Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 566

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Chapter 566: Critical Moment

Ouroboros never thought that she would one day encounter a great crisis for her chastity!

After all, she was a fantastic creature, a great augur. No one would expect that there was anyone who could bully her in the endless god's domains.

"Help, Casina!" Ouroboros struggled hard, looking like a saltwater fish nailed to the beach.

More than once, her "final barrier" had almost been broken.

If it wasn't because that Yun Xi's mind had also become cloudy, he would’ve already succeeded and enjoyed Ouroboros' wonderful body.

"Casina! Casina! Casina! I'll give you everything. Make your disciple stop!" Ouroboros shouted with despair, finally, she made a decision.


She decided to transform her human form back into the snake form. If she succeeded, at any rate, Casina's disciple couldn't do anything to a snake, and her chastity could be saved in this way!

Ouroboros thought so and started to do it.

Unfortunately, she failed. No, it wasn't a total fail, to be exact, it was a half success.

She forgot that she was drunk, so control of her forces was very bad right now.

Only her legs turned into a snake tail, but her body didn't become a snake and still kept the human form.

Because of her transformation, the robe that had wrapped her body was broken by the snake tail, revealing her snow-white "peaks" and that "mysterious area".

"Ah ah ah ah ah!" Ouroboros desperately tried to cover her soft, snow-white peaks with both hands. Instinctively, she tightly wrapped her snake tail around Yun Xi's whole body.

For the vast majority of people, this situation was extremely dangerous.

However, Yun Xi wasn't one of them.

Because of his experience on the Water God's Fantasy Island, because of the Lamia Queen and many other lovely Lamia girls, he was very experienced in dealing with this situation.

Yun Xi's hand easily touched the place that should not be touched, and then pinched, kneaded, dug, and then Ouroboros' body completely softened and relaxed. Her hands covered her breasts and her eyes became watery.

"Why are you so skilled... Ooo..." Ouroboros desperately found that her body became totally weak and limp.

Yun Xi blinked and continued. The days and nights with the Lamia Queen and the other enthusiastic Lamia girls had already let him master the skills of dealing with snake tails.

Those enthusiastic Lamia girls often wrapped more than one snake tail around him and courted him.

The Lamia Queen herself also seemed to like this unique way of mating. Compared with Ouroboros who had zero experience at all, they had much more experience with Yun Xi.

Ouroboros never thought that her last salvation was a total fail.

If she was still in her human form, at least, she could still struggle, at least, she could hypnotize herself into thinking that this wasn't her true body, so she could think she didn't lose anything.

However, in this snake tail form, she couldn't do any struggling. Not only her body, but even her soul was also about to fall.

Why is this so comfortable?!

If she wasn't drunk, she had ten thousand methods to kill him, but now even resistance was almost impossible.

Her body became weak and limp, this was a sensory stimulus she had never experienced before, as if there were innumerable electric currents wandering through her body.

Where Yun Xi's fingers touched, her body trembled. The long snake tail couldn't exert the crushing pressure of squeezing, but she felt like she was being touched all over, shaking with the rhythm of his fingers.

"Whoa... Ah... no..." Her voice no longer panicked but groaned with a sweet gasp.

A door to a new world was slowly opening to Ouroboros, it was a decadent and intoxicating world.

By the time Yun Xi's lips covered Ouroboros' lips again, Ouroboros' groan had become sweet and attractive, as intoxicating as the wine secreted from her mouth.

Well, it's about the time... Somehow, Yun Xi naturally understood that it was time to "eat" Ouroboros.

Just like in the past times, he "ate" those shy Lamia girls.

"You... little bastard..." Ouroboros also perceived that her body seemed to be ready for all kinds of happy mating postures.

Alas, it's all the fault of Phoenix! That divination Phoenix asked for almost took half her life, and she still hadn't recovered yet. Otherwise, how would it be possible to be taken advantage of by others?

After finding an unreasonable excuse for it, Ouroboros bit on Yun Xi's shoulder and left deep teeth marks there.

It's a curse, a curse from Ouroboros. Even if Yun Xi ran to the ends of the earth, he can't get rid of it.

"Boom!" The sky was torn by a sword, and Hua Huo saw at first glance that her childhood sweetheart was being bitten by a dangerous snake.

And they were both naked!

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