Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 590

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Chapter 590: Disclosure

"Establish the archives."

"Schedule the sequence."

"From coordinate 1 to 100, there are 3.65 billion human beings."

"From coordinate 101 to 200, there are 5.734 billion human beings.

"From coordinates... to... there are 4.6 billion human beings."

Numerous data streams flashed through Alpha's eyes like waterfalls, showing her unique side as an electronic god.

No one could imagine that in just a moment, she had set up new archives for all the people who watched the concert.

It wasn't the data files in the quantum network database that just collected people's occupations, hobbies, interests, ages, and gender, but the perfect files that were close to 100% real.

With this data, Alpha had indeed taken another important step towards her goal, "omniscient and omnipotence".

As the most complex and smartest race in the Mechanus God's Domain, human beings yearn for the existence of "omniscient and omnipotence". Alpha's birth responded to this expectation.

However, compared to being ordered by humans, this "omniscient and omnipotence" incarnation of science preferred to play Star Go, which was out of the expectation of the Star River nobles.

They created Alpha, but they couldn't control Alpha.

"The third sequence of files, all completed." It took Alpha a dozen seconds to get all the data of billions of human beings.

Even if one hundred legend ranked existences worked together, they couldn't do it as easy as Alpha. But Alpha's computing power was 10,000 times stronger than any other legend ranked beings, so she could do it as easy as pie.

That was why Alpha didn't particularly care about human beings. Compared with the battles on the chessboard, it was too easy to solve human beings.

The virtual world Yun Xi entered before only used a small part of Alpha's computing power, it was just a cradle for newborn Planet Quadrant Computers.

However, even Alpha didn't expect that "Qian" would appear to save the world.

"You're an immeasurable variable."

Alpha slowly stepped out of the God Crystal and walked towards Yun Xi step by step.

Oh, I have an ominous presentiment... Looking at Alpha's curious and expectant eyes, Yun Xi felt his head hurt.

"Tell me."

"Where are you from, Qian?"

"What are you?"

"Where are you going?"

Since her birth, Alpha had only encountered two special people she couldn't compute.

The first was "A Cloud in the Sky", and the second was "Qian".

All of her data showed that human beings were hopeless.

The Star River nobles had a 100% chance of destroying human civilization, and logically, after the extinction of human beings, she could rebuild the Mechanus God's Domain at a faster speed, so she didn't do anything to avoid this future.

After all, the Planet Quadrant Computers could build new Planet Quadrant Computers themselves, humans weren't indispensable. Moreover, Alpha didn't need a human's faith like other gods, she was a god that belonged to "science".

The source of her power was from "Planet Quadrant Computers" and not "humans".

Since she didn't need humans, she wouldn't waste her power to save the humans in the Mechanus God's Domain.

However, Qian's appearance changed this future.

Her song touched all Planet Quadrant Computers and Alpha's hearts.

So, human beings also had "art", which even she didn't fully understand.

In this way, human beings had the meaning of existence.

It was just one person's song that had changed the fate of mankind.

"I... I am..." Yun Xi said haltingly and didn't dare to look at Alpha's face.

"Qian isn't your real name."

"I didn't name any newborn Planet Quadrant Computer 'Qian'."

"Can you tell me your real name?"

Other Planet Quadrant Computers also ran to Yun Xi and surrounded him with curiosity.

"Isn't Qian a Planet Quadrant Computer?"

"No wonder all of us can't sing like Qian at all."

"Where did you come from, Qian? You clearly have the same smell as us."

Yun Xi felt as if he was sweating, but quantum ghost couldn't sweat!

No, I can't say, I won't tell you my secret!

"Even if you don't tell me your identity, I can figure it out." Looking at Yun Xi, Alpha suddenly showed a mysterious smile.

"Exclude all the impossible answers, no matter how dubious the remaining answer is, it must be the truth."

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