Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 568

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Chapter 568: The Sword of Victory (1)

"Boom! Boom! " Ouroboros' tail and her true body rolled over on the ground together.

The blood flowing from the wound had almost covered one tenth of the floor of Hydra's wine store. It was totally a sea of blood which was hard to believe that it was blood flowing from a living creature.

In the sea of blood, Ouroboros was still struggling, struggling, struggling...

"This bitch!" Looking at Ouroboros holding Yun Xi in her arms and rolling over on the ground, Hua Huo got exasperated.

Ouroboros wasn't that easy to be killed.

Even though Hua Huo had enchanted the "Blasphemous Words" on her sword, it was still too difficult to kill a fantastic creature.

Compared to Ouroboros' true body, which was as large as a star, the tail that was cut off by Hua Huo was roughly equal to the size of a human finger.

This was the first time that Hua Huo had attacked a legend ranked fantastic creature, and now, she found that this damn snake's HP was just too high!

Her attack didn't cause a fatal blow.

Hua Huo unlocked the self-seal and enchanted the magics such as "Always Hit", "Armor Break" and "Critical Strike" on her attack.

She launched a deadly strike and caused a -99,999 damage.

The problem was - Ouroboros' HP was 99,999,999!

That was to say, the huge damage was actually barely worth mentioning to Ouroboros.

As for why Ouroboros cried and rolled around on the ground... it was purely because she was a female fantastic creature who was spoiled since birth!

Apart from drinking and running away from her creditors, she had no fighting experience at all. Moreover, although the damage caused by Hua Huo's attack was negligible compared to Ouroboros' HP, her snake tail was indeed cut off.

Hua Huo calculated. If she could use this special sword skill unboundedly, she needed to brandish her sword 1,000 times before she could kill this snake.

The problem was that she couldn't liberate her power and use this sword skill 1,000 times. In fact, it was a taboo to unlock the seals on her. Every time she brandished her sword, it would become harder and harder to stay in the mortal world. This was the cost of using the power that was far beyond her actual strength.

She could use it at most ten more times, this was the critical point for Hua Huo to control herself, and if she couldn't solve her opponent within ten attacks, she would face a terrible ending.

She didn't want to leave Little Xi, so she had been working hard practicing herself, increasing her ability to control of her Sky Flying Bloodline.

At the same time, she also didn't want to see her Little Xi being taken away by this poisonous snake.

"Let's fight!" Eventually, Hua Huo made up her mind.

For Little Xi, she would bet everything on herself in a fight!

"Come on..." Ouroboros rolled over on the ground sneaking a peek into the sky.

As a legend ranked fantastic creature, it was too shameful to be beaten down by a little girl.

However, she couldn't help it. She had drunk so much that her mind was still in a total fog. She couldn't fight in this situation.

Since I can't fight, then I'll have to run away!

Running away is shameful, but useful! (Editor’s note: Also known as “Discretion is the better part of valor”)

Hence, Ouroboros rolled up Yun Xi using her tail and was going to run away.

Although she couldn't fight, her bloodline could still be used at times like this.

Her bloodline ability was called the “Way to Survive". No matter how desperate the situation had become, she could always find a way to escape.

It was precisely because of this special supernatural power that Ouroboros was able to escape from her creditors so many times.

Now, it's time to run again!

Ouroboros had made up her mind that after this escape, she would surely find a small god's domain that hadn't been connected to the star bridge system, and live happily there with Casina's cute disciple.

Well, thinking about it, she felt that it was a pretty good idea.

Maybe because she was caught on the spot, her heart was still pounding with excitement. Did she have a fetish in this respect?

She felt like some strange habit had been awakened in her heart.

"Puff..." Looking at Ouroboros' moves, Hua Huo's eyes became more firm.

You damn snake! How dare you to try to steal my Little Xi?

Even if I can't kill you now, I will let you know what the greatest horror is of a childhood sweetheart. I must teach you a lesson that you will never forget!

Little Xi is mine! He is my treasure, my dearest lover!

"Beyond... the limit!"

"Unlock the third Blasphemous Word!" A small part of the runes all over Hua Huo's body collapsed, at the same time, a strange protuberance grew out of Hua Huo's back.

"In the name of the Sky Flying Sword, this sword is unavoidable!"

"In the name of the Sky Flying Sword, this sword isn't defensible!"

"In the name of the Sky Flying Sword, this sword will bring me victory!"

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