Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 567

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Chapter 567: Blasphemous Words

"How dare you!" Looking at her lover being bitten by a poisonous snake, even though the poisonous snake was so huge, she couldn't stop the anger in her heart.

Sky Flying Bloodline has no fear! Whether the opponent was a god or a fantastic creature, she didn't mind at all!

She was born to surpass all restraints and obtain unlimited freedom!

Holding the broken sword in her both hands, Hua Huo completely liberated her power, an astonishing momentum emanated from her petite body.

I will kill you!

Without any divination, Ouroboros could clearly see Hua Huo's killing intent in her eyes.

I'm so miserable! Ouroboros only wanted to cry.

I'm the victim!

I'm the one who is going to be eaten, okay?

Run away! Run away! Just take Casina's disciple and escape far away from this world and go to a place where nobody can find us! Then I can have him all to myself!

Well, that's a great idea! Anyway, I have had a lot of debts. It doesn't matter if I have to find a new creditor.

"Boom! Boom! " Using the last of her strength, Ouroboros moved her true body in front of herself as a barrier to stop Hua Huo. She was ready to flee.

For any hero ranked beings, it was impossible to cause any damage to her legend ranked fantastic creature body.

If one's attack wasn't as strong as Casina's, even if she was attacked by a hundred hero ranked beings, none of them could destroy a scale on her body.

However, although she didn't divine, she had an ominous feeling that she couldn't run away.

No, how could this be possible? How could a human hurt me? She is just a little girl, not Casina!

Looking at Ouroboros' enormous body move over, the enormous snake tail looked like a group of mountains joining together and floating in the air.

Hua Huo's eyes become more combative.

Are you wanting to flee? No way! I won’t let you!

Even if I have to destroy this world, I will not allow this shameless bitch to take my Little Xi away!

Let me show you the real horror of Sky Flying Sword!

"Unlock the first sequence, the second sequence. Liberate the 'Blasphemous Words'!"

Since the opponent was a fantastic creature, she would naturally raise the power of her Sky Flying Sword to the legend rank!

"Blasphemous Words" was a horrible killing skill for this attack. Its attack power was deadly even to legend ranked beings.

"In the name of the Sky Flying Sword, I declare that you can't defend yourself against this sword!"

"In the name of the Sky Flying Sword, I declare that you can't avoid this sword!"

Numerous complex runes emerged from Hua Huo's body, which were the "locks" imposed on her body, the seals of her Sky Flying Bloodline. They were the shackles of her body, but also the props that could let her move freely in the mortal world.

If she released all the power contained in her Sky Flying Bloodline, she couldn't even enter any mortal world.

The power of her Sky Flying Bloodline was too strong. Before she could really control this power, she had to seal it.

Essentially, Hua Huo was like a god who bounded her strength into a human body. The human body was only a carrier.

Once her Sky Flying Bloodline was fully awakened, her life form would transform into a totally different form.

At this moment, what Hua Huo did was to open the "locks" and push open a slit of the door of the Sky Flying Bloodline, releasing a trace of the indescribable power behind the door.

Sky Flying Sword was the key to open the door of power, and this key had always been held in her hands.

However, she never expected to push open the door before.

Why? Behind the door, the power was so strong that it could let her defeat Ouroboros easily. As long as she pushed open the door bravely, she could instantly reach the legend rank.

However, she just didn't want to open it. Because beside her, her childhood sweetheart was always staying with her.

She didn't want to leave him.

Once she opened the door, these happy days would come to an end. If she opened the door, she could no longer stay in the mortal world and must go back to the place where Sky Flying Bloodline was derived from and accept her ultimate mission.

And now, she opened a crack in the door, it was also because of Yun Xi. She couldn't imagine that her Little Xi was taken away by others. There was no reason for her to stay in this world if she lost her Little Xi!

She needed that power now! Just a trace of the power!

The instant Hua Huo murmured the Blasphemous Words, the sky and the earth became bloody red.

Obscurely, a pair of huge eyes across countless stars, watching her from infinity.

It's the abyss, it's destruction, it's life, it's rebirth, it's a huge will woven by innumerable rules.

Being watched by the pair of eyes, something was going to break out from Hua Huo's back, but she desperately stopped its appearance.

The broken sword in her hand had long been transformed into countless particles and eventually into a blood-colored lightsaber that seemed to have the power to cut the world open.

That's not a delusion. After being enchanted by the Blasphemous Words, the sword had temporarily acquired the attribute of "Perdition". At this moment, it was a veritable god weapon that could easily destroy a world.

"Oh my god, it's the Blasphemous Words!"

"Are all these little guys nowadays all monsters?" Feeling the fierce aura from the blood sword in Hua Huo's hands, Ouroboros' legs felt weak and she could barely stand up.

Yes, I'm at the legend rank, but... I'm just an augur, not a warrior! Why do I have to fight against this monster?

Hua Huo didn't know and didn't care what Ouroboros was thinking. She just brandished her sword at Ouroboros.

She was serious! She was really going to kill this snake!

Not long ago, Casina cut open Ouroboros' tail and drew a great amount of blood. And this time, under Hua Huo's attack, her tail was completely chopped off. The fierce pain made her roll over on the ground and cry sadly.

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