Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 585

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Chapter 585: Preface (2)

"But... in this way, our influence in the Mechanus God's Domain will suffer a devastating blow." Number Two, the businessman who held the power of wealth of the entire god's domain said in a hesitant tone.

So far, nuclear attack was currently the only proven way to destroy Planet Quadrant Computers, and it should also be able to deal a lethal blow to Alpha.

The fact that Alpha stopped them from detonating the nuclear bombs inside the Planet Quadrant Computers also proved this.

"Is it time to consider this?" General Lorton slapped the table with rage.

"Cyber Elf Alpha has controlled all the Planet Quadrant Computers."

"Our quantum networks, including satellites that provide energy for Planet Quadrant Computers and planetary power plants are all controlled by Alpha."

"Now, we still hold the ultimate trump card, we have nuclear weapons in our hands. If we wait a little longer, after Alpha obtains all the power of the Planet Quadrant Computers, she will be able to destroy us effortlessly."

"Fortunately, Alpha is still addicted to Star Go, this is our last opportunity for mankind!"

"If we fail, there will be no future for mankind!"

The projections whose code names were "Number Three", "Number Four" and "Number Five" fell into silence one by one.

General Lorton was correct. They were the people who controlled the finances and politics of the entire Mechanus God's Domain, they could feel the impact of Alpha's behavior better than anyone else.

Losing control of the Planet Quadrant Computers had caused a huge impact on their original domination of the entire god's domain.

If Alpha was willing to do it, she could let all the financial and social orders of the Mechanus God's Domain collapse in the next second.

Only the military system was still unaffected, and this was the reason why only General Lorton still had the courage to fight against Alpha.

"I know all of you are reluctant to give up your immovable property and forces here, but forget about them."

"From the moment Alpha was born, we had lost!"

"If it hadn't been for a problem in her thinking circuit, we would have all been eliminated!" General Lorton knew better than anyone how horrible Alpha was.

Without the support of the quantum network, most of the military weapon systems would be scrapped, and only nuclear weapons, the ultimate force that existed before the birth of the quantum network were still reliable.

The military's trump card, "Mech" would be just big toys without the support of the quantum network.

Ultimately, only the "old-fashioned" nuclear weapons were still trustworthy.

General Lorton believed that nothing in the world couldn't be solved by detonating a nuclear bomb.

If not enough, then detonate two nuclear bombs.

If still not enough, then detonate more nuclear bombs!

In the era of the Star River Alliance, people produced countless nuclear arsenals, and many of them were manufactured before the birth of the first Planet Quadrant Computer.

The method of detonating these nuclear weapons was simple and reliable: they must be detonated manually.

No matter how powerful Alpha was in the quantum network, she couldn't stop them from using hand-operated weapons!

These legacies of the Star River Alliance were General Lorton's last trump card to fight against Alpha!

"Ah... How did we create such a disobedient dog?"

"I thought she could be our best tool."

"These elves and alchemists had no good intentions! They must have already known that Alpha would get out of control!"

These Star River nobles complained and finally voted.

A total of seventeen members attended the secret meeting, and the seventeen people were the real masters who dominated the Mechanus God's Domain for thousands of years.

Their decision could be regarded as the supreme will of the Mechanus God's Domain, until the birth of Cyber Elf Alpha.

"Well, I will have to let my best descendants study abroad."

"I have people in the Knight God's Domain. Do you want to come?"

"Fortunately, our family has a business in the Dragon God's Domain. It's a good place."

After deciding the fate of the Mechanus God's Domain, the Star River nobles began to discuss their own way out.

"I won't go, just leave me alone in the Mechanus God's Domain." General Lorton straightened his cap with a determined look.

As the supreme representative of the military, General Lorton was the only person who dared to fight against Alpha.

Whether they would win or lose, he had no intention of surviving. It was precisely because he didn't even mind dying that he had become the core of all the Star River nobles.

"Lorton, we will leave it to you."

"In the next few years, you can mobilize all our resources without restriction."

"You are really... your temperament kills you."

Faced with such a desperate situation, it was probably only Lorton who dared to gamble everything to launch a rebellion.

Other Star River nobles could only expect Lorton to create a miracle. Unlike them, Lorton didn't give himself any way out.

In a sense, Lorton represented the strongest side of the Star River nobles. He would never admit defeat.

"Ding!" Suddenly, an urgent signal light flashed on General Lorton's table.

"What's the matter? Didn't I say not to let anybody disturb me?" General Lorton looked angrily at the signal light on the table.

This meeting was extremely important. He ordered his subordinate to cut off all external communications. In theory, no one could call him now.

"General, it's Alpha's announcement." It was the voice of General Lorton's subordinate.

"She... she said... she would hold a concert..."

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