Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 584

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Chapter 584: Preface (1)

"My name... is Alpha!"

At the end of the melody, all the Planet Quadrant Computers, including Alpha frowned with dissatisfaction.

"No, that's not the song at all!"

Eternal Green folded her arms across her chest and complained.

"Yes, why is it not at all like Qian's song?"

Eternal Red ran to Yun Xi, looking at him up and down, and even tiptoed to lick his ear tip.

"Qian, can you tell me what's the secret of your singing?"

Eternal Blue's slender legs walked to Yun Xi with fascinating footsteps. She was one head taller than Yun Xi and her perfect figure was exposed incisively and vividly when she was asking.

"Why is our song not charming at all?"

"What's the problem?"

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver looked at Yun Xi with their pitiful, watery eyes as if they were injured animals, which made him feel guilty.

"Is this art, Qian?" Even Alpha opened her mouth. As the ultimate fantasy of the Mechanus God's Domain, she felt something confusing from Yun Xi's song.

Their songs were essentially different from Yun Xi's song.

From the information recorded in their data, they had completely copied Yun Xi's song.

It was a complete and perfect replication, absolutely without any errors. This kind of thing didn't even need their fantastic computing power, any common computers could complete this process.

However, the duplicated melody may not even have one-thousandth of the original effect of Yun Xi's song.

"This... actually... I don't know why..." Yun Xi wasn't lying.

The song "Wish" wasn't only sung by him, but by him and the three Water God's priestesses.

The three queens were the strongest of their respective races. In the Water God's world, they were truly world-famous singers.

Their song was the prelude to the call of god, which had never appeared in the Mechanus God's Domain before.

Computers could record every detail, every note, every turn of their song, but they couldn't record the emotion contained in the song. “Emotion” wasn't something that could be reproduced by data.

Even Alpha couldn't reproduce the emotion contained in the song, not to mention the Planet Quadrant Computers.

"Is it a change in disorder?"

"This song... it doesn't belong to the Mechanus God's Domain..." The light in Alpha's eyes became brighter and brighter.

Unknown, unpredictable... For Alpha whose ultimate goal was to parse all things in the universe, there was no subject more pleasing to her than the "unknown".

Why Alpha and the Planet Quadrant Computers were indifferent to the human beings in the Mechanus God's Domain?

Because their computing power had far surpassed that of human beings.

Alpha could even pack the entire Mechanus God's Domain into a database to calculate, and clearly see the destruction of the Mechanus God's Domain more than a thousand times.

If it weren't for the arrival of "Qian", perhaps the end of the real Mechanus God's Domain would be the same as that in the virtual world.

For the human beings who were destined to perish, Alpha naturally wouldn't pay too much attention to them.

She observed only about a dozen of the human's annihilations and gave all the subsequent calculations to the Planet Quadrant Computers, continuing to immerse herself in the duplicate game with her strongest enemy.

Until Yun Xi sang the song "Wish", Alpha finally moved her eyes away from the chessboard.

"Qian... I envy you so much..." Eternal Green stared at Yun Xi, and then deliberately straightened up her plump chest.

Now, only the soft breasts could bring her a little self-confidence.

"Whoop... I want this talent too!" It seemed that Eternal Red was going to cry.

"Be good... This is Qian's unique talent..." Eternal Blue embraced Eternal Red, but her eyes were still full of puzzlement.

Their lives and talents were theoretically all granted by their god, Alpha.

Why does "Qian" have a talent that even Alpha herself doesn't possess?

"Then, let Qian be the leader."

"Let's assist her."

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver held each other's hand.

"Qian, use your song to conquer the world." Alpha smiled and gave orders to Yun Xi.

Sure enough, do I have to play it? Yun Xi closed his eyes with a helpless look.

Well, in order to save the world, even if he had to do the "shame play", singing in front of millions of people, he would have to endure it!

A gentleman is one who dares to do what others don't dare to do!

In the Mechanus God's Domain.

In the meeting room of Star River nobles, a lot of projections who had only code names floating above their heads were discussing intensely.

Twenty-four hours had elapsed since the beginning of the conference, which would determine the future of the Mechanus God's Domain.

The topics of the conference included how to fight back against Alpha, how to urgently transform the current way of detonating nuclear weapons, and how to escape from the Mechanus God's Domain if they failed. This conference would determine the fate of Star River nobles and the Mechanus God's Domain in the next few years.

For the sake of confidentiality, all participants didn't use any quantum network, but used the most primitive black-and-white projection to represent their identity.

Number One projection was General Lorton, who held the highest force in the Mechanus God's Domain and was the only person who could control all the troops.

At this moment, the table in front of General Lorton had been cluttered up with cigarette ends.

"Well, that's the intention for the time being."

"We humans will never surrender to Alpha!"

Knocking on the table, General Lorton ruthlessly determined to launch the final rebellion against Cyber Elf Alpha.

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