Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 586

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Chapter 586: Preface (3)

General Lorton had prepared for the worst when he heard the name "Cyber Elf Alpha".

This was the last bastion of Star River nobles. In order to ensure that Alpha wouldn't be able to find them, they even used the communication methods from other god's domains.

Now, his subordinate told him that Alpha was making an announcement?

In an instant, General Lorton gloomily imagined the worst situation.

With the control right of all Planet Quadrant Computers, what could Cyber Elf Alpha do?

No one knew it clearer than him.

To destroy the financial, transportation, and even the most basic food, electricity, and water systems of the Mechanus God's Domain were only the most basic means Alpha could use.

Manipulating super-large factories to produce countless combat robots was also a method.

To make the whole thing worse, as long as Alpha used the solar wings (which were used to provide Planet Quadrant Computers solar energy) to irradiate the ground, humans would perish like roasted ants under focusing mirror.

These means were originally mastered by Star River nobles and one of the purposes of building Planet Quadrant Computers was to suppress all potential rebels.

They never imagined that the Planet Quadrant Computers would be the rebels before.

After losing Planet Quadrant Computers, they had lost the control right of the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

If it wasn't because they still had the last trump card, nuclear weapons, they would’ve already escaped in despair.

After hearing Alpha's name, General Lorton almost immediately pressed the button in front of him to detonate all nuclear weapons in the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

Just hearing the name "Alpha", he felt as if the silver-haired god's indifferent eyes had appeared in front of him, he couldn't stop himself from imagining that all his troops had been eliminated by endless battle robots.

Until his subordinate shouted several times, General Lorton tremblingly loosened his right hand on the button, and his whole body was wet with sweat.

"Concert... concert?" General Lorton said and paralyzed in his seat.

"Ha..." Almost at the same time, the other sixteen Star Rivers nobles also let out a sigh of relief. When they heard Alpha's name, all of them stopped breathing.

When General Lorton pressed his hand on the trigger button of nuclear weapons, their minds were blank and none of them dared to breathe.

Although all of them had voted to fight against Cyber Elf Alpha, none of them dared really say "no" in front of Alpha except General Lorton, who had decided to sacrifice himself to fight to the end.

Avoiding the quantum network mastered by Alpha and starting this meeting were already their boldest means of resistance.

Among the seventeen people, apart from General Lorton, the remaining sixteen didn't dare to reveal their faces and even changed their voices.

"Concert... oh, it's not the ultimatum."

"Confirm that the financial system has not collapsed."

"The traffic system is also functioning normally."

"The star bridge hasn't been closed, we can still leave."

"The solar wing system hasn't turned into the ground attack mode."

After recovering from the shock, the Star River nobles began to make every effort to confirm that Alpha hadn't started attacking.

If they were roasted by the solar wing system before they fled or were blocked by endless battle robot troops, they would have no way to survive!

All nobles collapsed in their seats like General Lorton after making sure that Alpha didn't launch any attacks.

Many people skillfully took out the pills for heart diseases and swallowed them without even drinking water.

For them who were already no longer young, the scares they had had in recent days were so great that none of them had slept well since Alpha seized the control right of all Planet Quadrant Computers.

They had nightmares every day. In their dreams, Alpha always destroyed their lives in the cruelest way, just as they destroyed the lives of ordinary people who dared to fight against their domination.

"Concert? Did Alpha really say that?"

"What does that mean? When was Alpha interested in the concert?"

"How can a disobedient electronic life understand the greatness of human art? It is a blasphemy to human art!"

"We can't let her succeed, we must firmly oppose it!"

The Star River nobles began to speculate about Alpha's intentions. Although they didn't know why Alpha wanted to do it, all of them agreed that they should do their best to stop it.

They must not give her what she wants. Who knows what will happen?

"It's no use... If Alpha wants to hold a concert... We have no means to stop it." General Lorton gritted his teeth and looked at the trigger button of nuclear weapons in front of him.

Move! Move now! If I press the button now, about one-third of the nuclear arsenals can explode and blow up more than half of the Planet Quadrant Computers.

No, it's too early. Only one-third of the nuclear arsenals aren't enough to deal a lethal blow to these Planet Quadrant Computers. We must produce more and more nuclear bombs so that we can have the power to fight against Alpha.

In the end, General Lorton didn't press the button.

He was not a war madman. He was a man who fought for the dignity of the Star River nobles and the human race.

Even though he had prepared to die with Alpha, he must wait until the number of nuclear weapons had reached the critical point to strike a deadly blow to Alpha.

Before that, whether Alpha was addicted to Star Go or wanted to start a concert, he had to endure it.

Of course, this was also because he had no way to interfere with Alpha's movements except to endure.

Thus, the curtain to the legend parted.

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