Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 588

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Chapter 588: The Day of the Legend

When Eternal Red appeared, a large crowd of "gentlemen" cheered.

Wearing a princess dress and holding a small umbrella in her hand, even though Eternal Red did nothing, countless men cheered looking at her.

"Oh, look at her tender little hand!"

"Look at her fragrant and soft face!"

"Ah, I would like to spend my life guarding this lovely little angel!"

Well, the people of Eternal Red's planet seemed to be a little bit of an anomaly.

Eternal Blue stepped on high heels and came to the stage wearing black silk stockings. Her slender legs attracted countless people's eyes.

"Oh my god, what is that pair of long legs!"

"Stockings and skirts! It's a crime!"

"I can eat three bowls of rice looking at this pair of legs!"

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver stood side by side, holding each other's hand. They attracted countless programmers' eyes.

"Symmetry, proportionality!"

"Height, weight!"

"Primes, Truth!"

Well, we have to admit that programmers are strange creatures.

The appearances of the Planet Quadrant Computers chose for themselves, were the embodiments of their planet's aesthetics and world outlook. When they appeared on the stage together, everyone could find the special type they liked.

Big breasts, slender legs, petite body, perfect twins, white dress... no matter what hobbies you had, everything was here.

"It's a great TV show!"

"The government has done a good job this time."

"They should have done this from the beginning! Did the government call these girls to perform a play for us?"

"It's strange, why don't I have even a slight knowledge of these beautiful girls? I have collected all the idols' information in the Mechanus God's Domain!"

People began to talk about the girls on the screens, and most people were satisfied with the government's special program.

In the secret meeting room of Star River nobles, General Lorton roared looking at the screen in front of him, "They... they are not humans!"

How can human beings have such a perfect appearance and temperament?

Especially the girl called Eternal Green, her breasts are totally impossible to exist in the real world! Only in a fantasy world, such a pair of breasts wouldn't sag!

Even if he thought with his toes, he knew that it must be one of Alpha's conspiracies!

He wouldn't be deceived! Compared with the glory of the nobility, beautiful women are nothing in his eyes!

"Hello, everyone. My name is Qian."

Sorry, I will lie to you. Forgive me, the people in the Mechanus God's Domain!

"The girls around me are chosen by Planet Quadrant Computers, we are going to sing a song for you."

"The song's name is Wish."

Yun Xi closed his eyes and started to connect his mist soul army.

In this world, only Yun Xi could see a miracle had started.

Like a white shell, the Water God's Opera House was opening.

One after another beautiful girl surrounded the stage, waiting for the appearance of the three singers.

The Mermaid Queen first went on the stage, as if she noticed something, her face looked very excited and began to hum a strange tune.

"My beloved, what are you doing now?"

"The world is going to be destroyed. Are you going to save it?"

"Raise your white dress in front of countless people! Come on!"

The Queen Lamia was the second singer to appear on the stage. She looked at her best friend and immediately understood what the Mermaid Queen was thinking about.

"Why are you looking at me?"

"Why? Can't I look at you?!"

Well, there seemed to be some kind of sparks splashing between them.

Finally, the Caelian Queen appeared. Although her age was the youngest amongst the three queens, her temperament was the most mature and stable one.

Her eyes glistened with the lights of miracles, and her appearance brought a natural halo of calm, which quickly resolved the contradiction between the Mermaid Queen and the Lamia Queen.

When the three singers came on stage, countless girls cheered and applauded together for the three Water God's highest priestesses.

Among the blessings of millions of girls, the three of them sang together.

At this moment, they were singing only for Yun Xi.

This was the song and melody they had tailored for Yun Xi and Alpha, this was the ballad created by the mist soul army, the one million brides of Yun Xi's together.

This was Yun Xi's "wish"!

This was a miracle that could only be accomplished in the Water God's world, and now, Yun Xi brought it out.

Although he was now in the Mechanus God's Domain, here he existed as a quantum ghost, and the strength of the mist soul army came from the support of the Water God's world.

At this moment, Yun Xi represented the aggregation of different rules of the two god's domains.

In the real world, Yun Xi hardly dared to look at the numerous projection screens, but stretched his body naturally and reached out his right hand to the air.

The next second, a song echoed in the entire God's Domain, even the Planet Quadrant Computers were intoxicated with it.

It was a melody that went deep into the soul, it was music dedicated to the gods, it was the voice of the soul that human beings couldn't resist absolutely.

Endless chessboards appeared in front of people, and a hazy shadow first appeared in front of all the people of the Mechanus God's Domain.

Looking at this figure, people in the Mechanus God's Domain, especially engineers and scientists felt an inexplicable kindness instinctively.

It seemed that this figure naturally possessed some kind of extreme aesthetic feeling, which attracted their attention more than any beautiful woman, just as it interpreted some kind of truth that they dreamed of.

"Can you feel it?"

"How beautiful and ugly the world is."

With a heartbreaking whisper, the most magnificent and dreamlike concert in the history of the entire Mechanus God's Domain was finally played.

In the future, people called this day "The Day of the Legend".

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