Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 587

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Chapter 587: Stage (1)

It was a dark world.

People in the entire Mechanus God's Domain, whether they were walking on the road, observing penguins in the far north, or conducting military exercises, they all saw the darkness.

At this moment, all the screens in the Mechanus God's Domain were covered by darkness.

Not only that, as far as the eye could reach, people saw huge projection screens everywhere floating in the sky, the earth, the ocean, and even the depths of the ground.

For the first time, Alpha showed her divine right as a cyber god in front of the people of the Mechanus God's Domain.

"What happened? The screen suddenly went black, did I get a virus?" People tapped the keyboards of their computers, thinking that their computers had been attacked by some virus.

"Hey hey, no, it's my favorite TV show!" In front of the TV, people changed the channel, but no matter which channel they switched to, there was only dark on the screens.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!" The engineers of an underground polar science team tapped their instruments, trying to restore the display devices.

Most people were staring at the huge screens suddenly appearing in the sky, the earth and the ocean at a loss.

This was the largest and unprecedented broadcasting in the history of the entire Mechanus God's Domain. Alpha had put all the projection screens on wherever she could find humans.

All display devices and even the planet itself had become the stage for the concert prepared by Alpha.

In the meeting room, General Lorton stared at the projection screen which suddenly appeared in front of him, his face turned black with rage and his right hand pressed on the trigger button of nuclear weapons again.

"General, we have confirmed that Alpha's projection has covered the entire Mechanus God's Domain!"

"She has controlled all display devices, and projection screens will appear wherever there are human beings."

"We can't interfere, cancel these projection screens, and we can't make any changes to the display devices under our control."

General Lorton was greatly depressed by the news.

Is this the power of a real god?

Showing this power in front of all human beings... is Alpha finally ready to slaughter human beings?

No, I must let Alpha know that human beings will never yield!

I'll see what the hell is this concert!

"Is this a government program?"

"How much tax do we have to pay for so many huge projection screens?"

"We shouldn't waste money in this way! I protest!" The people who were forced to watch the huge projection screens began to complain. They didn't know that it was Alpha's plan and thought that the government was wasting taxpayer funds for no apparent reason.

In any case, they could not imagine how many people were affected by this emergency.

The darkness lasted about thirty seconds, and then a light appeared. It was a pure white light like the first ray of dawn from the horizon, glorious and sacred.

A girl came on the stage.

She had a delicate face, soft and touching black hair, and her whole body was covered in a light white halo like an elf from a fantastic dream.

In the middle of the white dress, there was a knitted bow. On the soft feet, there were a pair of crystal shoes.

"Hum? Who is she? When did the government change the style of its programming?"

"What a beautiful girl! Is she the new spokesman for the government? The government has gorgeous eyes this time!"

"Well, the tax isn't being wasted this time."

People believed that it was just a program of the government, they stopped their footsteps and gazed at the screens.

The girl raised her skirt and greeted everyone with a smile.

At this time, no one thought that this would be the beginning of the legend.

Yun Xi himself also didn't expect that he would come to this point.

His dream was to inherit the small bread store and marry one of his common childhood sweethearts, not to sing in front of the people of an entire God's Domain!

What a shame it is! It's just a punishment, a torture!

He wasn't singing in front of the virtual people living in the virtual world created by Alpha, but in front of the real human beings in the Mechanus God's Domain!

People could only see the center of the stage, but he could see the countless screens around the stage.

Through the screens, he not only saw busy cities, but also saw a few tents in the desert, and even a submarine in the deep sea.

Alpha turned the concert into a broadcast to all mankind.

Sure enough, it is impossible for human beings to understand the thoughts of the gods.

In order to save the Mechanus God's Domain, he had no way back!

I'm sorry to letting you see such a bad performance, please forgive me!

The girl stood in the middle of the stage, holding out her hand.

The first light came from the remote border of the Mechanus God's Domain, converging to the girl's side.

It was the sunlight reflected by the solar wing system. Eternal Green stepped on the light and came to the girl's side.

Quickly, the second and third lights were also shining on the stage.

Eternal Red, Eternal Blue, Eternal Gold, and Eternal Silver arrived at the stage one by one.

This stage had become the first stage for the Planet Quadrant Computers to appear in front of human beings.

Every time a female image of a Planet Quadrant Computer appeared, there would be captions on the screens to indicate where they came from.

In the eyes of ordinary people, they thought that they were the spokespeople chosen by the government from different planets.

"Beautiful, they are too beautiful! Look at the breasts!" The people who lived on Eternal Green's planet were all attracted by her perfect breasts.

Ah, thank the world! Her breasts must be the greatest works of art in the world! This was all men's thought.

Ah, I want her breasts! How can her breasts be so perfect?! That was what women wanted to know most.

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