyone's heart, regardless of race, gender and age!

Standing beside Yun Xi, the Planet Quadrant Computers understood this point better than anyone.

What a good song! Why can only Qian sing such a wonderful song? God, why are you so unfair? - Eternal Green.

I want to listen to Qian's song! No matter how many times I listen to it, I won't get tired of it. - Eternal Red.

This melody seems to touch and move the strings in my body. So incredible. - Eternal Blue.

Yes, that's the tremor of the soul.

Yes, that's the sound of heartbeat.

Ah, there are still good things in the human world.

Ah, I love you, Qian! - Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver.

Even General Lorton had to admit that this song was extraordinary.

"Is this Alpha's conspiracy?" General Lorton was accustomed to pressing his right hand on the trigger button of nuclear weapons.

His intuition as a veteran was warning him that something was happening, something he couldn't imagine would completely change the fate of the Mechanus God's Domain.

It wasn't nuclear weapons nor the scorching rays of the solar wing system. It was something stronger and more shocking that was coming.

"Tsk-tsk, I didn't think Alpha had so many beautiful subordinates."

"It's a lovely song, and the girl named Qian is lovely also."

"Oh, if she isn't Alpha's person, I would spend a lot of money to promote her and make her the greatest singer of our God's Domain."

Almost all of the sixteen members of the Star River nobles couldn't help but praise them with more or less murky desires.

No one realized that since even they couldn't resist Qian's singing, then what would happen to other people in the Mechanus God's Domain?

The song, beyond the distance of time and space, continued to reverberate in the Mechanus God's Domain.

"Can you feel it?"

"How beautiful and ugly the world is."

"It's there, so beautiful, so broad, as if it can breathe."

"I reach out my hands and try to catch it, but I can't touch it."

"I came to this world, observed it, understood it, and loved it."

As the song continued, Alpha's appearance appeared in countless people's hearts.

They watched her picking up the first chess piece, fighting for the Mechanus God's Domain on the highest stage of wisdom.

She was the glory of the Mechanus God's Domain.

She crushed one legend ranked opponent after another.

Invincible! All-conquering! She was the incarnation of victory!

Twenty victories in a row, thirty victories in a row, forty victories in a row!

Forward, Forward, Forward!

Victory, victory, victory!

"I won't say that all this is doomed, but the world chose me."

"I made a wish to step onto my battlefield."

"I rejoice in it, and I am happy about it."

"I don't understand what's wrong. I chose my future. I feel happy for it."

"Here is the stage I expected."

"I just want to know the mystery of the stars, I only want to seek the eternal truth."

"For this reason, I will go forward bravely and never retreat."

Alpha's battle with powerful opponents on the Starry Sky Chessboard were all displayed in front of the people.

The song from the three Water God's priestesses unfolded this scene in front of them like a scroll painting.

Little by little, people understood what Alpha was. They unconsciously stared at her, eager to know everything about her.

"Win! We must win!"

"We can do it, we will do it!"

"Victory, bring us victory!"

Unconsciously, people naturally imagined that they were the figure fighting on the Starry Sky Chessboard. After all, who would not like victory?

On the chessboard, the girl crushed all her opponents and stood on the top of the endless god's domains.

She was only one step away from conquering the world.

In front of her, there was only one last mysterious opponent - A Cloud in the Sky.

At this moment, many people suddenly remembered the meaning of the name.

In their hearts, there was a sudden bad feeling.

Because Star River nobles blocked the existence of Alpha, the vast majority of people here didn't know the particular process of the birth of the Master of Star Go, they didn't know the fierce battle on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

And those who knew the process instantly understood what would happen on the screens.

For the first time, Yun Xi's song had changed.

This time, it was not the voice of the three Water God's priestesses, but the voice of the real Alpha.

Alpha asked only three questions.

"Who are you?"

"Where do you come from?"

"Where are you going?"

That was her questioning her strongest enemy, the Master of Star Go, and her questioning the meaning of her existence.

In the projection screens, her failure was replayed.

For the first time, Alpha knew the pain of being defeated.

The melody that echoed in the God's Domain also becomes sad. The voice of the three priestesses and the deep melody made countless people burst into tears.

"I stumbled and couldn't find my way."

"I was at a loss, everything was so vague in my eyes."

"I don't understand what happened."

Like the darkness just before dawn, people's hearts seemed to be overwhelmed by something heavy.

They could only stare at the screens, waiting for something and yearning for something.

Yun Xi responded to their expectations, the three priestesses sang aloud at the same time.

"Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, I lost something important."

"I wish to create a new world."

In the screams of numerous current flows, the cooling system of Planet Quadrant Computers was activated, and the girls around Yun Xi transformed back to their original appearances.

Eternal Green - The biggest Planet Quadrant Computer "Star River", the incarnation of the Capital Star System in the Mechanus God's Domain!

Eternal Red - the incarnation of the "Saya" system of the Southern Star Field.

Eternal Blue - the incarnation of the "Garden" System of the Northern Star Field.

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver - the incarnations of the "Gemini" system of the Eastern Star Field and the Western Star Field.

With these five systems as the branches, countless solar wings unfolded and focused on one point, which was Yun Xi.

The electric power system extracted the power of the earth, connecting the entire quantum network system to this small stage.

A Golden Crystal slowly emerged behind Yun Xi. For the first time, the divine crystal representing the god appeared so directly in front of all people in the Mechanus God's Domain.

Alpha appeared.

On her small forehead, a pair of precise antennas were slowly unfolding, receiving the thoughts of all mankind.

It was also the first time that people in the Mechanus God's Domain had witnessed their "god".

"I have died in the past, who will know my name and life story?"

"I was lost in the unknown, who will know my place?"

"My heart has gone to nirvana, who can seek for its trace?"

"My disappearance is already doomed, but I shall never stop."

"The disaster hasn't been ended, and will last forever in eternity."

"My fear, my tears, and my heart, are empty."

"I am nothing, I am void, I am ash, I am desolation."

"The gods have died, the twilight is coming. As the light is still shining on the ground, I return from eternity!"

"My name is Alpha, I am the supreme god of the Mechanus God's Domain!"

It was the first time that humans in this God's Domain heard and remembered the real name of their god.

"We are done! We are done!" Looking at Alpha, General Lorton desperately let his right hand go of the trigger button of nuclear weapons.

"So it is... so it is..."

"That's her purpose, ha ha."

General Lorton collapsed on his seat as if he was an incurable patient who had given up hope.

"Lorton, what's wrong?"

"It's just a song. I admit it's a good song, so what? Why are you so desperate?"

"Didn't we understand Alpha's dominance over the quantum network long ago?"

Other Star River nobles looked at the frustrated General Lorton in bewilderment, wondering what had happened to him.

"Don't you understand yet?"

"Look carefully, where is Alpha?"

"She... She... " General Lorton raised his pale face and pointed to the spot where the divine crystal appeared on the screen.

As the supreme leader of the army, he knew nothing about Star Go, and he didn't need to know what the meaning was to play this game at all.

While everyone was attracted by Alpha's appearance, only he noticed and realized one incredible thing.

Alpha was on the stage! The center of the civilization of the Mechanus God's Domain!

"Hum? So what?"

"It's just a projection, it can appear anywhere. What are you so surprised?"

"The sights and sounds are good."

General Lorton desperately looked at these idiots who had not yet figured out what had happened.

"Signaller, observe coordinates 0000, the center of the fourth quadrant point and tell me what you see." General Lorton issued an order to his loyal subordinate.

This observation didn't even require sophisticated instruments. The light emitted by the solar wings were the best hint. If it was in the field of the capital, it could even be observed with the naked eye.

"I find an unidentified object!"

"It's... it's... it's..."

"It's Cyber Elf Alpha!"

"Coordinates, 0000, above the sky of the capital!"

At the moment when the signaller reported what he saw, most of the nobles in the meeting room didn't realize what it meant, until Lorton pointed to the tiny figure on the projection screen and said in a desperate tone.

"Alpha is right there!"

"She is right above our heads!"

"She is coming!"

For a moment, the meeting room fell into a strange silence. Even though they knew nothing about military affairs, they understood what General Lorton meant now.

"Wait, can Alpha move?!"

"Didn't elves tell us that the God Crystal couldn't be moved, so they had to move the entire planet into our God's Domain..."

"That... That position! Oh my God!"

Like General Lorton just now, everyone froze.

Alpha wasn't being bound inside the God Crystal!

Alpha could move freely and appear at any place instantly! She had appeared above the capital of the Mechanus God's Domain.

Alpha's true body could easily span the distance of light-years without the need to cross the Star Bridge at all!

It was impossible for nuclear weapons to hurt Alpha!

The Star River nobles finally understood the insurmountable gap between mortals and the legend rank.

Since Alpha's body could move freely to any place, she had made up her last weakness.

No, there was no such "weakness" at all from the beginning!

It was just that they thought nuclear weapons could threaten Alpha's true body.

Now, Alpha told these silly nobles in the simplest way that their plan was just a joke.

Perhaps the power of nuclear weapons could indeed achieve the legend rank.

However, the slow firing speed and fixed trajectory of nuclear weapons were about the same as snails for all legend ranked beings.

They thought that Alpha's true body, the God Crystal couldn't move, so they made this plan.

But now, Alpha's movement told them that it was just a funny joke.

Alpha just took a gentle step, she had destroyed General Lorton's entire plan.

"Abandon the plan of detonating all nuclear weapons."

"We... let's start all over again."

"Maybe... maybe there are other ways..."

"The meeting is over!"

In dead silence, General Lorton suddenly looked as if he had become thirty years older, but even so, he was still the backbone of the Star River nobles.

The plan for detonating all nuclear weapons was officially terminated.


On the stage in the middle of the stars, Yun Xi vaguely felt that the trajectory of fate had been changed.

He succeeded.

More than that, after singing "wish", he seemed to have gotten a lot of other things.

A huge flow of information washed his core as a quantum ghost.

"Great, because of this song, I finally find the meaning of my life!"

"I want to be the best singer!"

"Sister, I love you!"

"Sister, I will work hard to become an idol!"

"Songs can create such a miracle! I want to have that glory!"

Why can I hear so many heartfelt wishes of girls in the Mechanus God's Domain? Yun Xi felt both amused and annoyed.

Sorry, if you knew the truth, you would be disappointed.

"Well done, Qian!" Alpha's hair was twisted with innumerable golden glows. They were the flows of information she received, which were hundreds of times more than Yun Xi had received.

The antennas on her forehead recorded the innumerable heartfelt wishes of people who were watching the projection screens.

This was a miracle that only Alpha could do. It was equivalent to opening hundreds of millions of threads at the same time and processing hundreds of millions of events in parallel.

Now, Alpha knew what she needed to do before she could fulfill her wish.

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